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CastCount - A new way to Access your Podcasts

This version of CastCount has been developed specifically for the MacAppADay promotion, and will be available for one day only – the 30th December.

It is free, but non upgradeable.

An upgradeable version has also been released over on which is EXACTLY the same as the free version with the exception that it will be upgradeable. This will cost $5 and all future upgrades will be free.

On the 1st February 2007 there will be a new version released, Version 1.1. This will cost $12. For anybody that has bought the $5 Version 1.0 the upgrade will be free, as will all subsequent upgrades. BUT for anybody that only has the MacAppADay version, Version 1.1 will be available for one month for $8. This price will be available for one month only, so from the 1st March 2007 anybody wanting an upgradeable version will need to purchase Version 1.1 for $12

“CastCount is a simple and effective way to keep track of your favorite Podcasts without having to open up iTunes every time.

At a glance the menu bar will show you the total number of Podcasts in iTunes and how many of them are new. If you want ant to find exactly which they are then select the icon in the menu bar and you will get a list.

Got some favourites that you just need to know when they have downloaded, then use the Dock Icon to see at a glance how many of your favorites are waiting for you.”

CastCount started out as a “I wish I could” but thanks to Tom and Mark it has become a “Now I can”. I was just really fed up with always looking in iTunes and checking to see if my favorite Podcasts had arrived or not.

Chris Marshall

Download today

Stuff You Need to Know:

It is probable that at times you will get a spinning beach ball, and will feel that the application is running slowly. The simple reason for this is your Music Library. Due to the way iTunes stores its Music Library, and consequently all information about your Podcasts the files can end massively big. If you are using a music library upwards of 5000 seconds you may begin to experience occasional hangs as CastCount reindexes your music library. This can be avoided to a certain extent by increasing the interval of how often CastCount checks your music library for changes in the preferences. We are looking into the algorithms necessary to resolve this, but it isn’t easy, and may not be possible. Hopefully this wont distract from your enjoyment of the product. And remember, you must have iTunes open for CastCount to find your new ‘casts.

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. 1st?

  2. hey…a simple dl, woo. thnx

  3. Oh Thank You! So easy and I can’t wait to play with this!

    Thank you much sirs! :D

  4. Andrew
    Dec 30th 2006


  5. Sounds interesting, but since I only subscribe to one podcast (PJ Templin’s excellent Tech For Writers) I don’t really need it. Someone else is welcome to my copy! :)

  6. labRat
    Dec 30th 2006


  7. jamescat
    Dec 30th 2006

    Much better, MAAD! Thank you. :)

  8. Penguain
    Dec 30th 2006

    Wow! Great app!!!! Thanks again MAAP!

  9. herky140
    Dec 30th 2006

    Thank you!
    Thank You!

  10. Neat, but I’ll pass.

  11. Anonymous
    Dec 30th 2006

    Wow! Cool! Kiss asses!

  12. This program is fatally flawed. The number of “unplayed” podcasts seems to be based on how many have a playcount of 0, which is not the same system iTunes uses. Also, the menu items for each podcast in the CastCount menu bring up a list of episodes - but they are not episodes of the right podcast!! It is just an odd list of a variety of different episodes, which is the same for every menu item.

    It’s been disappointing enough that all the freebies have been “nonupgradeable stuff we’re discontinuing tomorrow,” but at least some of the pre-outdated apps still had actual functionality in the version provided. This app simply does not work. Under the circumstances, I am not going to pay extra for a version that does.

  13. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 30th 2006

    cool app! nice…

  14. Giovanni
    Dec 30th 2006

    I pass

  15. Thanks guys!

    and I can’t believe the angry people are still hanging around being angry. get real.

  16. Alejandro
    Dec 30th 2006

    I’ll pass for tonight. I’ve already have iTunes.
    I left my copy to other user.
    See you tomorow.

  17. Superdotman
    Dec 30th 2006

    Perfect. The download was short and no setup was required, and this is a one-trick pony I plan to keep in my stable for a while. Thanks!

    You know, if it had more app/doc dividers, the Dock would actually look like a stable. In that they’re both kinda box-shaped. Sort of. Now I need some equine icons, for lack of a better pun.

  18. Jasper
    Dec 30th 2006

    Thanks guys,
    i didn’t DL it because i don’t need it…so anyone else can have my version.

  19. Thanks, MAAD and Chris. Even more than for the free app, thanks for clearly outlining the terms of downloading and upgrading it.

  20. I’ll pass. I have itunes open 24/7, and I update my podcasts manually, so I wouldn’t have a use for this.

  21. Charlie
    Dec 30th 2006

    Thanks for the offer, but this app is very close to being pointless. I’m a huge podcast fan (>15 podcast listened to regularly), but I just do not see the point of this. Also, the long wait (around 20 mins in my case) while the program parses the entire iTunes library is just simply inexcusible (yes I did see the expanation). No one in their right mind would want to have a single trick pony maxing out their CPU every 10 minutes.

    To the developers: do yourselves a favor and take this crap offline until you have it fixed. And don’t think about charging for it.

  22. This is disappointing. At first MAAD was going strong with several really nice apps, then it all went downhill, fast. Before you started you should have had all 30 apps lined up so a good thing didn’t end so pathetically. Hopefully you have something good in store for tomorrow or it will just be depressing.

  23. David Appleyard
    Dec 30th 2006

    Couldn’t agree more Jason

  24. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006

    Charlie & Jacob

    A little harsh? Unlike songs in iTunes Apple close off the podcasts very securely making it incredibly difficult to read them outside of iTunes and without reading directly from iTunes Library Binary file you can never get iTunes like results with Podcasts, so as I said in the notes it will be slow at times.

    I subscribe to 25 podcasts and at the moment have 66 total podcasts in my library of which 21 are unplayed. Sure it takes a while when I open up the application to populate it, but after that it just sits there updating when I set it to, and gives me a nice simple way to access some information that I find useful.

    It is something I am really working on for the future, but I think that what we have launched to day is a solid enough application that does a good job. Sure it can be fine tuned and it will be :-)

    Of course others wont find it useful, but that’s the joy of life really - for some people (like me) who aren’t living life at 1,000 miles an hour a little patience isn’t hard to have.

    Thanks for taking the time to evaluate and comment so quickly.



  25. You know how they called previous posts “Recappr”? This one should be called the Crappr.

  26. I’m amazed how you can get hughe applications with massive features for free,
    but then you get to pay for half finished beta’s where the developers already say it doesn’t work as it should and probably never will.

  27. i downloaded it, but i dont think i really need it. iTunes seems to do a good job for me as far as obtaining podcasts.

    its been frustrating not having a free app every day of the month as promised. i do enjoy using Yummy FTP as well as a couple of other apps given away by this site. i just dont like having to be up past 2am to see whats being offered. which is where im sure other people are frustrated, to be up late at night expecting something and receiving nothing.

    of course staying up late is better than losing money.

    i have only been a Mac user since July when i first got my Mac Mini, and hated OSX for its sluggish performance and the fact that simple apps had a price tag on them. so i continued to use Windows XP on my Mini, which ran very fast and efficiently.

    when i got my MacBook, OSX ran more smoothly and i started to take a liking to its features and interface. then this site came along at just the right time, and i was introduced to useful apps like Yummy FTP, which has a far better interface than Cyberduck.

    i really liked TuneX but its too buggy and crashes whenever i close or minimize iTunes.
    its apps like that, that i would never pay for, if they are still in a sense betas.

    so i thank MacAppaDay for giving me an awesome app. theres a few others i have still not installed yet. but im sure they will be fun to use once i have some free time on my hands and experiment with them.

    im all about customization, so i would have preferred to have recieved an app like Shape Shifter, Candy Bar or something as simple as Mighty Mouse.

  28. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    You must have posted in the wrong post. I have said that it doesn’t work as quickly as I would like and that may be as good as it can get, but that we wil continue to work on it.

    I have NOT said it doesn’t work and therefore could NOT have said it never will.

    Hopefully you can now repost against the application that your comments refer to :-)


    Sorry you don’t like it :-(

  29. Who needs this shit !?

  30. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    EXACTLY - maybe I should follow the example set by some of the other developers and just ignore the comments rather than try and have reasonable dialogues.

    In fact I need to remind myself of what I said to Tim over on when he interviewed me! I actually said I wouldn’t respond to rude posts so you have the honour of been my one and only exception to that.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, and be sure to drop me a line a) when you remember your own name and b) with links to anything that you have created so I can give it some detailed analysis and constructive comments.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your informed and mature view with us all :-)

  31. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 30th 2006

    THANKS Super-MyAppleStuff


    (BTW doesn’t it feel like the some of the above above posts were all written by the same person??)

  32. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    I think you will find that is the problem with breeding inside the same family! They ony get the one brain cell to share :-)

    Just kidding!

    The reality is that some people will like the application and some wont. That is fine. Some people are more technically advanced than others and will have different expectations, again that is fine. We do all however have the same keyboard and access to the same dictionaries so there is no real excuse for agressive, rude or time wasting comments.

    BUT - the world isn’t perfect :-)


  33. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 30th 2006

    You’re right the world isn’t perfect… but experience has taught me
    that those who unnecessarily complain are also the ones who dislike
    it when you point out their faults… nope we can never be perfect but then
    accountability is a far more important human trait that comes with maturity.

    Goodnight all… and get ready… soon the New Year will be here!

  34. stalin
    Dec 30th 2006

    thumbs down.

  35. stan (Canada)
    Dec 30th 2006

    @ MacAppADay,
    Fabulous experiment. It’s been fun. Thanx for your effort… and thanx for troll-exposing. Reading the posts has been almost as much fun and very revealing.

    @ MyAppleStuf,
    Thanx for your effort and thanx for troll-stomping this morning. I enjoy your manner.

    @Jacob, Charles, Jason, David, John, Josh, Test, and Stalin;
    These… people are trolls, bottom feeders with a social problem. Pity them, the poor turds.

  36. Let’s see:
    - A good explanation of capabilities, terms, and cautions.

    - A website that has more info.

    - Good pricing for those who try and want to take advantage of the opportunity for an upgradeable application.

    - No complex steps to download or register that are prone to failure due to the browser used.

    - The offer is easy to understand and straightforward to execute. Such simplicity and clarity! Thanks!

    - I voted with my $5 (partially to show approval based on the above observations, partially since this looks useful to me)! They even take PayPal and CC.

    Thanks, Chris, MyAppleStuff, and MAAD.

    [MAAD (and others offering special free promotions of this kind): If you can swing it, this is the way promotions like this should go.]

  37. There seems to be a better deal at the developer’s website. Download the trial and you can buy an upgradeable version for life for only $5. Good luck on the development! I can’t write programs to save my life—sorry you’re having to put up with such crappy attitudes.

  38. Oh, and I’m a different Jason.

  39. TheIcemanCometh
    Dec 30th 2006

    “This is disappointing. At first MAAD was going strong with several really nice apps, then it all went downhill, fast. Before you started you should have had all 30 apps lined up so a good thing didn’t end so pathetically. Hopefully you have something good in store for tomorrow or it will just be depressing.”

    Agreed. This sounded like (and was) such a great idea to me at first, being a new Mac Mini owner of just a few months. But lately … not so much.

  40. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006

    “Different” Jason

    Thanks. The version on the site is EXACTLY the same, but yes for the $5 you get upgrades for life, and Version 1.1 will be launched on the 1st February.


    Great name, and thanks. I appreciate your support.


    I think we will all benefit from constructive, well thought out and clearly articulated comments and discussion. The vast majority do - unfortunately the minority seem to have he louder voices (in life as well as on this site)

  41. I’m into podcasts in a huge way. I listen to them everyday going to and from work and sometimes more.

    Unfortunately though I see no real reason to use this app, particularly if it requires itunes to be open anyways and it’s slow on top of that. Perhaps some might find this somehow useful but I can’t help but think it’s a solution looking for a problem.

  42. looks like a good app, but I’m never too rushed to hear my podcasts… so ill leave it to someone else.

  43. /cynicism
    non-upgradeable again?! dont you people see, im ENTITLED to receive this version and all future versions of the software you make for a living at no cost. why, you might ask? because i stayed up half an hour later than normal. I refuse to be like my friends though, who have simply gone to sleep every night this month and woken up at 8:30am PST and gotten a license to EVERY application this month…. it’s your fault ive been losing my precious sleep - because it’s certainly not my own fault.

    thanks myapplestuff and MAAD, while i dont really have a use for this program, i admire your willingness to give away 5,000 copies of your own software. for people like me, this whole experiment has been a success, and ive ended up paying to upgrade devonagent (which i had never even heard of before). as far as im concerned, those who havent paid for anything yet havent earned the right to complain yet.

    (and yes, i really have woken up at 8:30 PST every morning and have yet to fail to get a license for any app this month… so please stop using this as an excuse to complain, because it’s not even necessary to stay up, you do it to yourselves)

  44. David Cohen
    Dec 30th 2006

    I concur with the more moderate complainers in the comments - MAAD started strongly, but has badly tailed off in the last two weeks, ever since the server move fiasco.

    Surely, the aim of a site like this is to drive shareware sales by offering taster versions of apps for free on a daily basis. The apps offered differ from demos in that they are unrestricted, but feature and version locked (no upgrades), and the limited availability drives a frisson of excitement from the audience.

    By failing to offer apps every day, MAAD has failed in its core activity - that is what is leading to the complaints. Yes, the most vocal will be the minority who just want free stuff, and I guess those who have stayed up late or gotten up early to check the site will also complain, but I expect there is a fairly silent majority who are just disappointed that so few apps have been showcased as promised.

    There are at least two from the early, daily releases that I use continuously, and I will probably buy them for upgrade purposes. As such, I am VERY disappointed that we have had virtually nothing for the last two weeks, and that what has been offered has been either of mediocre quality or unknown provenance - what happened to the big apps, guys?

    Now, I am not going to be drawn in to the speculations as to why MAAD has ceased delivering effectively - because ultimately the reasons are immaterial. The result is what matters, and MAAD has burned up a lot of good will among the community with the delivery failures. As I said, the core activity is the free app, so WHATEVER happens that app should hit the net every day, come what may. Given the delivery failures, I would expect other developers could become a little shy about stepping forward to participate.

    I guess we need to see whether this marketing idea ends up on the scrapheap or not…

  45. Christopher
    Dec 30th 2006

    I would like to take this oppurtunity to say thank you to Chris. I can’t say that I’m surprised by the negative comments. There are always vampires in a crowd who don’t know any other way of being than sucking off of others. I for one participate in macZOT and have been participating in this small adventure for several reasons.

    1. I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting mac apps.
    2. I want to support the ever growing community of Mac developers.

    When I add up the amount of apps that are shareware, donationware or outright purchases that I have paid $5-$20 for it adds up to a significant amount. And although I haven’t used many of these apps more than once. The gems that I now use everyday, like Receiptwallet, MenuCalendarClock, Knox, Data Guardian, iPhoto Library Manager, AppZapper, MemoryMiner, and SuperDuper exceedingly make-up for the flops.

    For years Mac users have been told by the PC world that there isn’t enough software for Macs. I now tell these naive individuals that there is an endless amount of apps for anything you could imagine. I’m so excited by the buzz in the Mac Developer community and the ideas that I see coming out of it everyday that I will keep giving my $5 to fuel its growth. Who knows where CastCount will go, its an idea that has been brought to life and there is the value. Chris put his time, knowledge and creativity to work. It’s another addition to the collective application community and I say hear hear. Keep them coming.

    Thank you to Chris and to all of the developers who have provided us with the richest of experiences.

    Happy New Year to us All


  46. Diordna
    Dec 30th 2006

    Useless, but it works. But hey, you know what they say, one man’s trash…

    So yeah, I’m not impressed with the specific apps MAAD has been giving out, or the way they’ve been doing it (3-month trial to iMODB anyone?), but at least now we’ve got one that’s straightforward and does what it says, so we can’t really fault the developer. If you think it’s useless, don’t get it. That simple.

  47. I will say one thing in the developer’s favor - if Apple had a less screwed up XML/PList implementation then running down a long list, like an iTunes Library, would be quicker and easier. This paired up crap that they like to use is, well, dumb.

  48. andrew
    Dec 30th 2006

    wait a minute…

    “CastCount is a simple and effective way to keep track of your favorite Podcasts WITHOUT HAVING TO OPEN UP ITUNES every time.”


    “Stuff You Need to Know:
    And remember, YOU MUST HAVE iTUNES OPEN for CastCount to find your new ‘casts.”

    that doesn’t seem right…

  49. Joey Livingston
    Dec 30th 2006

    Great point, Ryan. I’ve gotten up every morning around 8am since the day MAAD started, and I haven’t missed a single app they’ve offered. If it wasn’t an app I needed, no loss, I needed to get up anyway.

    I wonder if some of these whiners will ever wake up and see themselves for what they are? There’s never, never a good reason to whine or complain. Everyone is trying their best. Get a grip. Seriously.

    Thanks again guys. It’s been great.

  50. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    Yep confusing!! Hopefully I can clarify :-)

    My personal frustration was not in having to open iTunes the application every time I wanted to check for new ‘casts as I actually have it open/running pretty much 100% of the time. I was frustrated that I had to actualy “go into” i.e. open in a window iTunes to see if any new podcasts had arrived in my library.

    So rather than do this several times a day I came up with CastCount which does that checking for me and notifies me of new ‘casts.

    So if you read the first open as “go into” and the second as “running” that should clarify?

    Sorry if it was confusing, and sorry if I have confused you even more :-)

  51. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    - thanks :-)


    - fair enough, thanks for looking anyway


    - a pleasure, and thanks


    - thanks.

  52. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    You may find it useful if you use it to check “at a glance” if your “must listen” ‘casts have downloaded before you sync your iPod (I assume that is what you use on your commute?)

    For example I listen to the Daily Telegraph ‘cast every morning but it can be hit or miss in terms of what time it is available. So, a quick glance at my dock as I start up the Mac tells me if it is available a not - I find that useful. Many wont, but it works for me :-)

  53. sliceoflime
    Dec 30th 2006

    @justG - I completely echo what you said. Well-said.

    Thanks, MAAD and Chris, I appreciate it.

  54. Thank you MAAD for the opportunity to look at CastCount. I probably wouldn’t have downloaded it from VersionTracker when it appeared. I’m very disappointed in it as it doesn’t work correctly. I have discontinued using it and have deleted it. The menus don’t work correctly. I’m pretty much having the same issues that have been commented about above.

    To MAAD, it is not your fault and so I’m not heaping the apps problems on your shoulders. As I have said before, this was a wonderful experiment and I’m glad I participated.

    To the developers of CastCount, your app is not ready for primetime and by giving us a non-upgradeable version you might have hurt yourselves more than you helped. I know you will be reading the comments so that is why I’m posting them here. I feel that after all your hard work developing this app that you deserved the full truthful account of my evaluation. I think the concept is wonderful and it would have become one of my must have apps if it would have worked, but I’m not going to pay $5.00 in hopes that it will work down the road and it’s not worth $12.00 at this time.

  55. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    Thanks for taking a look at it. I am actually pretty confused over the “menus don’t work” comment. I have repeatedly said that depending on library size etc it can be slow, and from my experience and all the testing we did it pays to use it for a while.

    As for hurting myself - maybe, maybe not! It is a balance. What I was hoping to achieve was a balance between providing people with something that would be of use to them for as long as they wanted to use it, whilst at the same time creating some interest in the future versions. After all you will see that I am not a regsitered charity, but nor do I expect people to part with their hard earned cash easily either.

    Maybe I picked the wrong balance, or the wrong outlet (MAAD) as the reality is that we may never be able to “crack” the iTunes library issue, in which case we will have spent our money, whilst MAAD users wont have spent a penny. On the other hand we could crack this big time in which case a $5 spend now could be the best $50 anybody has ever spent. That is just the way it is sometimes.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

  56. It seems like the developer is saying “I already know it’s slow” and “It’s not possible to work with iTunes effectively.”

    My comments were not related to performance, and this was not the problem I had. The submenus don’t pop up the correct episode lists. That’s why they don’t work. I have yet to see any response to this problem.

    If it is not possible to make a good iTunes companion app, why would you think people would want a bad one?

    The key feature seems to be displaying the number of unplayed podcasts, and since it is based on the number of podcasts with a playcount of zero, it is not accurate. So why would I use this if the main feature doesn’t work?

    BTW, if you want to be alerted when you get a new podcast, you could just attach a folder action to the podcast folders within your iTunes library.

  57. This seems intriguing, thanks for the download.

  58. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    Exactly what point are you trying to make? YES I said that in certain circumstances it could run slow. On one of my Macs that has a library of 2000 it flies along and I have no issues at all. On my main Mac that has a library of 12,000 I get the beachball from time to time but I can live with that. The reason I was so open about this? Was to let people know up front so it is a little ironic the comments that seem to have “found this out” :-)

    I have never come across the submenus issue so it will take time. This isn’t the place for this debate is it? Head over to the web site forum and post something there. Of course that doesn’t have much of an audience at all at the moment so it may not be as attractive to you, but I will happily carry on the discussion if you want.


  59. lindsey
    Dec 30th 2006

    if i had a ton of podcasts to keep track of i’d definitely make use of this……but i just have two so it wouldn’t be too useful for me.

    seems handy though, thanks! :)

  60. Seems like a decent app… not one that I could use, but I can see how it would be helpful to others.

    If I could make a suggestion though, make it a iTunes plug-in, and have the badges lay directly over the iTunes icon in the dock, rather than having a completely separate icon just for Podcast counts.

    I’m pretty sure it’s possible. I downloaded a plug-in for Safari (can’t remember the name right now) that does something similar for RSS feeds.

  61. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    Not an option I am afraid :-( First thing I looked at as I love DockStar!

  62. herky140
    Dec 30th 2006

    I wonder if the naysayers even have a mac…

  63. anomaly
    Dec 30th 2006

    MyApplestuff, its not your app sucks, Its one thing for a app to suck and be a work in progress, but it another to be an app that sucks and is a work in progress that Charges people more than a couple of dollars for it, $10+ is retarded, at best it is almost a freeware app that is hyped to be something it will never be.

  64. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006

    anomaly (strange name that)

    MAAD version is free.

    An upgradeable for ever version is $5, until the end of January so people have a lot of time to evaluate it on a daily basis.

    In February it will be $8 for a month, then $12 but this is for a different version that I believe will be worth it.

    So where does that $10+ concern come from, unless you are making a judgment on a version you haven’t seen that is at least two months away :-)

    You say a couple of dollars, well $5 seems pretty close to me, certainly a lot closer than $10+



  65. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 30th 2006


    Pretty much the end of the day here in Spain, so that’s it for me today. Just wanted to say thanks to you all for taking the time to download and try the application. Obviously some of the comments were nicer to read than others but I appreciate each and every one.

    For those of you that have bought the upgradeable version many thanks as well - I hope to hear from you over on the Forum (of course you are all welcome).

    Hope you all have a Great New Year, and hope to hear from some of you again? Maybe see you over on my blog at some stage (


  66. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 30th 2006

    you’re so on target… I quite enjoy your demeanor.
    {I must be honest, I am not so cool, calm and collected. Keep it up)

    period. dot. bingo.
    I’ll bet 14, with an xp box in canada nevertheless.
    (and if you study their posts they seem like they are from the same hand)

  67. .
    Prueba irrefutable de de macappaday no es ni la sombra de lo que era… son las 19hrs CcsTime y aún hay oportunidad de descarga… antes, cuando más duraba una aplicación era hasta el mediodia… insisto que aquí debieron comenzar cojeando para terminar en grande, pero lo que han hecho es exactamente lo contrario, y eso a nadie agrada. …hasta me da flojera traducir el comentario al inglés

  68. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 30th 2006

    @yo … otra vez callate tu ignorancia se esta ensenandose!
    (translation: once again, keep quiet your ignorance is showing)

  69. My Apple Stuff
    The problem I’m having with the menu is that it shows the base menu correctly. It does present me with a list of my podcasts. The problem is the dropdown menu from each of the podcasts is the same. If I click on podcast A, I get a sublist of all the podcasts. If I then click on podcast B I also get a list. The list is the same and it’s not even the episodes that belong to that podcast. All of the sublists for all of the podcasts are the same and they don’t represent what’s actually belong to the podcast.

    If you wish I will publish pictures, but you will need to contact me off line. MAAD should be able to give you my email since they ask for it as part of the reply. If not, I’ll check back and we can still hook up.

    I’m sorry if you think I’m trying to be a jerk.

  70. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 31st 2006


    I don’t think that at all :-)

    Would love to see the pictures. email me at my DOT applestuff AT gmail DOT com or pop over to the CastCount forum and we can hook up there.


  71. MyAppleStuff
    Dec 31st 2006

    Geek -O-Rama

    Thanks for your support - keep in touch.

    Maybe see you over on my blog?

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