MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

29th: Exciting web app :: 30th: Launch of a new app (free) :: 31st: A well earned sleep :: 1st: Gamers Paradise

We will be back on the 29th December with the first of the three remaining applications that we have to offer this year. The second will be on the 30th, and the final one will be on the 31st.

On the 1st January we will offer the exclusive opportunity to participate in an exciting new Beta, will provide some other stuff as well, and a discount to a new membership service.

For those of you who have actively participated in this via the downloads and comments, thank you. As with any new initiative it has had its ups and downs and you have certainly made some great (and not so great) comments and suggestions as to how we can improve in the future.

I would ask you all to remember that all the developers have contributed their applications at their own cost, no one has asked you to pay for anything that you didn’t want to upgrade to, and we certainly haven’t taken any of your money. Call it what you like - but in reality that has been a huge social experiment in many many ways. Certainly some of you have been disappointed, and for that we are sorry.

We have enjoyed offering you these applications and we hope that you have found some if not all of them useful. We would certainly do this, or something similar, again if we had the opportunity, so please accept our thanks for your involvement, especially all the comments.


Someone in the comment wanted a clue about the Jan 1st BETA, so by popular request:

Teaser image

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. I think it was a good “experiment”. I look forward to the remaining ones, and more importantly, the new beta.

  2. PS: Thank you for the heads up. Now I don’t have to get up to see what you folks are up to. When are you going to give us a tease of the new beta?

  3. On Jan 1st :)

  4. Gonzie
    Dec 27th 2006

    thanks peeps for your lovely apps

    look forward to this beta thingy

  5. seriously, “paridise”?

    doesn’t your HTML editor or designer have an automatic spell check?

  6. Yeah, I agree, it is a good idea and I hope to be part of the experiments in the future.

    Happy New Year in the meantime.


  7. I think that macappaday has been great. I discovered several applications that I had never heard of and tried several that I probably would not have tried without macappaday. This was much better (IMO) than macheist. I became bored with that within an hour and didn’t care what they were giving away. I checked back with macappaday every day. My favorite (most used) application from macappaday is Overflow. I use it daily. Yummy FTP and Mac Piloot are other apps I like that comes to mind.

    I think you’ve done a real service to these developers and to the Mac community. Some of these software companies will get my money in the future; I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way.

  8. I have no idea why people have complained, I think this “experiment” was great! It introduced me to software I had never heard of (or couldn’t justify spending the money on). Although there were some apps I had no use for, I’m sure there was someone out there who could use it. I look forward to the surprises over the next week. Thanks, again, for everything!!

  9. @MAAD: Thanks for the apps thus far. Don’t sweat the glitches, it’s bound to happen :)

  10. I think this was a lot of fun and exposed a lot of apps and developers I knew nothing about and will certainly buy upgrades to some of these apps. (Looks like Pzizz is coming on the 31st for those that didn’t get the reference) I bought Pzizz earlier this month knew it was coming but decided to support the developer (plus the education discount was hard to pass up)
    Pzizz has changed my life since then and have actually changed my sleeping habits, so it is nice to see more people will have exposure to this amazing app.

    It has been a great month and hope another similar month will come in the future and offer a different set of developers we can learn excist and support.

    Thanks for all of your hard work amongst some ungrateful people.

    Thanks Again!!

    I would like to take the time to tell you and the developers my favorites of the month

    Yummy FTP (Great fast file transfer app which has come in handy as I have recently gotten someone to host my site)

    DevonAgent (along with devonthink though Macheist bundle): These apps have changed the way I find and store information! Keep up the good work

    XSlimmer (started using today after mentions of speed increases to the apps which was actually true!)

    EarthDesk (Macheist version) This is a simply amazing application which I was skeptical of at first, but now I can not imagine living without it, there is a true beauty to some of the images that come up it is simply a stunning application and will buy upgrades, this is a great application!!!!! Absolutly one of the top apps of the month between MH and MAAD

    I should finally mention ShadowBurn, it gives purpose and usability to my dvd burner a once useless burner now can do amazing things.

    So those were my favorite apps from MAAD so far, great work and am looking forward to the final ones!

    This has been a great few months and has made me spend money on more apps I would not have otherwise known about.

    Thanks again, I will now close this fairly long post… (until the 29th)

  11. Anonymous
    Dec 27th 2006

    Web app? Shutterbug or Sandvox? maybe???

  12. Jasper
    Dec 27th 2006

    It’s been a great month so far. It a big plus for the developers that they want to share .
    The experiment has worked out splenidly i think. You guys got lot’s of promotion, the developers got lot’s of new members and some will even upgrade to newer versions.
    We all saw how rapidly it’s spread (free apps on the internet )
    Thanks guys, and i’ll be happy to watch the website for the last apps.

    People can talk about things that you couldn’t / didn’t provide a new app and so on, but till now… you did great .. and as far as i know .. no one has ever given so much away for free. -> really free ..

    And with all good things happen also bad things .. but that’s a problem for every starter/technique.
    I.E. look at all the app’s/os’s/hardware .. there constantly new versions etc… so a bug here and there .. comes with the package.

  13. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 27th 2006

    Direct Mail… Direct Mail… Direct Mail… Direct Mail!

  14. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 27th 2006

    * hey nice to see everyone is in support here *

  15. Midnight Inbox…Midnight Inbox…Midnight Inbox

  16. stefan
    Dec 27th 2006

    im thinking that the beta on the first is going to be for DEFCON, a game currently being ported and published by Ambrosia…. please say that its true!

  17. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 27th 2006

    as usual, I can not confirm or deny anything, except that things are looking up, even for midnight inbox. ;)

  18. I just wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated this “social experiment”. I have downloaded a few applications, and appreciate each and everyone of them. Thanks for putting this together, It’s great!

    I’m looking forward to the last apps, and even more so to the new year.

    Thanks for a great December.

  19. Was there an app today? I totally forgot to check.

  20. mobius416
    Dec 27th 2006

    I’m just trying to figure out which of those hints refers to iConquer, since that’s the one remaining app I can remember from the initial icon hints post that we haven’t seen yet.

  21. Mr No-one...
    Dec 27th 2006

    Anyone gonna take some guesses at a web app? I very much doubt anyone will get it!

  22. The apps have been great. Thanks so much! I think I’ve only seen a couple new ones in the last two weeks, though. Am I missing something?

  23. It’s nice to see so much positive feedback to MAAD’s latest announcement. I’ve been in touch with some of the developers who’ve participated in this promotion, and they are more taken aback by the negativity in our comments than they are disappointed by the technical and organisational glitches MAAD have experienced. Those of us who frequent this blog and read the comments saw just how tirelessly and happily some of the developers worked to resolve issues for anyone who had trouble with the download and/or registration, which makes it even more sad to see the vindictive comments posted in the guise of constructive criticism. Some of the criticism actually has been constructive (Av and others, you know who you are), and I hope that the folks behind MAAD are able to learn from it and apply it to their next initiative.

    At any rate, welcome back MAAD. I’m excited about the goodies you have in store for us and look forward to them. I have to say, when this is all over, I’m going to miss MAAD. In spite of the difficulties many of us encountered, I am going to miss one thing very much, and that is the aura of anticipation and suspense that MAAD created so successfully for me. I actually like being up at 3am (GMT -5). It’s so quiet and I get loads done. Anyway. I shall miss the fun of looking forward to a surprise new app in the morning. =)

  24. Alberto Lagos
    Dec 27th 2006

    nothing to say. all the app have been great, thanks a lot to MAAD and the developers of the apps.


  25. ah, no dvdpedia i guess. darn

  26. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 27th 2006

    Here. Here.

    no… change my last software suggestion to…. drum roll please… E-Mail Commander!
    (mac/win versions, cool ceo’s and generally ’cause it seems just to be more funtional)

  27. Bjorn Nitmo
    Dec 27th 2006

    Blah blah blah. Translation? Another day, another broken promise. You really do get what you pay for. I sure hope nobody is clicking on the banner ads.

  28. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 27th 2006

    I am happy that you all enjoy maad.
    @ bjorn nitmo: translation service was last week.

  29. Thanks for a fun month. I have downloaded several great apps. Overflow is a favorite!
    Forget the negative stuff…those folks do not represent the majority that has really enjoyed and appreciated this experience so far!


  30. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 27th 2006


    cant’ stop lol… great!

  31. Can we have a separate thread somehow so the people who want to insult the efforts put into this project and the people who think that if something is free you have no right to complain at all can battle it out on the sidelines? And then the rest of us can freely discuss what works (quite a bit) and what doesn’t work (also quite a bit).

    I would like to encourage the folks behind this site to learn from the experience and continue to improve. MAAD was an awesome idea, unevenly executed maybe, but good enough that I want to see more.

  32. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 27th 2006

    “Can we have a separate thread somehow so the people who want to insult the efforts…”

    wow, some folks have nerve… huh!

    hey what would the supporters do without the detractors.
    and what would the detractors do without the supporters.

    oh I know… we would start a website like maad… I guess!

  33. This has certainly been amusing in one aspect. On one side you see some people make some criticized remarks about certain aspects of this promotion. Then you get the group that immediately come to its defense pretty quickly start with the name calling and being critical about the lack of appreciation for free apps.

    Honestly the people I saw the most out of hand in general was the last group I mentioned. They served almost no purpose to truly help the site or the promotion but rather looked to run folks off if they were critical about any of it. For those unaware criticism is a good thing for any promotion. It’s called feedback. Sure a few got out of hand or were simply misunderstood but all in all the bulk of comments have provided good feedback and I hope the promoters of the site read the comments as such.

    I’ll be the first to say that doing something like this isn’t going to be a walk in the park and it shouldn’t be. That’s how you learn to get better.

    From my personal experience with the promotion I can say that I think the idea was an interesting one and could definitely have been done worse very easily. The biggest thing though is the timing. Even though perhaps it was done to catch those spending money during the xmas season or grab those caught up in the hype of the other sites doing similar shareware developer promotions(ie, get in on the fad), I think waiting a bit to get more ducks in a row and then get more in the spotlight might have been a wiser move. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

    As for apps brought to us for free on the whole, I got exposed to some good apps that I might consider upgrading when the time comes. Compared to the same from MacHeist I felt MAAD did better. MacHeist’s bundle though on the whole wipes all competition away even if the competition was free. I’d throw MacZOT in there as well because I’m one of those guys that have no problem paying for something if there is a value to it and is executed well. Sadly if the promoters here move on to a model with membership fees I will not be following or at least not immediately. The software gathered was not a problem but many times it felt like some things were not thought through enough.

    Many got burned on the yummyftp deal in which I was one of those. It was stated to contact via email to have things addressed. I was one of those who did that immediately but never got a reply. Even an apology of not being able to correct the incident would have been enough to help maintain some confidence that this wasn’t some fly by night promotion. Unfortunately that’s how I walk away from this thinking and why I won’t follow them to a promotion if there are some sort of membership style requirements whether it be fees or number of posts in a forum(can’t say I feel confident in that method).

    If anything though the developers which is who I care about have nothing to worry about me. The software I feel helps me the most will get my money when an upgrade is needed. I can’t help but feel though that while this and other certain promotions might expose more people to this, it is exposing people who just want free software and when an upgrade comes up rather than buy the software, they will simply pirate it.

    Just my humble opinion of course.

  34. @Vincent/Macman; Thank you.

    I’ve gotten some pretty interesting free apps out of this, and wish to thank MAAD for the opportunity to try some of these apps I would otherwise never have heard of or considered buying.

    I still don’t grasp what all the whiners are carrying on about though. These were FREE. For those who still don’t ggrasp this concept….you didn’t pay for them. MAAD did and you should be thanking them not carrying on like a bunch of spoiled 5 year olds. Yes there are banner ads on the site, the hosting and bandwidth aren’t free and if you are not paying, someone has to.

  35. I’ll be out of town and without access for the end of this! Fri through the first! Looks like the most exciting stuff is at the end too!

    Oh well, more for others. Have fun, all.

    To MAAD: It’s been fun, thanks for all your efforts. It has been appreciated.

  36. Thanks for the access to lots of apps that I didn’t know about. I downloaded some of them and use them regularly. Even the ones that I didn’t download were interesting to read about. It was a bit like Christmas every day of the month. I’ll be back on the 30th!

  37. @Jimmy:

    “seriously, “paridise”?

    doesn’t your HTML editor or designer have an automatic spell check?”

    Clearly your browser lacks a tact checker, jerk. Sod off, you anklebiting spelling nazi.

  38. you’re right. I apologize. There wasn’t a need for my harsh criticism. Spelling and grammar get to me.

    I really do appreciate MAAD, and I meant no harm. The apps I’ve gotten have been really useful, and I can’t wait for Pzizz. Naps are one of my favorite things.

  39. William
    Dec 27th 2006

    Thanks for the programs and especially for the enormous effort involved in assembling a month of free apps. The developers all need special thanks as well. Be assured many of us will be willing to stay with them and pay for other applications as well as upgrades. It’s been Christmas every day for a month. And now at the end, I can finally get a normal night’s sleep.

  40. Michael
    Dec 27th 2006

    Hey MAAD. I for one enjoyed your experiment. I’m sure some are a tad sad because, it being an experiment, no one quite knew what to expect. After the first few apps, I can say I definitely developed an appetite for more. Did get a little down when your calendar started to wane I thing just as the apps and the registration process started to come together. At least I live in PST so if I stayed up only to find out, “not tonight”, no worries.

    How hard must it have been to get devs to donate free let alone discounted apps. Though akin to something stated previously, some of these have been the best apps I didn’t know I needed. Sounds odd, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Just the same, if half or even a thousand of the downloaded apps get upgraded to a true license, the developer doesn’t completely starve and so, we’re all winners.

    It’s clear the biggest difficulty for devs is getting the word out about their app. If others already do this, then consider me late to the party. Ad space is hard to get maybe for one developer or two developers. Yet, if several get together, get the space as a consortium and agree to equal time however that looks, it might help.

    Sadly, most of us don’t go looking for something until you have the need or what you have just clearly isn’t cutting it. Yet if you find that you need it then you end up in the “like yesterday” bracket. At that point, most people probably end up installing the app that provides perhaps the feature they need at the moment, but might not be the best through and through app for their continuous use. Then, the cycle begins anew. Why, because they won’t know it doesn’t foot the total bill until they try it for something else that perhaps should be there, but isn’t!

    Thanks so much for getting the apps that you did and will. Blessings and Peace to all here, the servers that do the heavy lifting, the devs of course, MAAD and those zany guys at everyone’s favorite tech site for giving me the heads up. Yeah, that’s right: a serious shout out to Arstechnica. You are the Total FS (not for children or those with delicate constitutions).


  41. Anonymous
    Dec 27th 2006

    Good job. Just a bit too much of empty talk about it. Hotshot style.
    But - really great job, indeed.

  42. Since you’re calling this an “experiment”, I guess I’ll chime in some feedback:

    Sure, I missed or logged in too late a number of days and maybe was a little disappointed about that but I still got several good apps and even found stuff I was willing to pay for (my friends who know me know that ANY software for which I will actually plunk down money MUST be pretty impressive).

    So, as a user, I would have to say that I very much enjoyed participating in this experiment. I learned about some new programs, re-discovered a couple of ones I’d seen in the past, and even found some products that will actually make my job easier. I’d have to call this a good thing. I guess it will ultimately depend on the developers’ feedback about whether or not they thought the additional exposure was worth their contributions before you can decide if this was truly a success.

    Anyway, thanks for a month of fun!

  43. illusionstoo
    Dec 28th 2006

    Kudos to everyone who made this possible. It has to have be a huge undertaking. I look forward to the beta (and the rest of the apps, of course). Great job, everyone!

  44. Sleepless
    Dec 28th 2006

    I could have sworn that, last night, MAAD said it would return on the 28th.

    Another sleepless night. Life sucks but death would please too many people, so I live.

  45. gisela
    Dec 28th 2006

    I’ve really enjoyed MAAD, and the programs I’ve found have been exceptional - especially to a very new Mac user who had absolutely no previous exposure to any sort of Mac development. I really want to commend the organizers and the developers for offering software in this fashion, and for actually convincing me to plunk down cash for a good piece of software instead of torrenting like I would have done while on a PC.

    That being said, if there was going to be a promotion like this in the future I’d recommend better communication. A clear note stating server difficulties, or a note stating that apps would start being offered again on the 29th instead of the 27th, would have been nice for those of us who set alarm clocks at awkward hours.

    Thank you again for the programs offered, especially YummyFTP, Xslimmer, and Mira.

  46. Sleepless
    Dec 28th 2006

    MacZOT! is featuring “Party Pro for iPod:” what a waste.

    In regards to Mira, ironically, Safari would not let me download it. Then I was told, by some automaton, that I couldn’t download it because I had already done so.

  47. Nathaniel Perales
    Dec 28th 2006

    Thank you guys for being so generous.

  48. Guys - well done - it’s been a scream!

  49. @Mark and Gonzie,

    aha! that clue was too easy! check the beta goodness:

  50. ANOTHER DAY NO APP!!!! Come on guys it’s macappaday NOT MACAPPSOMEDAYS! dont promise somthing you cant give.

  51. did more digging and after some whois queries, seems like the folks at are behind . hmmm. very interesting.

  52. socialist.. Socialist.. Socialist..

    and… your coffee’s expensive at starbucks - $8US would buy me five

  53. a social experiment…

    ?? free apps you can give comment to are a social experiment?
    it’s not an experiment as it has been done and it’s not social (look at all the jerks like me in the answers).

    Nice apps, and I always appreciate things i get for free.

  54. shrededcheese
    Dec 28th 2006

    you are liars!!! where is “free app every day thru december”?

  55. Eh…!!! what happens here, 1 app to the day is 31 app…
    where they are those that lacks?

    Seriousness is important to give credibility to its good intentions of

    I contribute … now I want the promised.

  56. The Gibbon
    Dec 28th 2006

    @Steve & shrededcheese

    Shut up. I’d like to see you guys do better…

    Thanks MAAD, I cannot overstate how much I love you guys…

    Any idea what the clue is?
    Something along the lines of “myM(N?)…mes”?

  57. Han Solo
    Dec 28th 2006

    $20…that Jan 1st is TUBULAR…. the same “exciting BETA” that has been offered on MacZot, MacHeist etc..

  58. Jeremy
    Dec 28th 2006

    According to the teaser image, the beta is going to be

    let’s see if the “beta option” is the same thing as the “Sign up for our BETA and get the chance to play games for free” that anyone can do on the front page.

  59. spooky.warrior
    Dec 28th 2006

    Thank you and I can’t wait to see what comes next after macappaday!

  60. The BETA app is MyMacGames!

  61. Alex Rubin
    Dec 28th 2006

    Thanks maad, and I can’t wit for the beta ;)

  62. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate MAAD!

    I’m a switcher, and I had no idea there were all these great Mac apps out there.

    Thanks for introducing me to a bunch of really great software. I did purchase the MacHeist bundle, primarily for fotomagico.

  63. meh. haven’t found any use for these apps yet so far. stopping by this site 28 times every morning has been a disappointment nearly every time. Time for maad to drop from my bookmarks.

  64. Mike Hughes
    Dec 28th 2006

    No one cares, Jon. Just do it if you don’t like it. We don’t have to hear your bitching.

  65. scotfl
    Dec 28th 2006 is already offering public access to their beta. So what’s so special about the MAAD offer?

  66. rampancy
    Dec 28th 2006

    Well, it’s nice that they’ve kept us in the loop - the biggest problem with MH was that the people in charge weren’t as good with that at the beginning.

    I’m still amused with the complaints about the apps given here not being “real” apps, because we’re not entitled to free upgrades as the paying customers do - a similar complaint with MacHeist. You’re getting the full functionality of the app in question - they’re not holding a gun to your head to upgrade if they release a new version. There’s no hidden built-in auto-destruct which makes your app non-functional once they release a new version. As I said on the MH forums, does the fact that Apple and MS make you pay for major releases of OS X and Office mean that they’re not “real” pieces of software?

    My God. These people could be giving away 3 Ghz Mac Pros with 30″ ACDs and they’d *still* find something to complain about.

  67. I’ll agree with the “Mac App every few days” comment. That about hits the nail on the head.
    So much for “Mac App A Day.”

  68. So much for Mac App *A Day* :P More like a BS excuse a day and an unheard of app once a week! For those people who are like ‘OMG I’d never have found any Mac program EVAR without MAAD’, go look on VersionTracker or MacUpdate for crying out loud!

  69. Penguain
    Dec 28th 2006

    @Joey just be thankful for that applications they have give us….

    Thanks alot MAAP and crew!

  70. @Penguain - thankful? I think embarrassed is the term your looking for.

  71. ----][-----
    Dec 28th 2006

    A marketing ploy that can’t even live up to it’s stated return is a terrible thing. Regardless of what MADD may offer in the future, I won’t be participating. If they can’t live up to “an app a day” then why should I trust them with anything?

    As for a woo-hooo Jan 1 surprise…. a public beta of something is hardly a deal folks.

    Can you all say “bahhhhhhhh” like the sheep you are?

  72. sliceoflime
    Dec 28th 2006

    wow, people are really battling it out.

    i just wanted to say thanks, MAAD, at the very least i got some good software out of this (mira, xslimmer), and I really appreciate it. My only complaint is the one day you said you would be back the 27th and i stayed up for it - just wish you’d updated the feed so I would have known =). Other than that, really great job, thanks so much!

    PS - Another midnight inbox request, if possible!! =D

  73. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 28th 2006

    I am shocked at your comments. those complainers above my comment will most certainly be excluded(WaW as well), or at least their IP’s will be. But the fact is that sh*t happens, and most things that could go wrong have. When apple’s recent security update screwed lots of macs and their owners, no one bad mouthed apple or stopped using their macs. as for the “stated return”, you got much more than you paid for, and to hear complaints and such just makes me feel like we shouldn’t have taken the time to do it. I am pretty sure that you that are complaining are the type that are never happy and complain about anything and everything possible. I will not comment here again, I am embarrassed for the mac community.

  74. You know, MAAD was a great idea. I’ve vistited every day, and while not all of the apps struck my fancy, some did. In fact, some of the ones people were most excited about, I really didn’t have a use for. But the ones that I did like I’m really happy I found them and that they were FREE! So, they didn’t deliver an app every day, so what. They got pretty damn close. Here’s hoping the rest of them are great!

  75. DysenterJerry
    Dec 28th 2006

    @ Vincent

    I’m with ya… that’s pretty much why I have stayed away from participating in the postings. I said this from day one… ok, more like day 3…. people just suck. Except for the ones that give out free apps. ;) … You see what I did there, flattery will get you … somewhere i hope.

    Personally, after all pissing and moaning, I wouldn’t do this again if I were you… apparently out of the Mac’s 3% market share, 50% or more are ungrateful bastards.

    And to all the people whining about the an “appaday” thing… SUCK IT UP, BE A MAN! SH*T HAPPENS! etc, etc.

  76. DysenteryJerry
    Dec 28th 2006

    huh… spelled my name wrong…. should’a used my chellspeck

  77. DysenteryJerry
    Dec 28th 2006

    @the MAAD team…

    next time, you guys should email a copy of the software, complete with personalized message, to EVERY EMAIL ADDRESS around the globe, that way everyone would be happy…. ooh, and while you’re at it, maybe you could teach our nation’s children how to read.

  78. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 28th 2006

    thanks. it seems those people drove away good members, what a pity.

  79. In our society of instantaneous gratification, the long stretch of time (less than one month, mind you) that MAAD has contributed FREE apps to the Mac community, must have felt like years to those who are of the gimme-gimme generation.
    I have been here, supportive, since day one. As an owner of my own successful business, I know there are hurdles and miscommunications at times. It doesn’t mean that I’m not a professional, it just means that sh*t happens.
    Thank, MAAD, for the fun and FREE apps, many of which came from developers I may not have tried otherwise. I’ve tried almost every single one, will pay for upgrades for some, and am happy to have them all.

  80. Thanks to you folks and the developers for a great selection of apps. I wasn’t able to get them all, but am really grateful for the ones I did manage to get.

    Hopefully you’ll consider running it again some time!

  81. Karthik Setty
    Dec 28th 2006

    Isnt the webApp OmniWeb? I hope it is!

  82. ----][-----
    Dec 28th 2006

    oooooo ban my IP from beta testing something… I’m so depressed. I don’t get to waste my time helping developers of software that I’ll never use. Gee what’ll I do with my weekend now? Maybe make some money doing something productive instead of wasting it.

  83. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 28th 2006

    Hey MAAD, how about setting up a page just for the complainers? But do it with a twist… the page could, be an opt-out page… yup, I think most all the folks here would appreciate this.. even the complainers! After all, we know how much they hate being here, right? They are so intelligent… they would understand it, no? After all, why would they want to continue hanging out here? They could be elsewhere… making a buck… starting a website, right?

    I just have one question for any and all of ‘em… why don’t you post a link to your, oh so successful site… we’d like to know from what experience you speak genius.

  84. TheLastWord
    Dec 29th 2006

    Now this seems really underhand - forget any issues with MAAD, this is a BIG company been underhand it seems

  85. TheOnlyWord
    Dec 29th 2006

    use a spell checker. a grammar checker wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  86. TheLastWord
    Dec 29th 2006

    Woops - forgot the link!!!

  87. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 29th 2006

    @ —-][—–: you do not seem to understand, WaW is not software related, but more like MH(but not hard) giving away macs and accessories. as for the beta, some have a use, some will not. I personally prefer hand coding or rapid weaver.

  88. I really don’t get all the apologists on here, this is a marketing exercise folks and they’ve screwed it up royally. That it keeps getting worse and worse by the day is the only thing that keeps me coming here. Kind of like watching a car wreck in slow motion I guess ;)

  89. A 3 month licence for beta software? 40 bucks for 1 year? iMODB get real.

  90. parvez
    Dec 29th 2006

    wow i was waiting until 4am midnite.. now its 1 57pm noon.. where are the apps?

  91. I think more than thanking MAAD, a lot more praise should really go to the developers. We were the ones who gave away our software and did all the work modifying our registrations and what have you. Truthfully, we could have done this with or without MAAD. I’m not knocking MAAD for the idea, but really all the work was on the shoulders of the developers. If I had to do it all over again and could have influenced the MAAD organizers, I would have changed a lot of things.

    Something to consider the next time around I suppose…

  92. Leech42
    Dec 31st 2006

    Yeah, it’s a publicity/marketing gimmick with a few hiccups.

    As a confirmed leech I don’t give a hoot, I just grabbed the free goodies.

    Thanks for Mac Pilot and EarthDesk, a good configuration app and a shiny toy.

    I’m looking forward to the next time this rolls around.

    Send the bitchers to /dev/null!


  93. ucakkurzxg
    Jan 12th 2007

    Hello guys! I have some questions. I mean need some help.
    Where i can read more about this problema?
    Please, don’t derect me to i know about it.
    Please derect me with some links.

  94. normangaz
    Jan 13th 2007

    Hi again guys! Nice site and forum.
    I need some help where i can read more about this problema?
    I tried , but with no succes.
    Please help me.

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