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Pzizz - Make your New Years Resolution a Good Sleep!


Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night? Is it difficult to switch off at the end of a busy day? Does your mind keep racing even though you’re exhausted?

The Sleep module is designed to help you switch off, calming your thoughts and allowing you to enjoy hours of restorative sleep, no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

Stop pacing and start sleeping. We think you’ll be surprised at how effectively this incredibly soothing program works!

This version of Pzizz is so new, it’s not even available for download yet. You’ll need to register your code today, then check back tommorow for the download URL, along with our New Years Bonus

Register Now (yep, it’s the return of the big link) Download from Us Tommorow

Make your New Years Resolution a good sleep!

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 31st 2006

    I do appear to be first.

  2. rampancy
    Dec 31st 2006


  3. sliceoflime
    Dec 31st 2006


  4. sliceoflime
    Dec 31st 2006

    darn, third

  5. Andrew
    Dec 31st 2006

    Yay for the return of the big link! Registration was easy.

  6. cool. easy reg. cant ask for more.

  7. Thanks Vincent & Mark!

  8. FalknerX
    Dec 31st 2006

    what do you think is the bonus for tommorrow?






  10. Top Ten :-)

    I needed the sleep module. I was getting tired of my 30 minute naps. :-)

  11. Gracias MAAD.

  12. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 31st 2006

    Wow - that’s a big download - 89.3MB.

  13. labRat
    Dec 31st 2006

    many many thanks and may we all have a wonderful night of sleep for 2007!! Happy New Year!

  14. Jasper
    Dec 31st 2006

    Thanks guys,
    appreciate a lot …

  15. I already received my code. That was fast! A shining example of how all of the days (nights) could have been. Quick, painless and now I can get some sleep. Thanks for the month - it has been a blast.

  16. How do we register? It doesn’t take me to any page which really tells me to register…. Am I missing something? I’ve opened it in Safari and FireFox.

    Great app, love it!

  17. This one is great! Thank you.

  18. It’s not working for me, it just takes me to the pzizz home page and asks for money :(
    Am I doing something ever-so-wrong?

  19. iLori,

    I think you should go take a pzizz;)

  20. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone .

  21. Superdotman
    Dec 31st 2006



  22. Link doesn’t work. Just takes me to prizz’s homepage

  23. Thanks guys for a great month! The ups and downs I understand are just part of the game because it’s free. Definitely find another reason to do this again! Good luck to all you developers!

  24. Thanks!!

  25. Karl Maria
    Dec 31st 2006

    One question… I’m already a registered user of pzizz (energize r and sleep modules)… so I won’t be registering for this app today. Will I still be eligible for the New Year’s Bonus tomorrow?


    Karl Maria

  26. Thanks MAAD and Brainwave Ltd. This application has been so hyped that it’ll be interested to see how it really works.

    @FalknerX: Bonus?

  27. “…along with our New Year’s Bonus.” Right, I get it now, I should read properly. =]

  28. leorangebleu
    Dec 31st 2006

    Thanks MAAD! I’m psyched to try this. I guess it was worth all those nights staying up till 3:00a.m. EST…

    I suppose i can try to get on a better sleep cycle now. and it will be even easier w/Pzizz. though if it actually works, i just might be snoozzzzing away any available apps to some other lucky mac user!

    oh well. i appreciate all the fun i’ve had playing around with all these apps and am now officially obsessed w/macs! you’ve done your job.


  29. So can anyone explain how to get this to work? I am like some of the others and the link just takes me to the homepage

  30. hrmm, Just takes me to the Pzizz homepage…


  31. Wow, I’ve missed a few days worth as I was away over Christmas, very glad I’m back for this though :D

    Thanks MAAD and developers, very much appreciated :D

    Natalie x

  32. This link: should take you to the registration page. You enter your name and e-mail at the bottom and you get an e-mail within a couple of minutes that contains your license code that you can use with the new download tomorrow.

    It was this simple for me, hope it works for ya.

  33. pr0fess0r
    Dec 31st 2006

    No good for me either - in Safari and Firefox, the link just redirects to

  34. Still doesn’t work iLori, just takes me to :(

  35. Actually, within the mail, there is a link for the download - I tried and it works with the latest pzizz an sleep module - do we REALLLY have to wait til tomorrow?

  36. I received the download link within the email, and for what seems to be an unlisted page - i.e. not public.

    I’ve licensed pzizz with no problems at all and am currently burning a CD to take to bed with me :P

    I used my licensed key sent today and the download link issued - and no problems whatsoever :D

  37. Sternhammer
    Dec 31st 2006

    No go: just goes to without trace of any registration links.

  38. Have you tried entering the address manually?

  39. Thomas
    Dec 31st 2006

    I love you guys.

  40. @alf - I’m sorry I don’t know why. I am using Safari, the link above took me to the Can you try entering the url manually? If it won’t let you go there, I can’t explain it. I don’t work for this site so I’m in the dark. I wish you the best of luck. If you can’t get through maybe you could use the contact link on Pzizz to ask them??

  41. MAAD shouldn’t be blamed for this. It’s the Prizz people who’ve stuffed up. I almost wanted to purchase this thing despite the link not working for me but on closer thought, I am not sure if I am confident about giving money to people who can’t get something as simple as a PR exercise right.

  42. One word…Awesome. Thank you, guys. I love it. As a couple of other people said, do I really have to wait to download it tomorrow? I already downloaded from the link in the email and used the key.

  43. pr0fess0r
    Dec 31st 2006

    Maybe it relates to our ip address, ie what country we’re in. Any non-US users managed to download it? (I’m in New Zealand)

  44. Yepp, non-US (Europe)

  45. I did pr0fess0r, and I’m in the UK :)

  46. It doesn’t appear to be working for me in either Safari or Firefox :( . It looks like I’ve missed out on the two apps I really wanted but MAAD has been very cool.

  47. Ah, just the thing I wanted. Thank you MAAD. Really enjoyed this month of freebies. :-)

  48. erichd
    Dec 31st 2006

    WHat’s happened to CVincent and Mark here int he comments?

    I already have Pzizz (two licenses) thanks to MacZot! and I LOVE Pzizz.

    How do I get the New year’s Bonus?

  49. Anonymous
    Dec 31st 2006

    Could you guys retype your post on Pzizz? You’ve spelled “tomorrow” wrong, twice! Quite embarrassing.

  50. Now I have:

    Nap (MDA)
    Lifetime Upgrades ($10)

    Thanks everybody.

  51. Matarius
    Dec 31st 2006

    I’ve been reading the comments up to now and was pretty disgusted with the attitudes of some people, IT”S FREE for God’s sake!.But the last couple of day’s has really wound me up-the expectation then the let down- left a sour taste. But yep- you’ve made it all GOOD TODAY. NICE ONE! Will miss that feeling of “what’s it going to be today?” in the morning!

  52. follerec
    Dec 31st 2006

    Who can’t seem to access the registration page? I’ll register for you. Just email me your Firstname, Lastname, and Email Address. I’ll copy-paste these into the registration form. My Internet connection is quite touchy at the moment, but I’ll try to help.

    My email is

  53. Who can’t seem to access the registration page? I’ll register for you. Just email me your Firstname, Lastname, and Email Address. I’ll copy-paste these into the registration form. My Internet connection is quite touchy at the moment, but I’ll try to help.

    My email is I’ll check this for about an hour.


  54. Still doesn’t work for me, but no time to be disappointed, I’m about to leave to go celebrate the new year (only 5 hours left of this shabby one).

    Happy New Year to everyone :)

  55. .
    Inside the piss messages (sorry, pzizz) are a lot of subliminal phrases to forget last macappadays faults :-) :-) :-) :-)

  56. Apologies for the double-post.

  57. potatohead
    Dec 31st 2006

    Hi guys that are outside US,

    Use something like to disguise your IP address - then you can access the Pzizz page fine!


  58. I’m in Europe and registration and download worked quick and flawless.
    I’ve had severe sleeping problems for the last months and can’t wait to try pzizz out.
    Pity it’s only just 10:25 AM
    Thank you!

  59. Hi,

    Great app. I wanted to note for those who didn’t realize — until after downloading everything off of the special MAAD download page at

    The key is ONLY for the sleep module and NOT the Energizer module. So unless you’re buying that as well, don’t spend your time downloading it. This is an ala carte application.

    As you might tell I did download it and was disappointed it was not “licensed” but that’s MY fault for not reading closely enough. :)

    Otherwise, thanks for the Sleep!

  60. Thanks once again to MAAD for an intriguing application. And to the fine folks from Pzizz too! Having had a poor sleep last night, this would appear to be most timely.
    I’m in the UK and currently have the download from the supplied email coming down the wire right now. Using Safari and no messing about with IP disguising (but thanks to potatohead anyway), the registration process “just worked”. Perhaps the earlier reported problems were due to the initial demand - now, nearly two hours after “launch”, that demand has eased a little and the problems have gone away?

  61. seemingly, you can register more than once, taking licences for all your friends…

  62. Hmm, the Neuro-linguistic Programming taint this program has leaves me a little dubious as to its nature and effectiveness, but that is hardly the fault of MAAD. Nice to see you guys in character again.

  63. Has anyone in australia/New zealand got this to work??? redirects to

  64. Thanks MAAD!! Pzizz is an excellent app, and judging by some of the comments here over the last few days there’s a lot of grumpy little Macheads out there that really need a good night’s sleep to restore their perspective. It has been a fun month, I have discovered several new apps that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise and now will be upgrading as I can’t live without them. Sure, there were some bumps along the way, but that’s to be expected (there are humans involved) and they weren’t major, although to listen to some of the whiners you’d think they’d lost a limb or something. It will be amusing to see how many of these same drama queens will trolling the forums at WasteAWeekend.

    Thanks again to MAAD and all the developers and contributors, and have a Great New Year!! 8-)

  65. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 31st 2006

    yo ya loosin it…

    you’re acting out of character…

    may you all have a terrific New Year…

  66. cherie nixon
    Dec 31st 2006

    i get redirected too–and i cant change ip addresses–
    can someone register for me please

    cherie nixon
    if someone could do this it would be soooooooo great thanks heaps

  67. Jeff, I will be amused to see how many of these decidedly umber in the proboscis snufflers will be prowling the WasteAWeekend forums.

  68. Geek-o, you do not have the slightest clue what my character is. You never even read a single post I made, just “skimmed” them and assumed I was griping.

  69. I tried to D/L this from Australia too - the pzizz website is a bit stuffed and tries to redirect to

    however I logged in using a US shell account … lo and behold it tries to set this cookie: cookie: pzizz=isAustralian=N Allow? (Y/N/Always/neVer)

    Maybe if you block cookies you might be able to get in?

  70. Charlie
    Dec 31st 2006

    Guys in AU/NZ: use to visit the link. I’m in NZ and it worked this way.

    Now I have received the email, but the link in it doesn’t seem to be a special page… Can anyone post that link?

  71. Charlie
    Dec 31st 2006

    Never mind…. Need to visit the download link with anonymouse as well. I wonder why they treat us here in down under differently.

  72. I’m in korea on safari and it worked great for me!

  73. Lori Hug
    Dec 31st 2006

    MAAD, Thanks so much for the short relationship. As usually, it was good while it lasted! As the saying goes, everything “good” comes to an end. And so must our little love affair.

    Thanks for all the great programs for my new mac and if you ever need a “beta test group”, I’m in!

    Thanks again and I’ll miss you with my morning coffee,

  74. Am in Oz
    Dec 31st 2006

    I’m in Oz too. It took a bit of futzing around to get it to work. Had to use (thanks potatohead) to register.

    Getting the software to download was pretty easy but then getting it to download from the link in the registration email was a bit dodgy because the file is pretty big and wouldn’t let me download such a big file so I had to copy and paste the link only for the module and now the module is downloading.

    30 minutes to New Years!

    Happy New Years! Thanks MADD. Hope I can finally get some sleep :-D

  75. I’m sure all this was staged: the server downtime, the apps not coming for days, the problems with downloading/registering the MAAD apps… Everything to make people angry and p*ssed off. Now, they are giving away this app that will help people relax…

    Nice PR stunt!


    Anyway, thanks for the free apps over the past month.

  76. giltinan
    Dec 31st 2006

    THANKS PZIZZ AND MAAD! I really, really appreciate this and everything else the past month.

    i had tried the demo of Pzizz last month and fell in love with both modules but couldn’t afford both and couldn’t decide which I needed most. Now I can upgrade and still buy the Energizer module.

    I hope the sleep module works as well for toddlers as it does for adults. My daughter needs some sleep but the babies don’t agree.

  77. Gonzie
    Dec 31st 2006

    nice one MAAD i now have both modules for this with thanks to my dream app, great stuff :)

  78. stan (Canada)
    Dec 31st 2006

    Thank you! Big download now in progress.

  79. marcos
    Dec 31st 2006

    Dec 31st 2006
    Hmm, the Neuro-linguistic Programming taint this program has leaves me a little dubious as to its nature and effectiveness, but that is hardly the fault of MAAD. Nice to see you guys in character again.
    Ah, it’s just wetware hacking. Just be sure to back up your mind. =) NLP is not really my technique of choice; my little exposure to it turned me off, too. But I’m a little more familiar with bin-aural techniques and such, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with this tool.

    Anyway, thanks MAAD and pzizz. I’d never heard of this before, and it’s rekindling my old interest in wetware programming. Very intriguing.

  80. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 31st 2006

    @ Sanjay Mehta: it is not that big, took less than 20 seconds here.
    @ alf: scroll down and enter your info, the download link is in the email where you can also download the energizer and sleep modules.

  81. stan (Canada)
    Dec 31st 2006

    Hi, again;
    It was nice to get a registration email with the Pzizz CEO’s name on it to thank for their offering.

    In addition, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

    It was nice meeting almost all of you.

  82. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 31st 2006

    thanks canada stan, I enjoyed meeting many people here too. :)
    and lori, you must be happy, I know you’ve been waiting.

  83. Cool thanks for the free app, but stretching one app out over two days is still kinda lame.

  84. Lucky I didn’t buy this 2 days ago as I intended to. :) Still going to pay the $10, though.

    Thank you MAAD.

  85. edward
    Dec 31st 2006

    Hi everyone

    Glad to see you all happy with the free pzizz sleep license - when talking to the guys at MAAD we thought it would be a perfect way to start your New Year!

    Sorry for any problems you guys in Australia and New Zealand had - you were indeed being redirected to - and I completely forgot about it when we set it up… My fault completely but I’m delighted you’ve found a way to overcome it!

    One thing - PLEASE don’t sign up using an email address that requires verification on my part - it really does make life VERY difficult for me when I have to work to give you a FREE license! ;-)

    Other than that, if you need any help, feel free to contact me at customercare AT pzizz DOT com - but please bear in mind that I do all customer care myself and there are 5,000 of you! Thanks!

    Happy pzizzing, sleep well - and all best wishes for 2007!


    ceo, brainwave enterprises
    “the people behind pzizzing…”

    pzizz. life is better.

  86. rjdudley55
    Dec 31st 2006


  87. Yay for Pzizz! I got the energizer module from MDA, so I was quite happy to see the sleep module here at MAAD. Thanks for a great month, everyone!

  88. I’m sad now. My Mac is out for repairs, and I have to wait for a long time to even test out my beloved liscence of Pzizz. Oh, well.

    I found a nice replacement icon for Pzizz, by the way. I think it beats the original:

    Yeah, sorry if that’s considering spamming. I don’t benefit from this, I’m just another user.

  89. Has anyone actually TRIED the app yet? Thank you Edward, the easy registration and downloading was phenomenal, but I was disappointed with the app. because I thought it was going to be something like white/pink noise or a wave generator. I wish I had looked harder for a description - Sorry I wasted a key. I was really bummed when I found it was just some really creepy voiced guy talking at me. I don’t know about you, but I can’t fall asleep with some guy talking at me over background noise. I couldn’t delete it fast enough off of my computer. Weird app.

  90. kimmy - click on the + button at the bottom, choose no voice, and stop complaining when you havent even tried the app for more than 30 seconds. Thank you.

    Anyway, thank you SOOO much for this app! I was about to buy it not that long ago, i am glad i waited. Thanks again!

  91. bmwsalltheway
    Dec 31st 2006

    @ kimmy: Try out Noise [ ]. It’s free and does pink and white noise.

  92. If anyone can give me conclusive answers I will be grateful.
    I downloaded the two modules from the link. I know now that the free module is the Sleep module. The key was sent to me for the Sleep module. What I am wondering about is the software. Is that supposed to be purchased also in addition to the extra modules? I have searched their site and didn’t see any “buy it” link for just the software, only for the modules.
    My questions are:
    Is the pzizz software free?
    The download link had the software and two modules. I downloaded all three. I got the key for the sleep module. Is there a key for the pzizz software player?
    On the page it said I could update for $10 on any future upgrade for the software. Is this the pzizz software or the sleep module?
    If it is for the software, why didn’t I see a “buy it” link for just the software?
    As you can tell, I am confused as how this process works.


    added to digg last night, but forgot to post here. 19 diggs already.

  94. awesome. thanks MAAD and those at Pzizz

    Do we really have to wait for tomorrow? If we download the v2.1 will our code work if tomorrow there is another version? why did MAAD say to wait?

  95. Lori,

    The modules are paid, the software is free. $10 gets you all future updates to the SLEEP module only

  96. @ Major: I don’t know what others think, but I didn’t think your post was spammy. I appreciate the link to the replacement icon, thanks!

    @ all: Someone’s already grabbed a license for Cherie (Nixon, above).

    @ P3T3R: That was harsh. Be nice.

    @ kimmy: P3T3R does have a point, you could’ve phrased your comment a little differently. For example, “I don’t how this creepy voice helps anyone sleep, is there any way to turn it off?” Now that you know you can, go on, re-install it and give it another try. That way your license isn’t wasted and you can give it a fair shot, too. =)

  97. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 31st 2006


    The app is around 1Mb, the sleep module is around 90Mb.

  98. Thanks, justG. I’m paranoid at times, so I try and cover my bases. I like modifying my Mac’s layout, so icons hunting is something of a hobby of mine :-) . I’m glad to help.

  99. erichd
    Dec 31st 2006

    I’ve been using it for some time, and after adjusting tot he voice (tell me, what kind of therapeutic assistance isn’t alien on first use?) it works EXACTLY as I need it to.

    I ahd my license from MacZot, and after udating them on, I’m LOVING THE 2.1!

    Give this one a chance!

  100. You know, this app would have been nice back when I HAD trouble sleeping, lol. I used to have lots of difficulties falling asleep at night. It turns out I just needed a firm matress. My backpain went away too.

    Yes, I am so bored right now.

  101. I cannot join with the sooth sayers and praise MacAppADay. I am tired of being jerked around with the on and off method with which the offerings were handled. Most of the programs were unknown before being introduced by this offering and will remain so because of the way we were lead to believe the offerings were available and then not. Sorry for your short comings, but they are yours.

  102. Robert
    Dec 31st 2006

    Feedback to the MAAD folks (WARNING: LONG, VERY LONG)

    Thanks to the MAAD folks for yet another high quality application. I was able to download all but about two during the month (I didn’t find MAAD until Dec. 3rd.)

    During this month it was sad to see some crude comments from people who were dissatisfied with a free service that a number of people (and vendors) put a lot of time and thought into. We should thank the MAAD folks for keeping things going in light of those comments. People who make such comments typically fall into just a few categories, such as: the “I could do it better” group; the “I stayed up all night for this” group; and finally the “just plain jerks” group. For the first the response is: why didn’t you? For the second the answer is: “you upset about something you didn’t pay for and is costing people considerable resources to bring to you???” And for the third, assuming they have static IP addresses, just block them from future access to the site (Just kidding, but it is a knee jerk response from hard working people trying to do nice things for a community of users.)

    Now that said, some may perceive what comes next as contradictory to the above paragraph, but I would like to offer some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. A long time ago someone educated me that: expectations are the leading cause of disappointment. I think MAAD might have become a victim of this.

    December has 31 days in it but we did not get an opportunity at 31 applications (my count is 24, but that may be off by one or two.) Prior to rollout did MAAD have 31 apps for us, or was this something they were still working on when the site went live?

    There were some “uncontrollable circumstances” problems. Downtime probably due to demand exceeding server/bandwidth load. Hey, stuff happens (cleaned up version.) But this should have been made good to the valued customers (yes, the users of the site are customers even if they aren’t paying, but more on that later.) Perhaps an extra app when the site came back up would have helped here. Also, there was no upfront notices of being off for any holiday. Automated systems can change out pages with out operator intervention. On top of that one day for the holiday turned into two, then three. The messages about when users could expect a new app were just wrong.

    When I ran a large web site I would tell people “the only thing worse than putting information up is putting wrong (or outdated) information up.” This has happened too many times if one expects to keep a loyal user (customer) base. As an example, today Dec. 31 (the day Pzizz is available) states: “Next app at midnight PST 29th.” Similar problem MAAD messages occured during the Xmas holiday as to when the next app would be available.

    Now, back to the concept of customer. During the month we were informed that based on the success of the MAAD project, a pay for service site would be available in early ‘07. (I’m sorry if I have this wrong, and if so please correct me.) If so, I would hesitate to sign up (and pay) for this service. If the December MAAD project was a dry run for a pay-for-service concept, here’s where the complaints (okay, some of the complaints) are worth review. If one compares this to the site for windows users, they don’t charge, have been around for a while (in internet terms), and are fairly stable.

    Bottom line - did I benefit from the MAAD service? Yes, a loud Yes and I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m not. I would say you are about 95% of the way there, just a few little glitches to get over. However, if I had paid for a service that said “you can get an app every day, if you are in the first 5000 to download” I would have been disappointed. But, as I said in my first paragraph, for a first run through you guys (and girls if applicable), or perhaps (as not to be sexist) girls (and guys if applicable) did a great job!

    Thanks again for all you’ve done. I use many of the apps every day and I even looked at some of the products offered by the vendors who participated! Keep up the good work.

  103. This sucks I got here too late. Guess I will never get to see if pzizz is worth it or not…

  104. Hey - on the whole I think this has been fun & I have some handy apps that were either free or a lot cheaper for the full version.

    So for a few minutes hassle each day, I had a bit of fun - Hope you guys are back in 2007 as it’s been a hoot :)

  105. The one app I had tried out in the past and was thinking of getting, I’m too late and miss it. :) Oh, well.

  106. mackid
    Dec 31st 2006

    If we already have both the energizer and sleep modules, do we get the upgrade for free. (I Bought my licences)


  107. Good app — I already have it and use it.

    As for all the recent MAADness: It’s all about setting expectations and then meeting or exceeding them. If MAAD had promised us “new apps nearly every day through December” then we would all be excited about what a great job they did. MAAD set the bar very, very high; as a result, their hard earned accomplishments ended up looking inadequate.

    MAAD people, thank you again for all your hard work.

  108. @ mackid: As you already have a paid license, pzizz upgrades are always free.

  109. James King
    Dec 31st 2006

    If anyone doesn’t want their license PLEASE let me know… I missed registering in time and I would love this app. Please contact me on aim - jtking51 if you would be so kind as to let me have your license. Thanks.

  110. Jerrick Lim
    Dec 31st 2006

    Hihi! I’d Love to try this little app.

  111. Keith
    Jan 1st 2007

    Wow, what a month of fun freebies. Thanks for putting this together, and I hope you can do it again one day.

  112. Dark_VAder
    Jan 1st 2007

    All this was a big bullshit!!!

  113. Chris
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Shoot! I missed Pzizz! If anybody isn’t using their license of Pzizz, and would be willing to transfer it to me, please email me at chwebb1 [AT] gmail [DAWT] com

  114. Pzizz Pizzazz: I just wanted to inform y’all that Pzizz offers a discount of 20$ towards the purchase of the Energizer module if you are a student.
    Visit: to check it out. I thought this was a pretty neat offer, so I wanted to pass it on!
    I partook of it….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

  115. Chris
    Jan 2nd 2007

    If anybody isn’t using their license and wouldn’t mind transfering it to me, I would greatly appriciate it. My email is chwebb1 [AT] gmail [DAWT] com

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