MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

MacHeist - A Whole Bundle of Apps - $49

Well, we were given the opportunity to blog about the MacHeist deal, and we jumped at the opportunity. MacHeist has been running 'games' for free applications over the last few weeks, and now there's a great bundle to end the event. The bundle is great value, with a similar percentage ...

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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December 31st 2006
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Happy New Year

Twas less than 1 hour following the new year that the bonus was unveiled, and twas that bonus that came in 4 parts, and twas that bonus that lasted 'til the dawn of the 2nd, at midnight PST, when, within the hour, the site would link only to all those ...
December 31st 2006
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Pzizz - Make your New Years Resolution a Good Sleep!

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Is it difficult to switch off at the end of a busy day? Does your mind keep racing even though you're exhausted? The Sleep module is designed to help you switch off, calming your thoughts and allowing you to enjoy hours of ...
December 30th 2006
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MyMacGames Contest

Full size image is here Best of luck with the contest!
December 30th 2006
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CastCount - A new way to Access your Podcasts

This version of CastCount has been developed specifically for the MacAppADay promotion, and will be available for one day only – the 30th December. It is free, but non upgradeable. An upgradeable version has also been released over on which is EXACTLY the same as the free version with the exception ...
December 29th 2006
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