MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

Happy New Year

Twas less than 1 hour following the new year that the bonus was unveiled, and twas that bonus that came in 4 parts, and twas that bonus that lasted ’til the dawn of the 2nd, at midnight PST, when, within the hour, the site would link only to all those apps that came before it, and twas that day that we would say goodbye

Next project poll

Twas known throughout the land that the first bonus twas to be a poll, for users to decide on what our team would work on in the future. Twas known each user could only vote once

Twas known that the winning option would be developed in times of future, and twas known that this, and only this product would be developed along with MyMacGames and TheMacNurse in this year of 2007


Twas known throughout the land that when a user signed up to the MyMacGames BETA at with the prefix of ‘MAAD’ before their email address, they could win a special prize:

5 people would be winning a 6 month MyMacGames subscription from launch


The prophecy noted that as a gesture of goodwill, Yummy FTP would offer this version, and only this version, of YummyFTP as a free upgrade to those who grabbed a free copy of Yummy FTP, and remind users to use the coupon CPNMACAPPADAY2 to get the app for $10, with free upgrades. Twas made known that the download was at, and that this URL would need to be copy and pasted


The charter also foretold of a promocode for Dreamhost, with up to $70 savings, and the promo code is MAAD, and would work for one month

Thanks for your participation!

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. Weasel
    Dec 31st 2006

    First on the last day’s last thread? W00t.

  2. Ein-st?

  3. Now THAT’s spammy

  4. Jeremy
    Dec 31st 2006

    wow…so the very last day, the grand finale is a poll an app we have? and a dreamhost coupon that we’ve seen 800 times? ouch.

  5. labRat
    Dec 31st 2006

    Let’s ring in the New Year in style!! it’s New Year’s eve, go out, throw back a couple of beers and celebrate the New Year and give thanks to the people at MAAD for all their efforts.

  6. How does the DreamHost code work for people who are current (and paid up) DreamHost subscribers?


  7. Wait…what’s the New Year’s bonus?

  8. Nevada92
    Dec 31st 2006

    Great work guys - well done. It’s been an excellent month.

  9. MacZot is better
    Dec 31st 2006

    So…is this a chance to get YummyFTP again?

  10. When i copy and past the link for YummyFTP, I get some odd redirect to an error at

  11. Is the Pzizz download coming? I can’t wait that long!

  12. Evan there should have been a link in the email you got from Pzizz to download the app.

  13. I don’t care what happens, as long as I get the new Pzizz and CandyBar. I really, really want CandyBar, guys.

  14. OK. I had just seen here on the MAAD site that the download link for the newest version would be coming here to MAAD with the New Year’s bonus. Guess I might have just read it wrong?

  15. @Evan - yeah, I saw that too. I just used the download link that came with the email. However, it’s not 12:00 yet… more stuff to come later?

  16. Oh, and the Yummy FTP that was given out, I missed that one :( Did anyone get an extra liscense that they’d be willing to give to me? If so please email it to me at Thanks in advance!

  17. woops I spelled license wrong.. sorry!

  18. matarius777
    Dec 31st 2006

    What a bloody let down! Talk about highs and lows!

  19. matarius777
    Dec 31st 2006

    Actually, that’s one I’ve been after-didn’t know what it was at the time and regretted it ever since- if anybody has a spare licence -I’d really appreciate it. Cheers

  20. matarius777
    Dec 31st 2006

    The yummy tummy one that is!

  21. @ Adisa: I believe that DreamHost promo and referral codes may only be used by new customers, but you’ll have to check the terms and conditions for DreamHost’s rewards program.

    @ MacZot is better: “…dawn of the 2nd, at midnight PST, when, within the hour, the site would link only to all those apps that came before it,” It would appear so, yes… To be safe (regarding the upgrade), you might want to download the MAAD version and then download the update Jason (Yummy Software) recently posted.

  22. snowbutterfly
    Dec 31st 2006

    Also tried to figure out a way to use the promo code fro Dreamhost to no avail.
    Would like to get a little something for waking up at 4 am EVERYDAY in december to follow MAAD.

    Not to say I’m grateful for some of the stuff I did get, but, these last few posts have been really difficult to follow.

    help. and thank you.

  23. A poll and a referal code. Hardly bonuses.

    And hey, where’s the “none” option on that poll?

  24. Philippe Azimzadeh
    Dec 31st 2006

    Wow you guys are fast, it’s 4 minutes into 2007 right now

    iPhone in one to two weeks?

    and iTV

    I’m excited

  25. Philippe Azimzadeh
    Dec 31st 2006

    Why does it say Dec 31 2006 in each post? That’s weird

  26. herky140
    Dec 31st 2006

    wow…$90 from WAW for DreamHost, AND $70 from MAAD!
    That would be enough for me to make a website!

  27. Happy New Years!

  28. Happy New Year and thanks for a month of fun.

  29. Mike H
    Dec 31st 2006

    @ Phillippe Azimzadeh - It’s only 10:30PM on Dec. 31st where I am, in the PST time zone. The site’s code must be set to use PST, since all the apps were released 12AM PST.

  30. kibbe
    Jan 1st 2007

    So what was the bonus?

  31. herky140
    Jan 1st 2007

    … :’(

  32. mobius416
    Jan 1st 2007

    So I take it the “less than 1 hour” remark means we have to wait until 1 today?

  33. Chris
    Jan 1st 2007

    Happy New Year everyone!

  34. Tipsy Mcfragger
    Jan 1st 2007

    so is their a download or not? anyway happy new year to all

  35. Sleepless
    Jan 1st 2007

    Great January 1st special!

    We love you!

    G-d bless freeware and GNU licensed software.

    Good night.

  36. Did anyone download yet? did they even post the download yet?

  37. And verily there was much vexation amongst the masses as they did attempt to decipher the writings of the site owners.

    In other words, huh? Is this the bonus, or is that yet to come? I’m slightly confused. $10 for YummyFTP is reasonable, but…to quote the old torch song, is that all there is?

  38. Of course, I don’t mean to complain. I’m just asking for a bit of clarification. I’ve enjoyed playing along this month, and I hope you guys decide to do this again some day. Thanks for all the neat stuff!

  39. anomaly
    Jan 1st 2007

    Its been a hour since the new year!!!!!

  40. so, it’s one hour after midnight, and nobody has downloaded something?
    i guess the MAAD crew are suffering from a hangover?

  41. anomaly
    Jan 1st 2007

    Fucking A!!!! I would have gone to sleep 3 hours ago if I would have know MAAD would bullshit people into believing they would have a bonus!!. Its not called MAAD just because of mac app a day, it what they make people feel when they come to this site!!!

  42. mobius416
    Jan 1st 2007

    OK so it’s definitely been well more than an hour now…

  43. Quite lame! Goodbye……

  44. hellboy
    Jan 1st 2007

    Whoever the hell is running this piss-poor show needs to get their ass kicked….

  45. cruzmisl
    Jan 1st 2007

    The “special whatever” promised for new years was hardly anything special. Oh well. There were some good apps to be had. I just expected a bang instead of this whimper.

  46. Thanks for all the software, probably wouldnt have tried any of them otherwise.

    A quick question, is the Pzizz license just like a bought one?
    you can use the key up to three times on a mac or pc?
    I just tried on the work PC and no go. wont accept, says invalid. Works a charm on the personal mac

  47. Were is that pzizz download link, they promised yestertoday?

  48. mindprint
    Jan 1st 2007

    I don’t understand a word they are saying. What is this all about. I can’t they write in plain english. And what is the app for today?

  49. mobius416
    Jan 1st 2007

    2.5 hours, still waiting…

  50. David Cohen
    Jan 1st 2007

    Why are any of the previous posters surprised that

    a) The promised bonus is largely a rehash of stuff we have seen before?
    b) The bonus includes a pol that does nothing to benefit the website visitors, only the makers?
    c) That stuff previously promised (the Pzizz link) has not appeared?

    I mean really, this is nothing new - par for the course for the way this promotion had been run. I have seen this morning other sites by the guys behind this promotion that promised the launch of particular new services this morning - so far, nada.

    These guys have kept a pretty low profile in terms of who they actually are - using a third-party tone in comments and interviews to dissociate themselves from their own site is pretty amusing, IMHO. I guess that with developers dropping out and all of the broken promises and comment flames they have to be prudent. Maybe they’ll be a little less flamboyant with the promises on thier next promotion, if they have one.

    Lessons learnt for me? Well, I take away from it that there is a fine line between ambition and delusion, that it is amazing how hype can overcome people’s once bitten, twice shy tendencies, and that anyone with a fancy website design and blogging software can front up as a team of high-profile shareware promoters.

  51. Dougie Lawson
    Jan 1st 2007

    The download link was actually in the same email at the licence code, it wasn’t a two part affair as was suggested in the original post. In case you missed it it is

  52. Happy New Year!

    I just got my Mac Pro in November, after being a PC/DOS/Windows user for 20 years! MAAD was a fantastic introduction to the vibrant Mac shareware community.

    Thanks for helping me jumpstart my collection and discover great shareware developers!

  53. Anonymous
    Jan 1st 2007

    Twas known throughout the land that it appears to have been pretty pointless waiting for this. Twas also known that most of the land is glad it’s over.

  54. One question for the administrators, how many apps were pulled becasue the companies didn’t want to deal with the whining and complaining that went on night after night?

  55. Thanks MAAD and Happy New Year!!!

    (Smacks Gift Horse on the rump, causing it to run, so as to not be tempted to look it in the mouth…)


    10 NO APPS OVER $15


  57. wOw

  58. Poorly Run
    Jan 1st 2007



  59. I note not all the apps that appeared in the guess whats coming up in the promotioned appeared either, wasn’t conquest or whatever the game was called with the icon that looked like a globe one of them also? hmm. the period since christms has definately been a mostly damb squib, before christmas, things were gonig well enough.

  60. justG
    Jan 1st 2007

    @ Leon: Hey, cool, me too! PC (DOS/Windows) for 20+ years, got my Mac Pro in September of this– er, *last*–year. It’s fun, hunh? We switched just in time to have all this fun with MH and MAAD and WaW and stuff, not to mention the resurrection of Mac-user faves like ResExcellence. I’m having a blast! =)

  61. Seriously you MAAD guys should just cut the BS and say sorry to everyone for utterly failing to deliver on your promises and hype. That you even have the nerve to ask what you should do next when you clearly have absolutely no organisational or planning skills is a sick joke frankly.

  62. @Mark I imagine most of the devs that pulled out (assuming they actually lined up 31 devs - which is questionable if you saw all the rumblings about MacHeist) is that they didn’t want to be associated with such a fiasco.

  63. justG
    Jan 1st 2007

    @ AM: “… and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….” =)

    @ Joey: “A sick joke”? Wow. Let he who is without fault cast the first stone. Not everyone is a marketing and organisational genius. Not everying has the best written communication skills. Are you saying that if someone has the zeal and the means to do something for the community, but doesn’t have the wherewithal to carry it out without a hitch, they just shouldn’t bother?

    I dunno about you, but last time I checked, we were all human beings. Certainly fallible, and hopefully capable of learning from our mistakes. Moving forward, I hope that the guys behind MAAD will extract what constructive criticism and assistance have been offered here, and use it to their advantage.

    Many folks hold up MacHeist as a shining example of how things should be done. But y’know what? Not everyone is Phill Ryu. Not everyone had the success of MDA to back them up and assemble a team of individuals with proficiency in particular skills that could come together and form a cohesive whole. When Scott (MacHeist site coder guy) was ill for a week, there was an uproar on the forums. Just as there has been here, there were yea-sayers and nay-sayers. Now, when participants have been waiting for the last heist for so long, there is the same thing. Granted, that team had the experience and the oomph to fill in the blanks and manage things better in the long run. And hopefully, the guys behind MAAD will learn from that moving forward, as well.

    Hopefully, the MAAD organisers know that next time, they can’t address shortcomings in their technical setup mid-stream. Hopefully they know that they are addressing a global audience, and have to write copy that is comprehensible to everyone. Hopefully they know that a business doesn’t run on trust and word-of-mouth alone, that there have to be contracts in place; and hopefully they will sort such things before the next project comes close to launching.

    You can criticise MAAD all you want. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s plenty to criticise. But to suggest that such well-intentioned people should do nothing to channel that positivity back to the Mac user community ever again, just because this experiment was a bit of a fiasco, is pretty narrow-minded and conceited.

    If you have downloaded a single application that you now deem valuable to your workflow (or a pleasant distraction), then you have benefitted from this endeavour. I’ve downloaded plenty and I’ve met some pretty cool people along the way, users and developers alike. Thus while the month of December at MAAD presented difficulties and caused undeniable frustration, the overal experience was one I don’t regret. As such, I can only hope that the next project will go better, and offer my encouragement to the team so that there is a next project.

    Apologies for the dissertation. Happy new year, everyone.

  64. hear hear!

  65. Brandon
    Jan 1st 2007

    umm you’re gonna wanna remove one of the “on”s. You said “to decide ON what our team would work ON” which is very bad english, given that you’re going for an archaic english, I would remove the last one and it would sound very olden. Oh, and it should be ” ’twas ” because the definition of Twas without the apostrophe is “members of a pygmy people inhabiting parts of Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo”.

    i’m a little obsessive compulsive.

  66. @justG - yes making part of the so called new years bonus a poll to ask what they should do next after promising an exciting app, I’d call that a sick joke. The problem with MAAD is that right up until the last minute they frankly lied and mislead about what they had to offer. On the 27th of December they said there would be a new app out on the 30th, that never materialised, the exciting web app turned out to be some shitty web service and not Mac app and they were a million miles from releasing anywhere near what they said they would and that the value of what they gave away was anywhere near what they said it would be.

    Just because it’s free doesn’t mean they have a right to mislead and lie to people about what they’re offering.

  67. oh, and BTW, did anyone happen to snag an extra license of YummyFTP that they would be willing to give to me? :) If so please email it to me at Thanks!

  68. Jens24
    Jan 1st 2007

    Thank You!! Blessed James Bod Year!!!! 007!

  69. Sanjay Mehta
    Jan 1st 2007

    justG/Leon: Let me add to the switcher list. Bought my first Mac a few months ago. Found MAAD via google. Found MH/MacZot via MAAD. Bought a couple of bundle - one from each.

    I had fun - can’t really understand the complaining. I guess staying up late does that to people. I guess the MAAD folks forgot the maxim - “under promise and over deliver.”

  70. Ivan, try the discount code, but change hte 2 in 1

  71. Sasha
    Jan 1st 2007

    I’m from Russia, and a newcomer to a mac universe.
    (Naven’t got my hands on a Mac yet, still saving, but strongly decided ;) )

    If you cold welcome me with licenses for YummyFTP & XSlimmer , which looks like a great additions to a beautiful Mac OSX.
    You’d make me a happiest guy here, that I’ve collected enough essential goodies, to make my switch go easier.

    And by the way, having spent ~15 years in WinWorld, I can only compare Mac communities to a Linux/Open Source ones.
    You guys rock!
    Thanks, and Good Happy New Year!

  72. Sasha
    Jan 1st 2007

    Yeah, the mail is
    And I can not check, or apply this licenses, coz have not got a Mac yet.
    Waiting for Macworld to make my mind.

  73. Sanjay Mehta
    Jan 1st 2007


    Just do it as soon as you have the money. I recommend the iMac series or the middle of the line Macbook.

    I tried the waiting game. There’s no point - there will always be a better shinier Mac coming along in 6 months. I bought the Core Duo machine, and a few weeks later there was a Core 2 Duo version at the same price.

  74. Jeremy B
    Jan 1st 2007

    Alright! A membership to the Jelly of the Month Club!

  75. @justG - with regards your dissertation — nicely put.
    Happy New Year to all.

  76. @Ivan - just download the new version (it was 1.5.2 the first time, it’s 1.5.3 today) and replace the old one, if you have installed it already. I did that and didn’t have to enter a registration code.
    Hope that helps.

  77. Moonbat
    Jan 1st 2007

    I also missed the YummyFTP day. Anyone got a spare license? I’d be very happy for one.

  78. marcos
    Jan 1st 2007

    I’m disappointed, because I was *hoping* that there would be a January 1st app.

    I even scoured the page to see if there was a hidden link. If there is, I didn’t find it.

    So, I looked over the “clues” to see if any apps had actually been promised for today. Guess what? No such promises were made. There was nothing upon which to bases this hope other than comments from others that they also hoped we’d get a new free app. Let me repeat that:

    No apps were promised for January 1st!

    So suck it. =) I know I am.

    I’m still pretty thrilled about the free apps I did get, so I can’s say I’m too disappointed. I wish I had gotten the yummyfur, but I already own a lic. for Transmit, which is probably the best FTP app out there.

    So thank you, MAAD guys. I hope you do this again.

    And to you crybabies, go take a flying f**k at a rolling donut.

  79. anon-A-moose
    Jan 1st 2007

    Ok, it’s over everyone. Quit visiting the site and hoping a link will magically appear. It is not going to happen. Repeat: the free stuff is over. Wipe your eyes, blow your little noses, or, just suck it up.
    Either way, thanks MAAD for all you did. Please learn from your mistakes, as we, the consumers, did.

    Happy New Year:)

  80. Anonymous
    Jan 1st 2007

    >No apps were promised for January 1st!


    What they said was:

    >Twas less than 1 hour following the new year that the bonus was unveiled,
    >and twas that bonus that came in 4 parts…

    True, nothing says the bonus would be an app.

    But a poll? Whoodah thunk it? What were the other three parts?

    A chance to sign-up for an as yet non-existant beta, and maybe win a chance at six months of commercial (spam?) free e-mail? Be still my heart.

    A non-updatable update to a previously non-updateable app… Something for somebody, maybe.

    A discount on a domain.

    I give that a 2-out-of-4, and that’s being a little generous, given that the poll should be a -1.

    There were a few goodies, and I missed a couple, but the the delivery really didn’t live up to the hype. There has been some whining, but most of the criticisms were on the mark, whether or not any of you call them whines.

    There may have been problems beyond their control, but let’s not forget that this promotion was, as it turns out, more for them than us.

    Maybe they’ll do better next time, on both counts.

  81. Unbelievable…even on the last day they still manage to f*ck up the Yummyftp offer.

    I was one of those guys who got burned by the incompetence of how Yummyftp was done back when MAAD started. I look at today’s post and see that it says the coupon gets you Yummyftp for $10. I think okay I’ll go ahead and take advantage of it.

    Guess what? The damn coupon isn’t for getting the app for $10 but for $10 off.

    It also states free upgrades if you buy with the coupon. I currently can’t find anything on Yummyftp site that states anything about free upgrades for anyone buying even a full license. I’ve seen free updates discussed on the site but nothing about free upgrades. I would question if there will be any free upgrades at this point(ie a 2.0 release rather than a point release).

  82. mobius416
    Jan 1st 2007

    What some of you late-comers may not realize though is that the “Twas less than 1 hour following the new year that the bonus was unveiled” thing never happened. This post was not the unveiling referred to. it was made at 5pm yesterday. The post following the new year still has yet to occur.

  83. mobius416
    Jan 1st 2007

    PS If you need proof, look at the date stamps on the first several comments and the time stamp on the RSS feed.

  84. Andrew
    Jan 1st 2007

    What about iConquer?

  85. justG
    Jan 1st 2007

    @ Tech: It appears you are mistaken. I just pasted the coupon code into the esellerate shopping cart that Yummy Software uses, and it took $15 off the price of Yummy FTP, knocking it down to $10.

    I can’t answer the question about the developer’s upgrade path, that’s something you’d have to ask Yummy Software. It’s possible that MAAD is mistaken, or that “free upgrades” really is the deal.

  86. justG
    Jan 1st 2007

    @ Andrew: Like MAAD said, there were apparently some developers who changed their mind about participating in the promotion. Perhaps the developer of iConquer was one of them. I think it’s safe to think that if the application hasn’t shown up by now, it’s not going to; although I’d love to be mistaken about that.

  87. Tech-Bear
    Jan 1st 2007

    This truly was one of the lamer things I’ve seen this year. If you’re going to trumpet yourself all over the internet that you’re going to deliver an app a day, then have some integrity, follow your promise, and do it. If not, apologize and let folks know what happened. It seems that this experiment was all about self-marketing and self-promotion, not helping to promote Macintosh software developers.

  88. Ya con ésto la terminaron de cagar, menos mal se acabó ésta porquería…

    btw, GeekoGay, im not homophobic but I didnt like queers or dragqueens so please, dont follow always my comments and get a life dude…

  89. netzhunkee
    Jan 1st 2007

    It really shouldn’t amaze me, (but somehow I am all too often disappointed) how ungrateful and whiny some folks are when people like those at MacAppADay and their software partners have been so generous to give away well over 20 different software titles this past month. I for one am grateful. I’ve found quite a few apps very useful and maybe enough to purchase upgrades for some. MacAppADay has done a wonderful job in promoting the software and providing licensed copies FREE. I’m sure this has been good for MacAppADay and the software developers and that is as it should be. It’s certainly been good for those of us benefactors out here not associated with either MacAppADay or the developers.

    Thanks!! Keep up this good work! :)

  90. sliceoflime
    Jan 1st 2007

    I’m just really confused. Can one of the developers of this site explain - is this the new year’s bonus, etc?

  91. gaynonamous
    Jan 1st 2007

    yo: “…im not homophobic…” but I sure am ignorant.

  92. la chica
    Jan 1st 2007

    ¿Por qué sea bilingüe, pero racista?

  93. Jason Downing
    Jan 1st 2007


    1. About the Yummy FTP discount, you are wrong. The discount for the CPNMACAPPADAY2 coupon is $15, so since Yummy FTP is normally $25, take $15 discount leaves a total of $10

    2. All the Yummy FTP updates and upgrades (of which there have been several) have been free to registered users who have paid for their license, even if discounted. Future updates and upgrades will continue to be free for the foreseeable future :-)

    Thanks for all your comments


    To clarify about today’s Yummy FTP download, the 1.5.3 update to Yummy FTP that I have made available is for those 5000 of you who managed to grab the free, non-upgradable, copy of Yummy FTP version 1.5.2, which was the MAAD offering on Dec. 4th. This brings your free copy up to the very latest version of Yummy FTP, currently selling for $25! However, you will not be able to update or upgrade past version 1.5.3. If you wish to receive free updates and upgrades in the future you will need to purchase a license, which I am offering for the discounted price of $10 using the CPNMACAPPADAY2 code.

    To finish up, although I am not a part the Mac App A Day organization in any way, but just a developer that was invited to take part, I extend my apologies and sympathies to anyone who feels in the dark about today’s supposed ‘bonus’ - I’m completely in the dark too! I’m still waiting for a reply to my email to the Mac App A Day owners…. let’s see.

    Happy New Year!

    Yummy Software

  94. Miles
    Jan 1st 2007

    Hi, does anybody have pzizz licence which they do not want? typically the one app i would like to explore - I miss the registration bit! aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh

  95. Diordna
    Jan 1st 2007

    @Miles: Send me an email at diordna (at) gmail (dot) com. I don’t have Tiger, but I didn’t realize that until I had alreay got my license and tried to install. So you can have my license.

  96. Anonymous
    Jan 1st 2007

    All the Hype, and thats what they leave…….Kind of a let down, but hey, we did score and couple decent programs……

  97. Thank you so much for all this FREE apps you’ve given us. I’m sure it was a big effort and I just hope it was worth it (for you, I mean. I know it was for me).
    I just wish the rest of the 5000 people that downloaded the applications could have time to write a nice and grateful comment from now on, so you could forget all the bad experiences you might had and decide to repeat it in the future. It’s true: you promised 31 free apps and delivered only 20… But, people, let’s forget about those 11 missing applications and concentrate on the 20 others. 20 free apps! What a present!
    Again, thank you very, very, very much, and have a very happy and wonderful 2007, you deserve it! :D

  98. Am I deciphering this correctly?:

    “within the hour, the site would link only to all those apps that came before it”

    As read, I assume, is that at 12AM (the start of) Jan. 2, the “4 part bonus” ends. Once that is over, are they re-offering “all” the apps they had previously offered during December? Or are they just providing links to the developers websites for us to trial and then going dark on Jan. 3?

    In essence, do we get a chance to get all 20 or so apps free again? With the 5000 limit again? If so how would one go about getting licenses? That seems a bit crazy, but nice, none the less, if my thinking is correct. Fingers crossed!

    Oh yeah, and screw “EarfDesk”! Cheap bastards! The rest of you developers were allll right!

  99. Jason, not sure what the deal is but I do see now that it is a final cost of $10 and just put my order in. I’m sure I saw a different amount off this morning when I did it but either way it’s not worth arguing. I’ve read wrong numbers before so no biggy.

    Anyways just wanted to thank ya for the offer. I’d rather have the nice discount with the free upgrades than the free version and no upgrades.

  100. Hal B Sure
    Jan 1st 2007

    I just want to thank Jason for his post explaining the situation with YummyFTP.

    That type of responsiveness makes me feel good that out of all of the free apps I have tried out in the last two months, YummyFTP is (probably) the only one I will be purchasing.

  101. Yet another Jason
    Jan 1st 2007

    I just went and purchased YummyFTP just because of Jason’s response, not to mention it’s a sweet ass program :) Thanks!

  102. Superdotman
    Jan 1st 2007

    Does anyone have a spare license for Mira? The one app I missed was the one I’d been hoping to get from the start.

  103. Sanfizzle
    Jan 1st 2007

    to the ppl who like to whine … SHUT UP.

    to macappaday, THANK YOU.

  104. Anonymous
    Jan 2nd 2007

    yah the mira people wont give me a license even though i registered just after midnight

  105. Dave M.
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Look, I love the stuff they handed out.

    However, this was no MacHeist. The bonus that was supposed to be in four parts and go the entire day? Was this in the mind of the person running this promotion? Did the folks that signed up to offer their apps pull out?

    Some kind of update would be nice.

    Staying up til 2AM was OK the first couple of nights, but it became a job as the month wore on.

    I’m glad this is all over. It’s a shame that the “bonus” turned out to be nothing at all.

  106. matarius777
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Hi, if anyone has a spare license for Yummy Tummy I would be eternally grateful if you could send it to

    Many thanks in anticipation,everybody have a great New Year!!!!

  107. Zinia Dubonnay
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Many thanks to the MAAD organizers. I appreciated the opportunity to try out these uncrippled shareware programs, and I will definitely pay for updated versions of YummyFTP, Shoebox, Overflow, and Typinator.

    Many thanks to the Mac community members who posted negative feedback. This was indeed a badly managed promotion from both a technical and a marketing perspective. I hope the parties behind MAAD are young college kids or business amateurs who will now take what they’ve learned here and parlay it into a successful entrepreneurial future.

    Many thanks to the Mac community members who picked up the slack and provided support and information on this message board for those of us who were having difficulties with downloads, registrations, and decoding MAAD’s often byzantine instructions.

    And finally, many BIG thanks to all the software developers/vendors who made their products available to us. MAAD’s concept was good even if their execution wasn’t, and I’m sure we’re all grateful for your willingness to participate in programs like this that can ultimately benefit everyone involved.

    Special BIG thanks to Jason of Yummy Software for offering us an updated version of his excellent Yummy FTP program today and for explaining to us what was actually going on:

    May we all enjoy a healthy and happy 2007!

  108. has anyone got a spare license for TextMate or Yummy FTP? Please send it to


  109. Poorly Run
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Ditto..thanks to all the software developers in the Mac world.

    I encourage you all to particpate in the wonderful MacZot community.

    Unlike MAAD, MacHeist etc, MacZot has a strong community of devoted users who are very open to trying new software ideas, is very attractive to new users, is well run and well organized, and proves that people are willing to *pay* for and support great mac shareware.

  110. netzhunkee
    Jan 2nd 2007

    “twas that bonus that lasted ’til the dawn of the 2nd, at midnight PST, when, within the hour, the site would link only to all those apps that came before it, and twas that day that we would say goodbye”

    I’m not sure what the “the site would link only to all those apps that came before it” means, but I interpreted it to mean that just after midnight of the 2nd (today) there would be links to all the apps previously presented throughout the month as a grand finale, but I don’t see that or any “goodbye”, either. Overall a disappointing end to a generous (but sometimes clumsy) experiment.

  111. justG
    Jan 2nd 2007

    @ Zinia: Well said!

  112. Lance E Sloan
    Jan 2nd 2007

    I would say that you shouldn’t bother with the new “Mac Paks” project unless you’re prepared to offer something very good and do it reliably. For example, don’t take down your old server before the new one is up. (Hint: It’s OK to have the old and new servers running in parallel for a while.) Don’t claim to provide free, registered software when it’s actually crippled or time-limited.

    I think you should make the comedy blog your next project, just to be safe.

  113. Nunya
    Jan 2nd 2007

    “Don’t claim to provide free, registered software when it’s actually crippled or time-limited.”

    Amen to that. That’s the one thing that really ticked me off about this website. All this hype about free apps, became nothing but a huge let-down to tons of people, including myself.

    I really hope the owner of this website actually reads the comments and will learn from his mistakes the next time he tries to attempt something like this in the future.
    Unfortunately, I will be not interested.

  114. @justG/Sanjay -

    Having lived so long in the PC/Windows world, I’ve started to see a pattern in Mac users - they are highly demanding of shareware developers and expect a lot. This is not a bad thing (please don’t flame me!). I’ve seen much greater quality in the freeware and shareware apps compared to the PC world. So when a I see some complaints (and a bit of ranting), I just think - hey - try Windows shareware for a while!!!

    I don’t think I ever saw a WAAD (Windows-app-day) or WinHeist (unless you consider daily sales of Windows to count :) ).

  115. Anita Bonghit
    Jan 2nd 2007

    I mean, to put it politely, what a load of CRAP!

  116. justG
    Jan 2nd 2007

    @Leon : Macs don’t have the same market penetration that Windows PCs do. Statistically smaller community = fewer applications = less rubbish. There’s plenty of quality Windows shareware (some of which has no equal on OS X, yet), but there’s just so much software to begin with, in just about every category imaginable, that there’s a lot of rubbish to sift through before getting to the quality stuff.

    I can’t agree with the generalisation you’ve made, but you’re welcome to your opinion. In my experience, there is no difference between the two user communities. People are just people. I see the same childish drivel on both sides, and I also see the same mature, rational discourse on both sides. The only thing that’s surprised me is that I see exponentially more MS-, Windows-, and Windows user-bashing by Mac users than I ever saw Mac-bashing by Windows users.

  117. Sanjay Mehta
    Jan 2nd 2007


    I guess you’re right. Oh well, we switchers should bookmark this page and come back here once in a while to reset ourselves.

    On Windows, the best stuff was actually free (oops - I said “was” … ) examples: Exact Audio Copy, Stickies, nLite … and the likes of iphoto don’t exist.

  118. justG
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Of course they exist. There’s no shortage of cataloguing applications on either platform, and iPhoto’s one of the worst of the lot. ACDSee is far more robust.

  119. I agree that there is quality Windows free/shareware. EAC, WinAmp, iTunes… I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head. But to say that there’s more high quality Mac shareware than Windows shareware only because there are more PCs than Macs is specious. It’s because we’re less willing to put up with having unusable garbage shoved down our throats. It’s why we use Macs instead of Windows in the first place.

    And there’s nothing wrong with iPhoto as far as I can see.

  120. Pzizz Pizzazz: I just wanted to inform y’all that Pzizz offers a discount of 20$ towards the purchase of the Energizer module if you are a student.
    Visit: to check it out. I thought this was a pretty neat offer, so I wanted to pass it on!
    I partook of it….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

  121. jamescat
    Jan 2nd 2007

    a-hundred-and-twenty-first-sies!! woot-woot! - Take that all you firstsies people!!


    Anyway, this is just a recap for myself, for posterity, and for Angel and any other OCD types out there.

    12.01: TuneX
    12.02: Mail Steward Lite
    12.03: Cookie Assassin
    12.04: Yummy FTP
    12.05: Shoebox Express
    12.06: Shadow Clipboard
    12.07: DEVONagent
    12.08: Xslimmer
    12.09: mira
    12.10: DEVONnote
    12.11: thrupp
    12.12: Earth Desk
    12.13: Overflow
    12.14: ShadowBurn
    12.15: PTHPasteboard PRO
    12.16: MacPilot
    12.17: Desktop Magic
    12.18: Translation Service
    12.19: no app released - Server Changeover Outage
    12.20: no app released - Server Changeover Outage
    ______ claim on the next day’s page to have offered a discount
    12.21: Typinator
    ______ $25 discount offer on Macility Productivity Bundle
    12.22: PhotoPresenter
    ______ $15 discount on YummyFTP
    ______ 25% discount on PTHPasteboard PRO
    ______ $10 discount (through year’s end) on either Macility Bundle or Typinator
    12.23: Alarm Clock Pro
    12.24: no app released - Holiday Slacking Off
    12.25: no app released - Holiday Slacking Off
    12.26: no app released - Holiday Slacking Off
    12.27: no app released - More Holiday Slacking Off
    ______ and a post to tell us when it’ll really end
    12.28: no app released - More Holiday Slacking Off
    12.29: no app released - unless you count this offer:
    ______ iMODB “early access” beta period with either a trial or paid subscription
    12.30: CastCount
    ______ and an “early adopter” discount on an upgradable version of the same
    12.31: Pzizz
    ______ (sleep module only)
    ______ also a $20 discount off the full price on an upgradable version
    01.01: no app released
    ______ 1 poll
    ______ 1 “signup contest”
    ______ 1 renewal (or reminder?) of the $15 YummyFTP discount
    ______ 1 (unspecified) web hosting discount from DreamHost

    So, all in all, what we got for being awake at 2am (Central Time; ymmv) nearly every day of the month was:

    23 days of free apps (almost all limited to the current version, but still nice enough since most of the developers typically only offer crippled demo-ware instead of fully functional shareware downloads) out of the 32 days of apps we were promised. - Hmm… 23 instead of 32… Maybe the MAAD creator is dyslexic?? *shrug*

    (Actually, I’m sure he just couldn’t get enough developers to sign on to the cause. But an admission of that would have been nicer than what we got - or more accurately “didn’t get” - from him on the subject. *sigh*)

    We also got an (at most “mildly”) interesting beta opportunity, a poll question, and a web hosting discount - the amount of which couldn’t be determined without signing up, as far as I could tell.

    Finally, we got some admittedly good deals in the form of discounts for full versions of the following software: YummyFTP, PTHPasteboard PRO, Macility Bundle (one good deal, one okay deal), Typinator, and the Pzizz sleep module.

    Oh… and Happy New Years everyone! =)

  122. Sanjay Mehta
    Jan 2nd 2007

    ACDSee? I’ll pass. What I really like in iPhoto are the (a) size constrain feature and (b) the fact that the originals are never mangled beyond recognition. Tried picasa, but found it very annoying for some reason.

  123. mobius416
    Jan 2nd 2007

    There was an app released on the 20th. I don’t know why people continue to claim there wasn’t. They offered Typinator that day. I downloaded it. Had no problems. Downloaded some demos of their other software while I was there. Of course then imagine my chagrin when I came back the next day only to be offered the same app YET AGAIN. The 21st with its repeat is the day you should be complaining about.

  124. Mike H
    Jan 2nd 2007

    @mobius416 - Many of us, including me, couldn’t get through to the site on the 20th. (I’m guessing it was because their server change also involved getting a new IP address, and it took a while to propagate through the DNS servers…?) I don’t doubt that the site was up and running and offering Typinator, but I believe because there was such a large number of people who couldn’t even access the site they ran it again on the 21st. It was either do it two days in a row and have people complaining about duplicates, or have two separate apps and have people complaining they couldn’t get the first app, and they decided that the first choice was the lesser of two “evils”.

  125. Moonbat
    Jan 2nd 2007

    This has been great place to visit. At a good time, too, at 9 in the morning, just after my morning coffee and just before I dig in to work. This place didn’t really work at all times, and at other times it was very good indeed. Just like shareware and open source in general. It’s charming, isn’t it?

    I have also seen the usual angry mob here who complains like they had paid for premium service. I wonder where they all come from? But the web has been like this from the start - not everyone knows how to behave in a civilized manner.

    Thanks for all the fish and do return with more when you feel inspired.

  126. Mike H, I think the right answer to that one would be: On the 21st have the application from the 20th re-linked (with the original counter and IP check in place) and the fresh application intended for the 21st.

  127. Moonbat, I carefully trial applications before I buy them. I would *never* buy a shareware application that only worked 3/4 of the time. For that matter, I would trash freeware applications with a record like that, too.

  128. erichd
    Jan 2nd 2007

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this…. it didn’t cost me dime, and if I happened to fall asleep before 2AM, the app was usually available in the morning.

    So I think some people just prefer to complain here rather than take their psych meds on schedule. sheesh.

    IF you had to pay something, and then didn’t get what you paid for, THEN I’d understand why people are bitching.

    I discovered a load of great software that will replace the trials of other devs’ software I ahd been using…and yeah, should the upgrades be truly worthwhile, I’ll pay for them. If the upgradesa ren’t, then wqhy should I cry about using the same version for a long period of time? Aren’t there folks about there who still use Photoshop 5 because they hate 6?

    If I wanted the bleeding edge for free, I’d switch to Linux, or code my own software.

    THANK YOU developers and MAAD - you’ve got a new (loyal) customer in me!

  129. Erichd, some people are perfectionists, and it is in their nature to expect perfection from everyone else around them. Is that a good thing? Probably not, but that is their nature. It is evidently your nature to become a customer, even if the showcase product has vague descriptions and sloppy performance. That’s just your nature, too. Try to understand that not everyone is precisely like you. People like you, that become customers at the drop of a hat, are what make the capitalist world spin `round, so that’s fine.

  130. matarius777
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Sweet Jesus!!!!!!!!

  131. matarius777
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Bitchy bitchy bitch!!!!!!!!

  132. Anonymous
    Jan 2nd 2007


    I made a good deal, i use this apps now regulary and i will probably buy an upgrade.

    I like the idea: a free full functional app without upgrades and and the option to get upgrades when i pay a discount price.
    It is a win-win-situation for me and the developers.

    The effort was not too high, checking the site every morning 9.00 am in Germany. Some apps where available even in the afternoon. Download and registration was not too hard. No browser problems with Firefox or Safari.

    So, thank you again for a good deal, MAAD.

    Happy new year!

  133. anonymous
    Jan 2nd 2007

    To Av: I bet you are a lonely and miserable human being.
    Av says: “I am perfectly content to be in my own company because no one else is intelligent enough to stimulate my mental well being…”
    To Av: Blah Blah Blah. Go play with your hand.

  134. rickster
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Hey MAAD guys - thanks for a great experience!

    This was a great way to try out a number of products - and like a lot of people - I bought a number of them.

    Best to you and yours in 2007.

  135. Anonymous
    Jan 2nd 2007

    Thanks to MAAD Mira, Overflow, Pzizz and Yummy all have a new fully paid up customer.

    I’m keeping an eye on DevonTechnologies as their Notes application could be useful, and xSlimmer is such a simple but great app, if combined with AppZapper I would be at the front of the queue to buy it.

    It was an interesting experiment, which was in the most part successful, and for that I have to thank the individual developers that took the risk and allowed their sweat and toil to be distributed so freely. You should be proud of the applications and utilities that you have developed. It is a credit to the Mac community that so many quality applications were given away so freely.

    To MAAD, while your intentions were good, your execution was abysmal. You can’t even offer an apology for the last 10 days?

  136. FalknerX
    Jan 2nd 2007

    this site sucks, go here –>

  137. Oh, clever clever Anonymous. :) I am lonely and miserable and perfectly content to be alone, all at once!

    Try choosing one form of libel and sticking with it. It makes for a better argument. Then again, someone flailing insipid and frothing with wroth at one they have never met does indeed make for more amusement. Make merry the audience, dear Anonymous, you are in the centre ring!

  138. Anonymous
    Jan 2nd 2007

    libel 1. published statement falsely damaging person’s reputation, or 2. defame falsely.

    AV, you mealy mouthed piece of cock-froth, take it and shove it back up your own arse.

  139. Honestly, everyone was given the chance to get free applications. Why complain. We got some good stuff. Some was not for me so I never bothered and let someone else fill the spot I would have had. No biggie. I think of all the days I was on site thinking “I wonder what the app is today… gotta check when I get back to the office…”

    It was fun! As a developer who was pushing and pushing in November to get one of our apps through testing to offer for free… Didn’t happen as clients came towards year end things got a lot more hectic than before… But still it was fun and developers gave up 5000 sales each day, or at least gathered 5000 new customers.

    I realize things didn’t come off PERFECTLY… It was the first time. Let’s let this group re-group, get things down and do it again in 6 months? Christmas in July? This could be a good thing for them and a great thing for us.

    Nothing goes perfectly the first time. If it did we (humans) wouldn’t be here.

    Jan 2nd 2007

    OK, this is my first post. I haven’t complained before, and I won’t now. However, the complainers here deserve more respect than they are being given, both by MAAD and by others in the comment thread.

    Some of you are “glass half full” types. That’s great. More power to you.

    For the rest of us, there is a simple principle at stake. This isn’t about whining because we got 23 free apps instead of 32. The complaint is legitimate, because MAAD failed to live up to a very simple promise.

    I’ll grant that sometimes things happen that are outside one’s control. When you are in the public eye, what is the correct response to that? Fail to live up to your promise with no explanation or apology? No! The correct course of action would have been to say “Look guys, this stuff happened [server crashed, devs didn’t follow through, etc.], and we’re really sorry that we’re not going to be able to have an app every day. But we’ve got a good one for you tomorrow”, and–here’s the key–actually deliver a new app tomorrow.

    MAAD could have handled it in a much more grownup fashion.

    It isn’t about looking a gift horse in the mouth. It’s about respect. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and make an apology where it is deserved. It’s as simple as that.

  141. I guess my predictions at the beggining of this were right. You guys did fuck this up. “Told ya so….”

  142. Angel
    Jan 2nd 2007


    james… you’re one cool cat!

  143. AvA MARIA
    Jan 2nd 2007


    All is forgiven… you can now go back to being yourself.

  144. Geek-O-Rama
    Jan 2nd 2007

    @Vincent and the MAAD team…

    I betcha everyone’s goin thru withdrawl… lol
    Good luck on your next promotion and ‘find me’
    when ya do it again…

  145. @ Tod - I agree with you that it has been fun & people make mistakes…but as far as “why complain” - see FreeIPodGuy’s post just after yours. He is looking at this from an angle that those in the “why complain” camp don’t seem to.

    @FreeIPodGuy - Well put.

    @MAAD - Are we ever going to get an explanation about what happened? Or at least what your take on the situation was that led to this outcome?

  146. Alberto Lagos
    Jan 3rd 2007

    and the bonus?

  147. kRuffian
    Jan 3rd 2007

    We couldn’t get one full month of “free Mac apps” in December, 2006.

    And now we can’t get one full month of “Apple Bugs” in January, 2007.

    Day 2 and they’ve already jumped into non-Apple territory. :(

    Why’s it so difficult to get good Mac help around here?

  148. So, I guess this site has been dropped like a bad habit by the maintainers; no update on the 2nd as “promised,” no bonus, and they have not even replied to this thread. I thought the post by the developer of Yummy FTP up above was especially revealing. It looks like we are not the only ones that have been left completely in the dark about what really happened. Treating the public with a bit of a closed poker hand is one thing (though not one that I admire), but leaving your developers — the ones that really truly made this happen — out of the loop? Hmm. That is really disappointing, and is only going to give fuel to the whole “MacHeist+Clones is bad for developers” argument.

    FreeIpodGuy is correct. There is much more at stake here than simple “I didn’t get my 32 apps grumbling,” which I have never been about anyway. If you think this is “complaining,” then you seriously need to do a little meditation or something.

    kRuffian, often the best way to get Mac support is to visit the forums of the software which is giving you trouble. You’ll find many shareware projects have a good following of users who are anxious to help out. In many cases, there are wonderful developers behind the projects who are more than willing to help you out personally.

  149. kRuffian
    Jan 3rd 2007

    Av, I was being facetious. :) Thanks, though.

    And you’re right. The hype surround this promotion outstripped the MAAD people’s capabilities.

    It’s sad when this happens, but it’s always better to bow out gracefully instead of just jumping ship.

    I suspect they’ll decommission this site/URL in short order and return with a promotion that on its face is disconnected from this one, but plagued by the same degree of incompetence.

  150. Kevin
    Jan 3rd 2007

    To everyone at MAAD, I know some people have been saying that it was (and I’m quoting here) “a piece of crap” and other remarks like that, but I just got a MacBook (after about 6 years on a PC) and I loved getting all of the free stuff. Thanks guys!

  151. erichd
    Jan 3rd 2007

    Yeah, uh,

    It certainly is one thing to carry something out sloppily, and to then practically abondon it in favor of the four toher things you’ve started to hype.

    Still, though, we can be disappointed that some things didn’t come thorugh “as promised,” but how many people feel good about bitching at Christmas gifts?

    Same principle. As I’ve learned from this site, I’ll have lower expectations with wasteaweekend and macnurse and mymacgames and whatever else gets promoted as by these guys, UNTIL they prove otherwasise and win back my personal support.

    Now, contrary to what seems to be understood, humor is humor, and I don’tcare f you don’t get it - plenty of people still pay for it up front, and that make me reasonably happy.

    The concept needs to be applauded - a free unrestrcited app for nothgin more than typing in an URL and dealing with typical server/ip issues. As I recall, Vincent/MacMan and the devs were swift to solve and help out those affected by IP issues. Mistakes happen, and those particular ones were fixed quickly as far as I can tell.

    SO gain, THANK YOU MADD and all the participating devs. The limited functionality of most shareware keep me from trying it int he first place, and again, I’m fairly sure this will end up being worthwhile to you.

    Please don’t be jaded and start to reject these sort of promotional ideas.

  152. Yong Hwee
    Jan 3rd 2007

    In short, I’m a lil’ disappointed with MAAD. Was expecting alot more in terms of the apps being given away. Anyhow, nice attempt..

  153. --------------------------
    Jan 3rd 2007

    you guys still posting here? get a life!

  154. Can you digg it?

    Let’s see how the Digg community feels about this!

  155. Adisa
    Jan 4th 2007

    My copy of OverFlow is telling me that my 30-day trial is nearing its end.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  156. Jimmy
    Jan 4th 2007

    my copy of thrupp just expired. i mustve missed something

  157. Jeremy
    Jan 4th 2007

    @Adisa, there was link that was posted or an email or something to get your overflow license, then they email you a license folder, maybe you missed that step?

  158. MyAppleStuff
    Jan 4th 2007

    I had the same 30 day issue come up, and I have the license. I just double clicked on the license email and it sorted it out - at least for another 30 days I guess :-)

  159. Hehehehe...
    Jan 4th 2007

    In a lot of torrents you can find by now all the macappaday softwares in a single package named macappashit_stuff… go figure!

  160. matarius777
    Jan 5th 2007

    I’ve put a couple of posts in, first against the slagging off, then at New Year I felt really let down, overall, yeah it was terribly run, BUT, I’m glad it was run because I discovered DevonTechnologies and Prizz, both of which are superb, there are others that look good but haven’t tried yet.
    To MAAD take in the positive criticism but please DON’T let it put you off doing it again, PLEASE!!!
    Just LEARN by your mistakes, AS IS HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, I’ve asked a couple of times but if anybody has a spare Yummy licence:

    I’d really appreciate it

  161. Sanjay Mehta
    Jan 5th 2007

    Hey, my “license” for thrupp died as well. Reinstalling doesn’t help.

  162. matarius777
    Jan 6th 2007

    Oh. oh, ohhhhhh the dissenters!

  163. AllAlone
    Jan 6th 2007

    Hello, anyone still here?

  164. Anonymous
    Jan 7th 2007

    Che merda!

  165. Anonymous
    Jan 7th 2007

    Maybe polling users to find out what type of apps they’d like to see beforehand would have been useful. Also, future ventures of this type might choose to group the apps together, such as iPod-related or image/photo-related. I know it’s probably difficult to get a shareware/commercial developer to basically “give away” software, but if the app is truly useful, expanding the user-base in this manner is good marketing.

  166. netzhunkee
    Jan 7th 2007

    Yes, MacAppADay is over, BUT why on earth would it seem important to consider some blogger’s opinion just because a few malcontents have nothing better to do than whine and complain when some people are giving away, for the most part, decent software? Just because we’ve heard from these malcontents more frequently on this discussion (and some others) than from the grateful folks, doesn’t mean that MAAD, although not a perfect effort, was a waste of time or a failure. How many of you whiners out there do everthing right the first time or even the second or third?

  167. just checking…nothing huh?

  168. Last Post
    Jan 11th 2007

    Last Post! :D

  169. Last Post to Infinity
    Jan 13th 2007

    Last Post to Infinity!!!!

  170. Last Post to Infinity and Beyond
    Jan 13th 2007

    Last Post to infinity AND beyond….

    Thanks again MAAD!! Still missing you with my bagel and coffee in the mornings….

  171. matarius777
    Jan 16th 2007

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. Last Post!?

  173. garethwi
    Jan 16th 2007

    Or is this the last post.

  174. last post

    no post-backs, no quitsies, and this whole forum is home free!!!

  175. So anyone else get spam from one of these companies? I used a new address only for this (cant’ remember the product), but I get spammed now because of it….really lame.

  176. tekk-x
    Jan 18th 2007

    Anybody who wants Cookie Assassin licence code? I decided not to use that program. 1st come, 1 get :-)

  177. .

  178. Anonymous
    Jan 18th 2007

  179. Anonymous
    Jan 18th 2007

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  184. herky140
    Jan 20th 2007

    well this comment has died.
    Anonymous, you should be ashamed!
    “lorem ipsum…” sheesh!

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    Macappaday R.I.P.

  1. December 31st 2006

    /home/nil/switch/ » MacAppADay is over. Rated a complete waste of time.

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