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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. 1st.. woot

  2. 1st.. woot

  3. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 29th 2006

    Almost 1st. Now what?

  4. Toasta
    Dec 29th 2006

    erm, i was convinced it was the 29th! ;)

  5. Giovanni
    Dec 29th 2006

    Why it doesn’t accept my interpretation of the letter and number? I’ve tried a thousand time..

  6. Gareth Williams
    Dec 29th 2006

    I had the same problem with the letters and numbers, but it took mine after about the fourth go.

  7. Karthik Setty
    Dec 29th 2006

    I cant see an image! How can I have to go to the next page?

  8. tumuchtime
    Dec 29th 2006

    have you scrolled over to the sidebar, next to the window where you are putting the security code? I thought I had that problem too but it wasn’t that. It didn’t like my password. Once I changed that, it worked fine.

  9. erichd
    Dec 29th 2006

    letters and numbers?

    I can’t even get that….

  10. wingnut
    Dec 29th 2006

    sometimes verification image does not appear. other times it does but keeps telling me that it is invalid.

    any ideas?

  11. Demolition
    Dec 29th 2006

    I’m getting an “Internal Server Error” message after completing the registration.

    Probably a good thing… It’s not like I really need this.

  12. What is going on? I keep entering the information and it keeps telling me its an invalid verification code!!! Help!!

  13. Yeah, I loaded up the frame in another tab ( but the image verification keeps loading 70% through and vanishing. I’ve tried entering the code 4 times (correctly) but it keeps saying that I entered it incorrectly.


  14. Direct URLs
    Dec 29th 2006

    Strange links though, don’t seem to work well.

  15. I’ll pass!

  16. Yeah the image verification is touchy, and the mail isn’t coming through yet… but I’m still hopeful that I will get a FREE download of a demo version! WOOHO….hey, wait a minute.

  17. erichd
    Dec 29th 2006

    neither the password (an incredibly letter and number sequence) nor the security code are being accepted.

    if it’s up in the AM, then I’ll try again…

    looks promising, thanks MAAD!

  18. GimliNZ
    Dec 29th 2006

    What a fricken waste of space!!! I don’t usually complain. But this is just an exercise in frustration.

    Half the time I can’t even see the letters in the image. I also get Internal Server Error messages.

    The first page can only be scrolled when I click and drag over the text.

    If this is an example of the software on offer - you can keep it. I’ll stick to iWeb!!

  19. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006


  20. I am also getting the same problem with the image verification.

    Plus, the server keeps on crashing when I try to register.

  21. Matt V
    Dec 29th 2006

    It took me about 20-30 tries to be able to get it correct. You only get 3 months free with this offer.

  22. labRat
    Dec 29th 2006

    free 3 month trial?? hmm thanks MAAD, I’ll pass

  23. Mike H
    Dec 29th 2006

    It’s been a week since the last free app, and after the long wait this is the “free app?” A search for beta testers? And the wording is kinda confusing (and the second-last paragraph needed to be run through a grammar checker…), but it looks to me like if we want to continue using the service we have to pay to do so. At least with all the other free apps offered, I’ll still be able to use them a year from now without paying anything.

    Oh well, back to bed. Maybe there will be a real app here tomorrow. :(

  24. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 29th 2006

    Tried to register. First time, got 50% of the verification image. Second time, got the equivalent of “brain fried, core dumped.”

    I’ll pass too.

  25. Everytime I put the verification code in it says it is wrong. I have done this about a dozen times and I give up!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dämlichkeit kennt keine Grenzen
    Dec 29th 2006

    Das, meine lieben Freunde, ist der größte Nepp, den die Welt jemals gesehen hat. Gottlob weiß niemand, wer hinter dieser Aktion steckt, denn ich würde um jedes weiter Konzept dieser Genies einen großen Bogen machen.

  27. sabine
    Dec 29th 2006

    if you can’t see the image, try r-clicking the blank spot where it should be and opening the image (not the whole frame) in a new window or frame - eventually it should work if you aren’t also getting a server error.

  28. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    They want me to fork over $40 bones for something they vagly tell me about, no thanks.

    How the hell do you say iMODB??

  29. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    They want me to fork over $40 bones for something they vaguely tell me about, no thanks.

    How the hell do you say iMODB??

  30. sabine
    Dec 29th 2006

    if you can’t see the image, try r-clicking the blank spot where it should be and opening the image (not the whole frame) in a new window or tab - eventually it should work if you aren’t also getting a server error.

  31. Rick Yaeger
    Dec 29th 2006

    I’m having the same problems (probably due to server load): the captcha is keeping me out and even when I get a series of numbers and letter that could only be interpreted on way, the server gets bogged down and can’t take me further.

    I’m probably going to miss out on one of these advance beta licenses, but at this point by the time I actually get onto the service I’m going to be too frustrated by the process of getting there to actually enjoy what might be there.

  32. mmmikex
    Dec 29th 2006

    Switched to new servers and an offer for an web creation app, yet the form doesn’t work for half the people that have commented above. Hmmm

  33. Rick Yaeger
    Dec 29th 2006


    An internal server error has occured!
    Please try again later when all the registrations have been taken.

  34. gj

  35. jamescat
    Dec 29th 2006

    Well, I have to say, after an almost wholly positive experience with MAAD (barring the terrible slowdown since they moved from the “shared server” to the “dedicated server”), I am finding myself becoming truly “MAAD” myself over this one. The least they could do after not giving the promised apps every day (which I always expected to happen from the start, so this is the first I’ve joined in the ranting) … and then knocking off an extra couple of days from when they said they’d start back… Now, they give us a web app instead of a downloadable app, and you CAN’T EVEN REGISTER FOR IT!! — Arg!!

    I am still mighty grateful for the software they’ve given us — truly I am — but after a 5 day hiatus, the least they could do is to have tested (and stress-tested) this registration process for us!

    Uggh!! This is going to leave a Very bad taste in my mouth, and is certainly not the way they should be aiming to be remembered by the community!

  36. Sabine, that doesn’t work because everytime you reload the image it changes and is not the right one for the page you had loaded. I loaded the form frame in a new tab and it finally work after about 8 tries.

  37. Too much frustration for too little return! I’m going to bed!

  38. Charlie
    Dec 29th 2006

    POS web server. Even for free stuff this has taken me way more tries than I’m okay with.

  39. Rick Yaeger
    Dec 29th 2006

    The captcha isn’t even loading anymore.


  41. labRat
    Dec 29th 2006


    are you the same sabine that was originally from SoCal? now your somewhere on the east coast?

  42. Thanks.

    Here’s another problem, I wish that they wouldn’t use ambiguous characters for the code either. I’m about ready to give up though. I don’t have the patience for this.

    But, thank you for the free apps for the past month.

  43. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    After probably close to 50 reloads… again… lame.

    From what I’m reading this is actually a “WebApp”. What the heck happened to this being “MacApp” I appreciate everything that’s been offered this month, and I highly appreciate getting a “free” license of Yummy FTP. But I feel that that was the only real app worth getting (only because Cyberduck is somewhat slow a ttimes).

    I don’t normally like to criticize, but when you hype and don’t deliver, you’re actually wasting everyone’s time. People will say, “you’re already getting something for free so stop complaining”, but can you actually say that after this day’s app?


  44. Now, if I wasn’t a web designer…

  45. Solotoj
    Dec 29th 2006

    no thanks. first beta. for what?

  46. jeff m
    Dec 29th 2006

    I don’t think it is the form… It is the session management - If you request the form and don’t reply before another person requests a code, the server tries to match your response to the last code it issued
    (to the other use). The trick is to respond very quickly immediately after it displays the code (and hopefully before somone else calls upon the server to issue another image) - Http is stateless so there is no maintained connection and the web site doesn’t appear to be tracking transactions (at least that I could determine in the short time I was connected). That is why some are getting through and others are not - I eventually did..

  47. marrek
    Dec 29th 2006

    3 months for free?
    thinking “wtf”….. no thanks :-(

  48. ColorS
    Dec 29th 2006

    Man, If you cant manage the bandwidth y the hell u offer applications. How many times i have to key in my details. Its just lame on ur part.

  49. Ray Nilsson
    Dec 29th 2006

    I’ve tried, I’ve failed about 8 times using Bon Echo, Safari and Shiira, I give up - I will probably never use it in the 3 months anyway - so much for a free app ? - I can download any demo or beta and get limited use (even Adobe PS CS3) - look forward to the next 2 - maybe ?

  50. Stephen Worth
    Dec 29th 2006

    The image verification isn’t loading. No way to get beyond the signup form.


  51. miichen
    Dec 29th 2006

    The captcha image doesn’t seem to be loading at all.

  52. fitzage
    Dec 29th 2006

    To get the image, I had to drag the empty white space to the desktop and open it in preview. It worked then.

  53. brian.kibbe
    Dec 29th 2006

    OK! Here I am at 2:45 and I still can’t get past the registration!
    The verification code is invalid!
    Internal server error!
    I’ve done everything at least 30 times! I hope this is worth it!
    Help me!

  54. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    this is lame.

  55. Frustrated
    Dec 29th 2006

    almost 1 hour now this is getting from bad to worse!
    image verification is mostly bad or even if I can actually see it, I get prompted that there’s a server error or some other stuff was entered wrongly.

  56. brilliant. haha. what junk.

  57. Rick Yaeger
    Dec 29th 2006


    I feel very bad for anyone who labored over what comes AFTER the sign up page.


  58. sabine
    Dec 29th 2006


    i thought it might not work for the same reason, but it eventually did. several attempts at reloading frames was among the methods which hadn’t - forms/configs/etc. vary - moreso at nearly 4am. o.0 the real trick is probably as simple as spam till you get lucky. ^^

  59. LOL, Complete waste of time. 3 months free? The signup is dodge, wtf will the actual service / site me like.


  60. lambsporriegetta
    Dec 29th 2006

    i can look at the image if i save it to the desktop an open it in preview, but it’s either unreadable or if i can read it it won’t accept it in the form!!!

  61. I also had a lot of trouble with image verification stuff. On Safari, I right-clicked (control-clicked) in the frame and selected “Open Frame in New Window”, and the image showed up. I got an internal server error when I submitted, but I reloaded the page (which prompted me to resubmit info), and it worked. Hope it works for everyone else…

  62. Sanfizzle
    Dec 29th 2006

    i would just like to take the time to say screw this! first we get jipped a few apps, and now the stupid register thing wont work. ive filled the dumb form for this app like 5 times with different names passwords.. and whats with the “please type the passcode” bull from the image… OMG. this promotion started out awesome and now its all gone to shiiiit!

  63. Hi Ne0,

    I’ve tried everything I can… Safari will NOT let me scroll down, Firefox will NOT show the verification code, neither will ie.

    I’m going to look you up on WaW and see if I can get in on this. 54 minutes tonight and I just can’t get all the pieces to come together.

    Thanks very much though! I look forward to playing around with it.

    Catchya on the flip side.

  64. This is the worst yet. Same issues as above. Won’t accept code. But then I realized — I don’t want this anyway! Ha!

  65. Fuck you MAAD!!!!!!!!!!

  66. jamescat
    Dec 29th 2006


    It appears that the “Internal server errors” are occurring (at least this is what I sense from my final experience) are due to a delay in the status of your request not being updated or properly promoted to the next level of their registration system.

    When I finally (after trying multiple browsers) loaded the iframe in a separate tab, I found that the internal server errors were happening when you successfully progress to the step2 page. As you can’t normally reload just the iframe, you can’t get around the error. But if you load the form up in a separate window or tab and then submit it… you’ll probably end up with an error page.

    However, at this point, you’ve been given a URL for step 2, which will (in my experience at least) work when you reload it.

    Give that a try and see if you can get through. =)


    P.S. Anyway, I can’t quite understand how this is supposed to be a free app when all it is is an opportunity to try out a web app. — Most up-and-coming web apps allow beta testers and trial periods. What’s so special here? … I’m “underwhelmed” and quite disappointed that they’re claiming that this is some sort of freebie special. Especially, since it’s time-limited (3 months) OR requires payment and is time-limited (either of the 1 year plans) rather than perpetual. — Even a perpetual “lite” account would be in keeping with the spirit of MAAD’s other licenses… but not this! *sigh* I really am becoming disappointed at the way this promotion is turning out here at the end. *shakes head* Very sad.

  67. aokotori
    Dec 29th 2006

    if the software is developped like this registration form i won’t miss it : i tried more than 20 times on firefox, safari, IE and camino. Firefox and camino don’t even show the pictures cause they’re so badly saved. But anyway, even when you see the picture and type down the code, the form declare it invalid or an internal error occure.
    what a crap… :/

  68. Giovanni
    Dec 29th 2006

    It’s not working, and I do not want it to work, if it’s a 3 months trial.

    Hope tomorrow will be better…

  69. Alberto Lagos
    Dec 29th 2006


  70. Mark Fleser
    Dec 29th 2006

    This was such a pain in the a$$ to get registered, after the probably 20th time it finally accepted my image verification code. Jeez get your shit together already, if you’re going to run a site like this the least you can do is make your shit work like it’s supposed to.

  71. Frustrated
    Dec 29th 2006

    Ok, finally got it!

    FYI for those who were unsuccessful but reading the comments

    Desired Username : Use all Caps & try at least 8 characters. If you get an error, try letters & numbers (together)
    image verification : Use safari; other browsers somehow hides the image when you try to refresh. If the image doesn’t load properly, just press next and get the server to give you a new code. Trying to open the image in a new tab/window will probably get you an error.

    Good Luck

  72. SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!

    Evrybody try it with the Flock browser

  73. brian.kibbe
    Dec 29th 2006


  74. Mark Fleser
    Dec 29th 2006

    Oh, this had better be worth all the trouble too! That’s a bunch of BS that it’s not even a real license! If you’re going to offer FREE stufff it should be FREE indefinetely.

  75. Samius
    Dec 29th 2006

    To hell with this crappy stuff and pathetic MAAD
    Used FF & IE7 (yeah, I’m on winbox rigth now)
    Better go sleep now

  76. Knyght
    Dec 29th 2006

    So, I have no idea what the probem is…. I try to input the correct info…. but nothing happenis.


  78. sabine
    Dec 29th 2006

    labRat - i’ve lived in LA and on the east coast, but doubt i’m ‘that’ sabine. :) the name’s unusual on this side of the pond, but in a few areas of europe it’s more common. not quite up there with the jennifers or marys, but close enough for horseshoes…

  79. For last time , try it with the Flock browser and it works!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Fred Zelders
    Dec 29th 2006

    Huh? “Free 3 month trial”??????

    I’ll pass and I am disappointed

  81. mfelty
    Dec 29th 2006

    I am unable to get this app. I had some problems loading the page and getting internal server errors or a blank frame. When I do get a frame and able to register I am unable to type a valid verification code. I think that this a bit ironic. I am having problems with the webpage to download an app that creates a webpage. This doesn’t really convince me that I really want it. I will try again later.

  82. SOMEONE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!










  83. “The reason we are having a private beta (premium customers and up) is to gain some cash flow…”

    I agree with some of the folks who’ve stated that this offer is not in keeping with the goals that MAAD outlined a month ago.

    It seems to me that several people are expecting to go through the process of registering for this service and receive an application to create web sites. I’ve seen “web app” incorrectly translated to “web browser” (like the hope for OmniWeb) and “web dev app” (like iWeb) and “software.” I don’t think it’s clear to people that the “web app” is a purely web-based application to configure and design a hosted space, and that this is a hosted service like Google’s Blogger or Six Apart’s LiveJournal. Unlike those services, ‘though, this appears to offer a little more than a blogging platform; and also unlike those services, this is not free. jamescat summarised “the real deal” perfectly:

    “P.S. Anyway, I can’t quite understand how this is supposed to be a free app when all it is is an opportunity to try out a web app. — Most up-and-coming web apps allow beta testers and trial periods. What’s so special here?…Especially, since it’s time-limited (3 months) OR requires payment and is time-limited…”

  84. Hal B Sure
    Dec 29th 2006

    Advertising a web page creation tool with a web page that fails in many browsers isn’t the greatest idea anyone ever had.











  86. @Frank: People come here to post and get help after they’ve already attempted to go through the process and failed. I doubt that most people read the comments before they’ve had trouble. Please stop screaming, and please stop spamming.

    @mfelty: “I am having problems with the webpage to download an app that creates a webpage.” You’re not downloading anything, it’s all web-based.

  87. Samius
    Dec 29th 2006

    Forgot to mention, you should load it in a separate tab first,

  88. Posted by justG

    “I doubt that most people read the comments before they’ve had trouble.”

    i don’t think so , i’m only trying to help , most of these people are crazy for the registration step

  89. Agonizingly Sleepless
    Dec 29th 2006

    Firefox/BonEcho also works.

    The image identification characters are nearly unidentifiable: 6 or G; C or e; Please!

    I hate these stupid image recognition tests.

    Why do I waste my time leaving feedback!? or is it ?! … anyone know?

  90. Samius
    Dec 29th 2006

    Looks like hacking post awaits freakin moderation.
    when you enter your details, just hit Next, forget the Image Verification, you’ll get URL like this……
    change it to……
    Press Go or whatever you have in URL bar
    Hope this helps

    MAAD makes me mad

  91. Interesting. Not quite as exciting as I had hoped. I don’t know how good the application really is, but the concept isn’t exactly new. I’m more in it for the Mac apps, but well done for filling every day.

  92. Samius
    Dec 29th 2006

    2Agonizingly Sleepless

    I’m here with Firefox2, for more than hour, no luck.
    But this hack I’ve mentioned, at least gets me through.
    The complete different matter, if they will honour this entry.

  93. Richard
    Dec 29th 2006

    disappointed. I’m supposed to get excited about an application that hasn’t been released yet, but I’ve got a three month license for it?

    Marketing wins over engineering again?

  94. annoyed
    Dec 29th 2006

    I must say, I’m a little bit disappointed in this website. I’ve stuck with it throughout the month, but when you put up a definite mission statement and hype your website like the creators have, you should follow through. Not offering apps, “each and every day of December,” and requesting for money to help out just seems like poor business planning. Also, the servers have been just horrible in the first few hours of operation.

    I guess it doesn’t help when you can compare it with how wonderfully MacHeist was run…

  95. **sigh**

  96. Loader X
    Dec 29th 2006

    from now on, you suck MAAD. Should have ended it before christmas, now you ruin just your reputation.

  97. Subject + Verb + Object = Sentence
    Dec 29th 2006

    “iMODB is not scheduled for public beta until February but you have the chance to get into the private beta and try it out for yourself. If you upgrade your license during registration, you are able to get into the beta from the start of january but if you just sign up now for the public beta and be one of the first to use it.”

    Can these folks get some native English speakers to rewrite this contractual offer, please? I can’t even understand what they’re trying to say when they attempt to describe the terms of the deal.

    If they can’t handle the simple logic of natural language, how can they possibly manage the logic of coding.

    I’m definitely going to avoid the aggravation all the people above have endured, and pass on whatever the hell this is supposed to be. Cash flow? Uh yeah, right.

  98. Free for three months? That’s not exactly what anyone means by free. A lot of shareware has trial period.


  99. Sigh. Not enough info to put money down for this beta offer. Does anyone know about what other shareware applications this developer has produced? Due to the nature of this offer (not really being free), it is reasonable to ask this question.

    Registration ought to work in the native Mac browser. Period.

  100. Thanks, but I’ll pass. I’m not a blogger, or a web page publisher, and I already have the tools (via iLife and MacHeist) to do so, should I ever want to.

    I usually check MAAD when time allows, so I have nothing invested and hence nothing lost.


    [Website content: iMODB. The Revolution is coming….”]
    No additional content seen (like product description, “Contact Us”, Support).

    I have been quite positive about things to this point, but it is difficult to ask folks to part with money on such sparse descriptions and as they only appear to exist on the MAAD-related registration page.

    It may be a great application (or not), but I would like to know more before putting my money down UP FRONT as this offer is. I felt that I wanted to try before putting down $10 or $40 and felt that better decriptions and background info is reasonable in exchange for $$ up front in the registration.

    Does anyone know anything about this shareware developer?


  102. Grand Architect
    Dec 29th 2006

    No thanks. Not what I expected at all. Byfar the worst ap offered for the last 23 days

  103. Disappointed
    Dec 29th 2006

    I have to say this website is getting totally wasted. Where’s the 1 app a day? 3 months beta testing? Come on man, you’ve got to deliver what you promised right from the start. I was pretty excited about this place in the beginning. Now, I’m just utterly disappointed.

  104. Mr No-one...
    Dec 29th 2006

    I think their support is at

  105. iMODB DEV
    Dec 29th 2006

    Right - we have removed the image verification as this was causing issues to some people,

    One of the other issues depend on your browser is that the frame stops certain code from working.

    Give it a chance… Anyone who doesnt want to pay now, sign up for the MAAD version and if you like it, you can upgrade of pay a discounted upgrade.

  106. Wow so now you can strike ‘Mac’ from MacAppADay, that leaves ‘App’ since we already had to scratch the ‘ADay’ bit. Keep up the incompetence guys, it’s amusing!

  107. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    Huh? A public beta as a free app? This is the great web app? No thanks!

  108. This isn’t even an application - It’s a SERVICE. And it’s NOT free. Actually, none of these apps are free, as my time is very valuable to me, but the effort vs. reward ratio has always tilted to my favor…Not anymore. This is garbage. Most of the fields don’t find themselves able to fit into the space specified by the MAAD page, and the image links and scrollbars work intermitantly at best. A waste of time. Keep it - I’m not going to be some strangers Alpha tester for free.

  109. Had to use Firefox, not Safari friendly. I’ll try the three month freebie! Thanks. I Think? ;-)

  110. ouranos
    Dec 29th 2006

    thank you very much for this software I’ll try and I will be able to discover. But one thing, I don’t know if it’s normal : I haven’t received the email of the link to download the software. It’s not today ?

  111. giltinan
    Dec 29th 2006

    I used Safari and initially had the same problems with the boxes not fitting etc., didn’t get the intertnal eror problems, just couldn’t progress once I ran out of visible spaces because the scroll wasn’t working. I tried just pressing Tab key to see if it would advance and it did. so I was able to finally get to the bottom line.

  112. 3 months? What a waste of my time trying to get that stupid form to work in Safari.
    I feel sorry for all of you that stayed up all night just for this.

    Running out of apps, MAAD?

  113. @iMOB DEV - Can you comment a bit more about the application/service as the website you have is quite sparse when it comes to explaining what you are doing. If this is a kind of beta, are you providing some kind of method for folks to provide feedback for their testing efforts? It is not apparent from site content as seen from the homepage. Or is this info in the package we will be downloading when we get the email?

    This is not what the audience was led to expect from MAAD; more information for the MAAD community could help your cause somewhat. The information provided at registration was very sketchy, at best, and you have to realize that folks want more info before being asked to give money up front (one of the options). I did read your post above, and it’s great that you will offer a discount later for those who get the free option. However, you hit some nerves when you were asking money up front with virtually no information and no website content….on a website where folks were expecting a full-featured application per day, which wa the committment MAAD had made and had some difficulty delivering.

    This is a long shareware trial period with beta testing. More info won’t dissuade all who were expecting a free application, but this is the best you can make from this “missed expectations” problem and provide more information for the trouble. It will help both you and the community.


  114. Romanadvoratrelundar
    Dec 29th 2006

    Wow. I wasn’t going to complain that it was a “web app”, but… then I “read” that intro statement (after copy-and-pasting it, since the scrollbar didn’t work in Safari. Even if that was in English, and even if it was free, I still wouldn’t want it. There are already a bunch of stupid page-creation sites out there, both wikis and non. Looking forward to Pzizz.

  115. This is a joke.

  116. No real app!!
    I’ll pass and I am disappointed with this last week.

  117. rebelatheart
    Dec 29th 2006

    Wow, I am glad I checked out the comments before signing up for something I wouldn’t even if it really WAS for free. I think the poor English used to describe iMODB must have been intentionally, just to lure people to their thing, I doubt that there would have been many otherwise. I found the comments here rather amusing and mostly right about the fact that this is not an app and not even truly free. I’m always looking for new apps that I can use on my Mac, and have found a few here this month but not nearly as many as I was expecting. After a week of ‘rest’ you guys could have come up with something better…

  118. yossarian
    Dec 29th 2006

    Boo! -dissatisfied-

  119. iMODB DEV
    Dec 29th 2006

    Ok….you got us … its a scam.

  120. I’m not usually one to complain, especially for things that are free. I like some of the other apps and I haven’t complained about the ones I didn’t like. But a beta? Free for only 3 months? Why waste our time?

    Oh, we’re not very good at this whole time management thing are we MAAD…

  121. Cal Curtis
    Dec 29th 2006

    This is bullshit guys! This was supposed to be a application giveaway, instead it is a deceptive way of pushing demo versions and shareware! The app that is being offered today is a perfect example of this. Let’s be honest guys, I can get better stuff for free at

    This really stinks!

  122. MAAD. Thanks for some very useful apps over the course of Dec. Thankyou for YummyFTP especially!

    How come its all falling apart now just at the end!?

    First we have days of inactivity causing uproar over the free app everyday offer.
    And now something is once again on offer it is a time limited offer to TRYOUT a piece of software…which isnt even released yet…and we are time limited…..Technically this isnt a free app, its the free use of a web service for a limited tryout period……and from what little information there is on this service, what will it actually be like…

    Peope, people, people….One website:
    Does what it says on the tin! oh and nothing limited to 5000, and there are some great apps on there!

    Happy New Year all!

  123. Hey, what happened to all of the folks who were bellyaching the last couple of days about the fact that “nobody should complain because it’s free”? I’m guessing that a few of these deservedly negative posts today are from those folks…C’mon guys & gals - It’s free! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  124. Just tried to go to
    It takes you to Google! Window title bar reads - “Goolge is your friend” wow cool site! LOL!

  125. stan (Canada)
    Dec 29th 2006

    It seems as if giving things away free can make folks angry if it is done badly. Somehow, you’ve managed to do things badly. Innocently, but badly all the same. Here’s a suggestion…
    “Each and every day” means EACH… and _EVERY_ DAY not when you feel like it. Instead, if you had hyped a massive givaway all during the month of December with up to 30 software applications, demos, and try-outs. If you were more truthful, you’d have a smaller; but, kinder following.
    That’s my $0.02 (Canadian)

    ENJOY !

  126. @ouranos: There’s nothing to download. Today’s offer is for a web-based service. The “application” is the aspect of the service that enables you to design the space that they allocate to you.

  127. This whole month has been a very unfunny joke.

  128. Mikael
    Dec 29th 2006

    This is not a free application. It’s a tryout of a web service. Better luck tomorrow…

  129. I was on MAADs side until these last few days. Now I agree we got a pretty weak showing. I’m not angry though, because this isn’t’ something i am paying for an no one is making me come to the website. People going insane is a little bit overboard and ridiculous. It is still is free, and even thought this is something stupid and MAAD has made lots of mistakes you still don’t have to come here or be involved. Quit throwing insane temper tantrums

    However, like i said, these last days have been pretty disappointing. You did say everyday. I know it was christmas break and all but you did say that, and also you did pick this month. And then yes, after you cam back from your extended break, this is a fairly dumb looking beta testing thing that is not an app and no one seems to really be intested in.

    All I’m saying is that I hope when you said there would be a bonus on the 1st you really meant it. However, I doubt that there will be as the clues for the bonus, make it look like some kind of game tester beta, which again doesn’t sound like an app, nor a bonus app, nor someting particularly interesting.

    All that said, I’m sorry for all the loud assholes that seem to just want to yell and you and make trouble. We still got some nice stuff and other people got some new customers and publicity. There were just a lot of disappointments along the way. But yes, It was all free, and no one has to come here, so if we are really that angry then why dont’t we just leave.


  130. oh and one last thing


    The whole world doesn’t speak english! In fact the majority doesn’t. And even the majority of those that do, do it as a second or even third or even fourth language. Something most of you don’t have (maybe you now a little crappy french or spanish you learned in high school) People don’t need to be native speakers or even good speakers to make software or write code. Being a bad English speaker does not make someone stupid or worthless or somehow less than adequate.

    We also got into this a little bit with the devon apps. Have you people never left your hometowns? Have you never come into contact with someone who doesn’t speak english natively? Have you never seen a “foriegn” film? There are other people on this planet aside from Americans and Canadians. A lot of them.

    You are ridiculous and arrogant. Grow up. Oh and also maybe get out a bit more and meet some new people who are different then you. Or you could try to learn several languages and then try to run businesses in those languages. Come on.

  131. Christian Sofussen
    Dec 29th 2006

    i’ll just pass on this one. i dont understand why anyone waste their time on a demo for a betatest

  132. Paco,

    re: English speaking assholes

    I understand your anger but at the same time you need to understand that this guy is trying to market his product and not very well at that. People have come to this site expecting a free Mac app. They find a poorly done registration process, they don’t find a Mac app, and then what is offerred is only a 3 month trial with it looking like the trial is done while in beta. Now add to that the English grammar wasn’t too good.

    One of the lessons in marketing products is to speak on the level that your audience is at. In this case better English is needed. Also MAAD should have said a bit more. The promoter here did nothing to recognize that there might be a problem.

    The conspiracy theorist here might even recognize that once again the promoter is merely sitting back and apparently hoping the ads work their magic. The effort put in here has been pretty poor.

    I wish the developer of today’s (web)app all the best and hopefully doesn’t take the response the wrong way. It is feedback even if it is pretty harsh. The promoter of MAAD honestly put the developer into a bad position if he didn’t warn him and should have tried to make everything more understandable up front.

    And to the promoter of MAAD if you’re going to run ads the least you could do is make them appropriate. I had to laugh at the irony when one ad I saw today is a picture of a roll of toilet paper hanging there waiting to be used. The irony is simply that I guess some folks would think that this is appropriate.

  133. Fuck off
    Dec 29th 2006

    Finally the kissasses finally get it. When others have complained in the past for poor offerrings, the kissasses responded in droves to do what they do best… conform and kiss ass.

  134. JailerJoe
    Dec 29th 2006

    Hey Paco. Shut up asshole.

  135. Wax Erlitch
    Dec 29th 2006


  136. Angry people are so funny. Get lives. Now.

  137. p.s. I have downloaded some good apps this month. I passed over the stuff I didn’t like. This offering today is pretty lousy, but hey. If an ounce of gratitude makes me a “kiss ass” so be it.

    Angry people…you amuse me.

  138. Pathetic. A 3 month demo of a website creator, that sucks. And from a company that doesn’t even have a website or any other web presence, they are probably going to sell my email address. Thanks for the SPAM in advance.

    If you want to make a website, go out and get a copy of iLife ‘06, it has a really easy and nice way of making websites if you don’t want to see code. I love it!

    But this “App”, be it free or not, we still feel betrayed by this!

  139. Mike, you’re damn right!

  140. I’m with most of the others here - it’s not an app.

    Mac App a Day seems to be failing on App and “a Day” so far, all we need for it to be a complete misnomer is a Windows application tomorrow :P


  141. It’s not an app. It’s a trial of a service that isn’t even available. It looks like you need to use their hosting service to even use it. I wish I didn’t sign up and give them my email address. This is not up to the usual macappaday standards. It’s lame.

  142. Ice Man
    Dec 29th 2006

    Bummer. This whole thing has been all month. Yes, there were some lame applications. However, they were applications. This well . . . is the first real sucky one offered.

    I did not DL all the others only the ones I thought I would use. This one . . . the webpage does not even work correctly.

  143. scottjl
    Dec 29th 2006

    if they handle registrations this well, just imagine how well they will host your web site.

    thanks maad. i’ll pass.

  144. Fuck off
    Dec 29th 2006

    yo… I’m only keeping it real.

  145. Tech:

    I know everything is messed up and crazy and people are pissed and so having further difficulties than were already there makes them angry. However, my point still stands. In the world in which we live, most people don’t speak “proper english.” Yeah, I guess some companies hire people that know the languages they are marketing too. Companies like sprite or apple. Not independant developers probably working from their house or with a staff of 1-5 people. I don’t care about this moob beta thing or whatever it is called. But it is rude, arrogant, and stupid to insult them for their level of english language ability. But you don’t realize that becaues you are a native english speaker, a position of high privilidge in a world where english is essentially the business and interational language. Other people are not. Be kind to them, as completely mastering a language other than your own is a very very difficult task. One that they are basically forced to do, while knowing a second language is for you a luxury.

    You can insult them for all thier webmaking failures and bad form failers and stupid looking beta failures. But insulting thier language use is a whole different game. I’m not talking about just being honestly confused or asking for clarification. I am talking about comments like “If they can’t handle the simple logic of natural language, how can they possibly manage the logic of coding.” This and comments like it are insulting. Furthermore, if the devs speak korean or farsi or any number of other languages, then no, S-V-O is not always a simple logical thing nor is it “natural language.”

    sorry for rambling. I just have a lot of friends who are non native and stuggle with this everyday, and I struggle with it in their languages.


    I don’t think I was being an asshole before, but i will now.
    1. My point exactly, good one, guy.
    2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  146. Lance E Sloan
    Dec 29th 2006

    This registration stinks. And technically, this isn’t a “Mac App” is it?

  147. how very sad, instead of ending on a high you have really damaged your rep, server being down for 2 days, promised an app on the 28th but you changed that! Well im happy to say im looking to do the same thing! Macappaday you have a competitor. and whe you promise somthing keep it! Keep your eyes open for my site!!!! ;-)

  148. Diordna
    Dec 29th 2006

    So this is how it ends for the MacHeist copycats. Way to screw it up. (And I still didn’t even like any of the apps you gave away for free. Seemed like a lot of amateur stuff.)

  149. I’m passing today. I already have an app on my computer that makes cool websites quickly…iWeb. This service may do somethings that iWeb doesn’t do, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Using a service ties you into paying monthly (yearly) and when you stop you have nothing to show for it, much like renting music. I don’t think the world is quite ready for web based apps that are that expensive.

    I’m actually quite surprised with the quality of the apps delivered over the last month. Many of them are now a reqular part of my work flow. I’m very grateful for what I have been given.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the “beta” promised for the first of the year. I may not buy it, but it’s nice to see continual innovation in the marketplace.

  150. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    MAAD: You have earned every rant and negative comment with this one. Feeling like someone who has been bait-and-switched. You promise one thing and deliver something totally different. Hoping you redeem yourself in the next few days.

  151. May I point out to all the complainers, that you don’t have to download, or participate in MAAD.
    If you hate it, don’t go for it.
    It’s that simple.

  152. .
    Thanks god the month is about to end. macappaday soon will vanish of our minds just like the bad memory it be… a good beginning than becomes crappier every day…

    Gracias a dios que el mes está por terminar. macappaday pronto se desvanecerá de nuestras mentes como el mal recuerdo que es, una buena iniciativa que se convirtió en algo peor cada día…

  153. Gareth Williams
    Dec 29th 2006

    I know it’s a bit annoying that the last week of MAAD has been less than brilliant, but I think the whole thing was worth it, just for introducing me to Yummy FTP, which fits in with my workflow much better than transmit.

  154. It may be just me, but I can’t make myself support any software whatsoever that you pay for and only works for a certain amount of time.

    It’s bad enough needing to update such things as Adobe CS at the rates they are. I am not going to pay yearly for a blog creator when I can simply open a text editor and do it myself.

    I know a lot of people who would agree with me, too. These guys might want to review their strategy.

  155. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    MAAD, to keep your positive reputation, let’s moderate the language. My kids and I have enjoyed MAAD, but this latest offering and it’s pursuing language back and forth has caused me to add to my router’s URL filter so no more MAAD or swearing for my kids to read. It brings down the whole MAAD “event”, and I have no more plans for sending co-workers/friends to this site. I may miss out on the year end, but oh well.

  156. Hmmm…hostile board today. It’s 23 hours into the offer and there are still over 2800 licenses available. I think this one wins the the biggest flop award. Thanks any way! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for something fun tomorrow.

  157. JailerJoe
    Dec 29th 2006


    When you start your rant out “ATTENTION ENGLISH SPEAKING ASSHOLES” you are, in fact, an asshole yourself.

    “I don’t think I was being an asshole before, but i will now.
    1. My point exactly, good one, guy.
    2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha”

    What point? The one on your head? Moron.

  158. Whoa…did anyone else notice this in the iMODB frame?

    “Page generated in 1167419939.9599 seconds”

    Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence….

  159. Thanks for all your email addresses. We hope to generate revenue by selling your addresses to spammers.

  160. Michael Sabo
    Dec 29th 2006

    First of all thank you for the give aways this month. Now I’ll have to get busy and learn how to do them! A question for today, 12/29/06, at the macappaday site the page will not allow me to scroll down to get to the rest of the intro. concerning todays program in order to register. Is it me? Can any one help? This is an application that I would love to be able to utilize. Thanks again.

  161. Why dont you give this guy a break, he is trying to give you this stuff for free before its out yet.

    He is offering a chance to test it before it comes out, and offering you a discounted license which you can use one its fully up and running.

    If you dont want it, then dont get it but he is obviously trying to help as he says in his comment. He has resolved the image thingy problems you were having earlier. He is probably stressed out enough as it is without you cutting him down when he is trying to do a favour. He is probably reading this thinking that why does he bother doing things for free if people chuck it back in his face.

  162. JailerJoe
    Dec 29th 2006


    ” However, my point still stands. In the world in which we live, most people don’t speak “proper english.”

    No it doesn’t. This isn’t about being nice to some poor, english as a second language, independent Mac developer. It’s about business and commerce. If these schlobs want my money, they damn well better:

    A. Tell me what the hell it is I’m paying for.
    B. Do so while speaking/writing proper English.

    Why? Because I speak English and they want my money. It’s as simple as that.

  163. I haven’t had the patience to read ALL of the comments above, but my own conspiracy theory is that getting folks to sign up for imodb was the whole purpose behind MAAD in the first place.

    They’ve hinted at it for a while. I’m thinking they wanted to get us hooked with free stuff so that we’d be willing to pay for their baeta. It turns out that things got so bad that they decided to just get it out now before things got worse, maybe spinning it as a bonus. Instead, it bombed, big time.

    I’d be amazed if even one person that managed to get through gave them a penny. Not only are we expecting free stuff, but we don’t want to go through a bunch of hoops to pay for something that isn’t even explained clearly.

    I’m sorry to say that this truly is MAAD’s lowest moment and the final nail in the coffin for me and probably many others. At least I didn’t lose any sleep waiting for this…

  164. SamJ… thank for kiss our ass… all your asshole are belong to us. We are make entries into very soon.

  165. Rock on! Way to go! Lick it up!

  166. What are you all? mindless goons or something? Have you no respect for others

    There are those in this world who feel it appropriate to burn others hopes and chances in life. You you like it done to you? All these vicious comments and pretending to be someone that your not. It just sickens how low this can go

  167. Tried to pay you several times, all unsuccessfully.

    Maybe there is something about I don’t want to use Paypal for this transaction that your bot doesn’t understand ?

  168. MAAD Student
    Dec 29th 2006

    ok - now i have finally all for my study case.
    this maad is/was a great marketing idea.
    guerilla at its best (…try).
    what did we had?
    - great, free and generous apps in the beginning
    - fake leap discussions for cross-marketing reasons
    - mysterious server changes (no apps)
    - extended holidays (no apps)
    - ungrateful users (because people doesn’t like to been taken for a fools)
    but it was a very good idea - and a lot of work i think !!!

  169. autumnmist
    Dec 29th 2006

    @MAAD student: You know, people can be unhappy with how they have been treated without being ungrateful for what they have been given.

  170. iMODB's Mother
    Dec 29th 2006

    Now you stop that rude talk, or you’ll go to bed without your supper……..

  171. tekk-x
    Dec 29th 2006

    Tak to mi hlava nejak nebere… :-) ))

  172. MAAD Student
    Dec 29th 2006

    :) :) :) i am not on anybody´s side - i am just enjoying reading this all :)

    and yes mother - i will be nice :) :) :)

  173. I appreciate the freebies, too - though this is not an altruistic enterprise; I believe that the MacZot folks make money thru this.

    So, I don’t feel out of line for calling BS on the whole thing. Web apps? Betas? Versions that won’t even take an incremental upgrade without a payment?

    I’m grateful - really - but the over-hyping has led me to make both this site (and MacZot) pretty high on my WTF list.

    Sorry - but just a little less puffery and a little more reality would make this experience a lot more pleasant.

  174. 1. I’m sick of people blabbing about MacHeist clones. MacHeist sucks, it really does. None of the apps they gave us were usefull nor have I used them in any way. MAAD is exactly the same, yet you complain about it. Why so?
    2. What you are doing is like going to a store, seeing a thing that says “free sticks!”. Now you will never use that stick, but its free, so you go over there and want to take one. Now it turns out there is a limited number of sticks avaivable, you moan and groan. Some people have problems filling in the registration forms, they moan and groan. The other people, who got their sticks, proceed telling these moaners and groaners to shut up and hit them with it.



  175. John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt
    Dec 29th 2006

    First off I am appalled at the behavior of the posters here on both sides. It is amazing that you can all act like children bickering over who said not it last. These apps are FREE! and should be treated as such. Some are good some are bad but they are FREE and have been collected and offered to us by some good people who are trying to boost the Mac environment and community with their time and effort. I have never seen such ungrateful pricks as I have seen here. Not everyone, not even a large group but everyone nodding their head right now knows who I speak of. So what!, if a problem arises and an app can only be downloaded in a different way, with a work-around or even not at all!!! Go complain to the electronic department salesman that your gps is 2 inches off on your location. If you do not like the application shut up and wait until tomorrow. Are you so unhappy with everything in your life that you cannot appreciate the other 15+ excellent applications that you have to call out and try to fight MAAD for doing something for the community. What was the last thing you did for the community??? Did you throw trash on the ground just to say you were giving work to trash collectors??? Take a step back and look at yourself, after you project your own failings on me, of course, and think ‘Did I get some or even One great application this month?” If the answer is yes then shut up and be grateful you did not have to pay for that application. If the answer is No then you are just wasting your time here and nobody really cares what you have to say and they are most likely just responding to sway your opinion when they should just let it go and you will disappear from nothing to argue about.

    The gist of what I truly have to say is…If you put the same amount of time into your community that you have put into complaining about free stuff not being good enough then the world would be a much better place.

    ***This message has not been spell checked and has been intentionally left as a draft to give those without the ability to see logic and reason, something to complain and dote on***

    Viva la gratis applications!!!!

  176. John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, please send me your email address.

  177. onemoretime
    Dec 29th 2006

    everyone just back away from the crackpipes….

  178. Alex Rubin
    Dec 29th 2006

    Its pretty simple:
    If you dont want it, dont get it.
    Also, dont complain that its making you stay up to 3am, I have gotten every app later than noon est.

  179. John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt
    Dec 29th 2006

    umm…yeah right. that would be make sure you add me to your email list. :)

  180. John Jacob: you are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant environment:)

  181. John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt
    Dec 29th 2006

    Thank you, thank you. I will be here all week.

  182. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006


    TP has said what I’ve said all along:
    ” you don’t have to download, or participate”

    Alex Rubin says it just as well:
    Its pretty simple:
If you dont want it, dont get it.
    and Mark said it beautifully:
    ‘I too feel that it’s nice to see continual innovation in the marketplace’

    Michael has been the man of balance:
    “Now I’ll have to get busy and learn…”
    (I’d vote him most likely to succeed)

    SamJ has been the voice of truth:
    “He is probably reading this thinking that why does he bother doing things for free if people chuck it back in his face.” AND HIS ‘KEEPING IT REAL’ POST…
    “There are those in this world who feel it appropriate to burn others hopes and chances in life. You you like it done to you?”
    (I’d hire you in a New York minute)

    John Jacob was the voice of reason:
    “If you do not like the application shut up and wait until tomorrow. Are you sounhappy with everything in your life that you cannot appreciate the other 15+ excellent applications that you have to call out and try to fight MAAD for doing something for the community. What was the last thing you did
    for the community??? Did you throw trash on the ground just to say you were giving work to trash collectors??? Take a step back and look at yourself, after you project your own failings on me, of course, and think…”

    but Anonymous said the one, quintessential point here:
    “…to keep your positive reputation, let’s moderate the language. My kids and I have enjoyed MAAD, but this latest offering and it’s pursuing language back and forth has caused me to add to my router’s URL filter so no more MAAD or swearing for my kids to read. It brings down the whole MAAD ‘event’…”

    I SAY… there is nothing prettier than an iMOB… AND while we are on the subject… just remember, girls, babies and boys… (as maad student points out) there is no such thing as good or bad publicity… better to have been remembered for something bad than to suffer anonymity… which I think is the problem with most of the posters here — or should I say posers… ’cause they need to use several different names just for their point to be noticed (av is that you dear?). Just go back and look at those who posted with the IMODB name… is that really called for children? What is it… your pathetic winter recess is coming to an end and you have to go back to a school who won’t notice ya! Can You Say Brats? Yes autumnmist… brats. Your interest to ‘bring it all down’ doesn’t work… it just makes MAAD more popular… and you a bit more pathetic.

    An Adult
    (who thinks some of you need a real whippin)

    PS - I bought the $40. package to iMobDB because I got it like that… made my money in my twenties… I ain’t sitting in the basement of my mommies house playing video games while she screams for me to get a job… If I loose 40. bucks I have at least an insiders view of what may be touted as a “next-app.” I wish some of the clowns and cry babies here were identified… I wouldn’t hire you if it were you, who paid me.

    PPS - @yo … callate tu ignorancia se esta ensenandose!
    (translation: keep quiet your ignorance is showing)

  183. Umijin
    Dec 29th 2006

    Well regardless of all the complaints and comments people are making, my registration mail never came after signing up. I wonder how many others have this issue.

  184. Geek-O-Rama you twat! You forgot me and my amazing comparison between macheist and macappaday (both shit, yet people dont complain at macheist) and that free stick thing too…

    Well looking back at them makes them look pretty stupid, so maybe forget it..

  185. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006


    ya did make a great point (about your stick and all)
    but with a name like… never mind.

  186. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006

    hey fool… I read it again and laughed again… that WAS pretty darn good!
    I am sorry I left you out.

  187. Tipsy Mcfragger
    Dec 29th 2006

    Has anyone received the email yet? I registered at 11 AM and havent got it yet

  188. Summary: Critics, Apologists & Protectionists.

    Just free up the dang software.

  189. Mike H
    Dec 29th 2006

    Heh. It’s 8PM PST and there’s still 2500 licenses remaining out of 5,000. Maybe it would have been less embarrassing not to have included a count, as was the case on other days.

    In related news, I think it would be cool to see a chart listing all the apps offered and the time the last license was used up.

  190. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 29th 2006

    My 2 bits. For me, MAAD was fun - I was looking for add ons to my shiny new mac, and I didn’t quite know what to look for. Stumbled upon MAAD via google or something.

    Found Overflow very useful and Mira was a major bonus. I missed the first 3-4 apps, of which YummyFTP has the most favourable comments. Shoebox would have been more useful for me.

    But from some of the ads/comments on this site, I went for the Macheist and Maczot bundles and spent some money on stuff which I would never done otherwise.

    If people think that MAAD was anything but an ad campaign of some sort, then we’re seriously deluded.

    Compare with google - they offer a number of services for free. In exchange they display ads. I don’t see anyone moaning over that.

  191. I wonder what tomorrow’s app will be. I will dream sweet dreams of free app-dom….ahhhh.

  192. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 29th 2006

    I can not believe what I have seen. and John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt is about the only person making any sense besides the people just sitting back and enjoying the show being put on by the children. this feels like a windows forum. and like John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt said, do something for your community or the mac community! we have only tried to help. those of you who know me outside of MAAD know that I am constantly helping the mac community, either by writing articles in magazines or on sites or helping people with their macs. I also fix macs on the side, but much of the time, I do not charge and end up helping the person better use their mac, and only once has anyone ever complained, they said I was TOO HELPFUL! makes no sense, I know, but the point I am trying to make is that if all you are going to do is whine and bicker, please return to windows and do the mac community a favor, with such a small market share and not much support out there, we don’t need more complainers and whiners. Those of you who know me have seen me as many things from a peace maker to a bone breaker and more, and I could certainly straighten many of you out at this moment, but that would not help. We are trying to do something for you, you being a mac user,we do not have to, we are not paid and do not make money here or otherwise profit directly(except ads which go to cover costs and maintenance)). If you were all homeless and jobless, and we were giving away warm good food and a warm comfortable place to stay, would you complain? in reality, I would hurt you very badly if you did. I do not tolerate this sort of behavior and I am embarrassed for the mac community, especially when I can say that my oldest nephew(4 years old) can conduct himself more maturely and less selfishly. and to all of you complaining about grammar and and proper english, all I can say is that I don’t care if you are speaking engrish or English, getting your point across is what counts. That said, my point is that most of you need to take a good look in the mirror, I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m a hell of a lot closer than any of you whiners and complainers. and lease stop posting like that, you only make fools of yourselves.

  193. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006

    Vincent… I noticed you used the word “we” …forgive me for asking, but are you affiliated with MAAD?

  194. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 29th 2006

    you weren’t here early on, but MAAD is basically run by Mark(posts as admin) and myself. as is TMN, sorta, basically, e owns tmn, I wrote most of the articles and such when it was up and will resume january 1st.

  195. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 29th 2006

    be back later, bad storm, shutting down my mac. :D

  196. John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt
    Dec 29th 2006

    Well said Vincent/Macman. I am very glad to see that you share the very same view that I was hoping you did. Keep up the good work! You are a blessing to the Mac community. I consider myself very lucky to have found this website. You have all my support in the future.

  197. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006

    @Vincent, Mark, etc.

    I truly ‘feel for you’ that you folks
    had to see the worse in some people…
    I pray you’ve also seen the better, in others.

    I having had a few successes and many failures
    ‘take my hat off’ to you … I hope you reached your
    numbers… bandwidth can be terribly expensive…

    Don’t be discouraged though, next time “”qualify”"
    users and I'’m sure most of the ‘flames’ will cease.

  198. ----][-----
    Dec 29th 2006

    People have right to call out MAAD on it’s misleading advertising and inability to follow through. Comparing a web site to being homeless is just a tad dramatic. As is threatening users with banning them from other events because you don’t like what they have to say.

    If you ask me, it’s MADD that’s a tad childish here. Not living up to stated responsibilities then blaming others when it’s pointed out to them. Vincent’s last post reminded me a racist posting.. ” but I have a lot of black friends.” Everyone here can see how poorly MADD lived up to it’s stated goal, it’s very evident. To post some rambling about “I’m a good guy.. really!” is of no significance. The past actions of MADD are evident as I’ve posted. The advertising was not lived up to.

    I came to MADD about 20 days in December and not one application do I intend to buy. Why? Because I’m cheap? No. Simply because I have no use for any of the applications that were offered. I don’t blame MADD for that. What I do blame them for is not living up to “An App A Day” and the final insult of asking users to be alpha testers and spinning it like they are getting something for free out of it. They aren’t. The marketing just plain sucks and is exceptionally unethical.

    I work in marketing and advertising and I would never run my business or support a client with practices MADD has displayed the final week of December. It’s shameful, truly shameful. If you state something, you [b]MUST[/b] follow through. Everyone associated with MADD should feel bad this past week. You started strong and basically dropped the ball, flaked out, let people down, ruined your previous marketing, showed yourselves as undependable and just another fly-by-night we site that won’t last unless you can live up to what you publicly state.

    If you consider what MADD has done this past week a “blessing” you really are just a follower willing to take what you’re dealt without any concern for return on your time or money.

    MADD has been removed from my bookmarks and this is my last visit here. Undependable businesses tend to provoke less trust in users. I’m certain many blogs and other sites will feed Google accurate information on the poor job MADD did living up to it’s promises. It’s certainly not worth another minute of my time.

    Good luck to you Vincent and Mike. Take a few business classes, kids.

  199. Anonymous
    Dec 29th 2006

    Next time, live up to the hype you’ve built up, and I’m sure most of the flames will cease.

  200. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 29th 2006

    I did not threaten anyone, those members stated that they would not participate, I merely assured them that their wishes were respected. as for the issues, I already explained what has happened. there were many good members here, but the childish posters drove them away.
    I also never said that I had lots of black friends, nor did I try to convince anyone that I am or am not a good guy. my actions have proven one or the other to each individual affected. anyone can see that this week didn’t go as planned, and I already apologized, though un-necessarily, to you all. good bye —-][—–.

  201. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006


    you say vincent is “just a tad dramatic” and yet you use racism to make your point??
    (av is that you again dear … stop that or you may need even more therapy kid)

    BTW designing fliers does not qualify you as an a madison avenue ad exec kid…

    Your words prove your lack of real-world experience.

    “removed from my bookmarks and this is my last visit here”
    (what does that entail… you using another name clown)


  202. OMG! As a mother of two teenage girls, I’ve seen enough drama to recognize bad drama when I see it. This is ridiculous. The complainers have made their point, they can now leave the room. Constructive feedback is entirely different from what of many of you think…I’m not saying “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”…Just please grow up, use your brains to formulate and state your issues with the site, admins, or the process that has not gone as planned. Really look at what you want-is it some more apps than promised for the last few days (to make up for the previous problems)? Or another freebie that is not beta/upgradeable to really work? ASK, instead of whining.

  203. Hi everybody. How can I get a verrification Code. I just returned from holiday and heard the first time from MacAppAday.

  204. @—-][—–: you know, nobody’s FORCING you to come here. Don’t let the door hit yer ass on the way out.

    Honestly, I just can’t quite grasp the mentality at work behind all these MORONS complaining about free software. Ungrateful jerks. Is everything that’s been offered up here been useful to me? NO. But…um…it’s FREE, so who cares? If it’s useful, great. If it’s not I don’t download. Today’s offering is rather odd, but instead of getting on here and whinging about it like a baby, I simply chose not to get involved with it.

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re griping about something, I guess.

  205. Hi all,

    Just popped in to say “hello.” Hope everyone has had a very blessed holiday! I haven’t read all the posts, scanned a few and thought…”Hey, guess what, I get to choose…” Hahaha… So I did. Hi Vincent, hello Mark! I’m back and havin’ fun. Another word of thanks and appreciation for all this fun, free stuff, I’m lovin’ every minute of it!!!

    …hey…just a thought….what if we get to get in line….maybe peeps who don’t play nice have to go to the back of the line… :) :D I’m thinkin’ I might like to be at the front of the line real soon!

    Happy New Years guys! Have a safe and happy one. and don’t forget…you can always choose too. :)

  206. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006

    huh… it DOES take a woman sometimes to put
    things in perspective… sorry ladies for what you
    might have seen here (tippin my hat) but what I
    have surmised thus far is that it is but a few who
    have posted here negatively. They’re just using
    different names when they post. Solution? Filter
    IPs (with some work you can even filter dynamic
    IPs) … Nevertheless I really like iLori’s high note
    so… allow me to add…… Have Happy New Year
    ladies… I, as you, will be supporting MAAD now
    and throughout the New Year!

  207. @—-][—–

    Only what you said made sense in all the ranting and venting that is going on here. Wholeheartedly agree with you.

    Though I have been coming here just out of curiousity’s sake to check out the apps, I personally would not buy many of them because simply becuase I do not have any use for them.

    I think MAAD started out strong because it was a novel idea and developers were intrigued and keen on getting some exposure and publicity. But they did not count on herds(hordes) of people rushing in to download just becuase it was “free” (even if they did not use it all). So we had limited restricted releases (first 5000 registrations).

    Now almost at the end of the month developers have caught on to this fact and would not buy in MAAD hype. I think they cannot sign on any new developers so they either have a “downtime” disappear couple of days or come with this “iMOB” which is basically a pre-alpha release.

    So people who deride others who voice out their opinions should get a clue.

    False marketing should always be called out. Remember MAAD is not doing it for altriustic purposes.

  208. Listen - for all the ‘free’ness being given out here - thanks - but this web-app is bunk - “giving away” the chance to beta-test a web app for 3 mos after which anything we’ve done is lost is lame. And to those who say we’ve no right to complain - you’re wrong - we’ve every right - because the people in charge are getting something for this - ad revenue and that depends on us being here - we give them our clicks in exchange for a free little app - and in this case, they weasled out of the deal - our eyes are here looking at their ads, but the app is no where to be found.

    People don’t complain en mass because they’re dicks, they do it because they have an opinion - and the opinion here is lame.

  209. This wasn’t even an app, and nor was it free. Was that not the point of MAAD?

  210. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006


    so tell us again… why does it bother you so??
    (a rhetorical question)

  211. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 29th 2006

    doesn’t it feel like the above posts by NJame, Jason, Chad were all written by the same person??

  212. By how the developers of this ‘webapp’ that you speak very lightly of are acting, I am not impressed. I’ll pass.

    Don’t let MAAD fall apart in the end.

  213. Geek-O-Rama,

    I’m a real person, from Alberta, Canada, 14 years of age.

  214. What’s funny is the idiot was trying to use my nick and hit the N and J at the same time. Fool.

  215. marcos
    Dec 30th 2006

    Overall, thank you MAAD. I found what you are doing valuable and I have been able to benefit in exchange for minimal effort on my part. If you decide to do something like this again, I hope you’ve been able to separate the constructive and valid criticism from the whiny, negative responses in which it has often been proffered. Some valid points were made in the midst of all that childish angst and anger. I think you guys are clever enough to figure out what you need to do differently next time. Just don’t get discouraged by the spoiled brats.

    And the rest of you kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!!

  216. “The complainers have made their point, they can now leave the room.”

    Classic. The fan club has made their point, now they can leave the room. And good riddance.

  217. “av is that you dear?”

    You obviously did not not read a single word I said earlier this week. If you did, you’d know that nothing *needed* to be said about this day’s offer. I made a case, and MAAD confirmed it in triplicate with this “deal.” All of these other people must have just been recent converts to seeing the light, and are justifiably a little hot under the collar. I never was; I just stated an opinion on what MAAD was really up to, and how they dropped the ball on what was otherwise a good idea — mostly well accomplished, I might add.

    It has been the thicker ones like you that seemingly never managed to read past one or two sentences, leapt to mighty clumsy conclusions, and posted irrelevant (at least to the argument I was bringing to the table) drivel about “don’t complain about free software” that turned this into a mud-fest.

    Good day, “adult.”

  218. William
    Dec 30th 2006

    The month has been great!!! Those of us who appreciate are the vast majority. The complainers, few in number. I never expect any enterprise to go exactly as I expect, especially when it goes on for more than a few days. Things happen!!! To think otherwise is to be perpetually unhappy and dissatisfied. As one of the older visitors here (66), and a former successful top executive in several orgaizations I have just two words for Mark and Vincent. WELL DONE!!!

  1. December 29th 2006


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