MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

Have a very Happy Holiday Season, we’ll return with our usual offerings of free applications on December 27th

First, let me say I hope that you have all had a GREAT break over the last couple of days and that you have had time to enjoy all the free applications that the developers have so kindly donated to date. Without doubt they have contributed more than anybody to the success to date of MacAppADay.

In-between all the festivities and fun we have had the opportunity to go through all the comments, both the recent ones and the older ones. Without doubt we have been overwhelmed by the volume and supportiveness of the comments - yes, even the ones that have been somewhat critical.

One thing that is apparent is that you care, and that you all look forward to receiving your free applications. The reality is that on some days we have offered unlimited downloads, and unscheduled opportunities to upgrade so whilst those of you that say that we haven’t literally offered an application every day are correct, to date we have provided more applications than we had anticipated at this stage.

Many of you have suggested that we run some sort of “catch up” event this week, and others have said that they will struggle to access the site during the holidays, and to be honest we are probably as tired as the rest of you.

So, good news and bad news. The bad news is that we are going to extend the period of not offering applications for a couple of days more. The good news is that in addition to the extra partying and sleep that you can now have we are going to end the month with a “end of year bonanza”. We are going to offer a mini bundle of free applications and associated offers by way of wrapping up what has been a great month.

Again, thanks for all your comments and involvement to date - just a few days more now and then we will have a week or so to get ready for MacWorld.

Before you scream at us in the comments, allow us to offer some recappr discounts that we will update through, the holidays, and also remind you, by way of a calendar, what we’ve given away so far!

12.01: TuneX

TuneX enabled you to surf through your iTunes music library Those of you that had a problem with the app on it’s first release can visit the developer for a free, fixed build!

After day 1, we’d given away $37,500 in mac apps

Visit app site

12.02: Mail Steward Lite

MailSteward Lite offered users the ability to back up and archive emails. This $25 app was given away 5000 times, and the total value of the giveaway stood at $162,500 after day 2 (1/10 of our $1.5 million target)

Visit app site

12.03: Cookie Assassin

Cookie Assassin from Foggy Noggin software was one of our most popular apps, with 5000 copies of the cookie zapping app given away in less than 24 hours.

By the end of day 2, our promotion had given away $207,250

The developer of Cookie Assassin has released a new app you might want to check out, called Desktopple Pro, an exciting an innovative upgrade to Desktopple, which lets you hide your messy desktop more easily than ever before

Visit app site

12.04: Yummy FTP

Yummy FTP was our forth app, and our most popular download of the month, going in record time. A $25 app, Yummy FTP is considered one of the best FTP programs on the market. A recappr discount code has been provided by the developer, offering a great discount. The code is:


Following Yummy FTP, we’d given away $332,250 of apps, and our highest value app so far was to follow.

Visit app site

12.05: Shoebox Express

The guys at Kavasoft offered up copies of Shoebox Express, an award winning application. Shoebox Express was, and still is, an easy way to store your photos. Shoebox Express was worth $30, a total of $482,250 of apps had been given away in just 5 days!

Visit app site

To be continued

12.06: Shadow Clipboard
12.07: DEVONagent
12.08: Xslimmer
12.09: mira
12.10: DEVONnote
12.11: thrupp
12.12: Earth Desk
12.13: Overflow
12.14: ShadowBurn
12.15: PTHPasteboard PRO
12.16: MacPilot
12.17: Desktop Magic
12.18: Translation Service
12.19: missed or not released
12.20: not released
12.21: Typinator
12.22: PhotoPresenter
12.23: Alarm Clock Pro

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. Whew! I can get some sleep! Suits me just fine and THANK YOU!

    They say it takes 30 days to develop a new habit. LOL, I’ve got to remember my old routine of sleeping at night. I’m delighted to know I can catch a few Zs and not miss a thing.

    See ya on the 27th!

  2. “recappr ”

    Eh? You’ve used this word several times now, so it doesn’t appear to be a typo. However, it’s not in my dictionary - would you please define it for me?

    Apart from that, I hope that the holiday season brings you all that you wish from it and more. Merry Christmas! I look forward to renewing our relationship on the 27th to see what Software Santa has in store for the remainder of the month. :D

  3. Daniel
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Recappr - Something that recaps … apps? This time discounted … dunno …

    Maybe you shouldn’t pretend you’re giving away the same stuff we would buy for that money by calculating the values … it’s worth something to be able to get bugs fixed, you know?

    But, nevertheless, a great way to test those apps. Thanks!

  4. bisley
    Dec 23rd 2006

    anyone have the fixed version of tunex? i have tunex 2.4 from maad but dev site show me that:

    macappaday tunex support

    Sorry, but you have to have downloaded a copy of TuneX from the MacAppADay to access this support page.

  5. Solotoj
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Geiz ist geil.

  6. The Gibbon
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I don’t mind. I was worried that I’ll miss the Christmas day app as I’ll be in the car to my Aunt’s, but now I can sleep peacefully…

    What the hell, I’ll scream at you anyways…


    Ok, I’m done

  7. Bisley, I got the same message. I dropped an email to the developer. I’m guessing he kept track of IPs who downloaded, and is only allowing those IPs to access that page. Seems silly to me — how many of us have static IPs? Hopefully it isn’t that.

  8. To MAAD: I’m happy for the recap since I didn’t learn about MAAD until about a week into December. But y’all might want to fix some errors…

    1. That first sentence is pretty awkward and there’s at least one too many commas there.

    2. There is an improper usage of “it’s” in the TuneX description (should be “its”), and the linked site does not load for me.

    3. It would have been nice if you told us exactly what the Yummy FTP discount is and if it has an expiration. Also, “forth” should be “fourth” in that description.

    4. It might be good to change “Next app at Midnight PST” at the top of the page if it’s not going to be until the 27th.

    To All: If anyone’s wondering, the discount is $15 off Yummy FTP, making the cost only $10. Anyone want to tell me how it compares to Cyberduck?

  9. Anonymous
    Dec 23rd 2006

    “Throughout December, each and every day”

  10. Ignore the last part of my post above. I tried Yummy and bought it. Thanks for the great offer.

  11. rwrrwr
    Dec 23rd 2006

    “Before you scream at us in the comments” hahahaha… the most hilarious thing I ever read here… happy Holidays folks, and many many thanks for everything until now and so on…

    :-) :-)
    :-) :-) :-)
    :-) :-) :-) :-)
    :-) :-) :-):-):-) :-)
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  12. rwrrwr
    Dec 23rd 2006

    oh… it was a Christmas tree, but the spaces seem to be not recognized… :-(

  13. You need to modify the first line on the site as its been proven wrong yet again…

    “Throughout December, each and every day, we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. ”

    everyday - 4

    Good idea but don’t make statments that you don’t plan on keeping or can’t keep…

    enjoy the holiday……..I was looking forward to gettings some free apps while I was off and could stay up to get them

  14. Yeah, this is a great site, and no REALLY big deal, but. . . yeah. It does say “each and every day”. So. That turned out to not really be true. Oh well. Carry on thenn.

  15. rjdudley55
    Dec 23rd 2006

    sweeeeeeeet!! Folks at MAAD forgive the Ebeneezers. Thank you for making MY Christmas! This has been one heck of a month. I’ve loved every minute and never had any problems. Maybe it’s a karma thing. Please have a very Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. :)

  16. Thanks for all the free apps MAAD! Happy Holidays!

  17. Mike H
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I’m not going to complain about missing a few free apps (hey, it’s free, we have no right to complain about getting less free stuff). However, it _is_ misleading of them. The big thing with MAAD was that they would be giving away 32 free apps, one every day from Dec. 1 to Jan. 1. Aside from the problems surrounding the server move which are understandable, they decide to take three days off from the 24th to 26th. Of course, they deserve to have time off at Christmas just as much as anyone else, but shouldn’t they have said they’d be giving away 29 apps then?

    Like I said, I’m not complaining about getting a few less apps, especially since this means I get a few days where I can sleep through the whole night as a result. :) The thing that concerns me is that they seem to have made a promise they had no intention of keeping. 32 apps were promised, and they are not delivering (unless they end up extending MAAD a few days further into January?) They should have either taken Christmas into account when making their promise, or have been prepared to still do what they had promised in spite of Christmas.

  18. Thanks MAAD, for all that you have given to us: the Grateful and the UNGrateful ones:)

    (Ouch, ouch Gift Horse! Ok, I am sorry I looked in your mouth, Sorry I say!!)

  19. Mike H
    Dec 23rd 2006

    PS - I’ll consider it even if the 27th’s app is Shapeshifter. :) :) :)

  20. Kevin Russell
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Thanks for all the free applicaations you are making available … Have A Merry Christmas, enjoy your time with families, and we look forward to seeing you back after Christmas!

  21. nickXcore
    Dec 23rd 2006

    ok, first, a happy thanks to MAAD for free stuff. lets all remember that no one should complain about free.

    also, sure the were and are going to be a couple days without the joy of saving money through free apps, and it seems that a lot of people are upset that they’ve been misled, but lets also remember that there was that app (and i forget which one, sorry) which MAAD provided unlimited licenses for. Their little blurb at the top didnt say they were going to do that either, but im sure no one complain about it.

    AND, before everyone goes off the deep end about being lied to…blah blah blah… theres still that New Years Bonus thing. maybe we’ll get a couple of apps on New Years. maybe the bonus will be a couple more days of MAAD. who knows?

    and it IS Christmas time, so just relax and enjoy.

    -Nick O

  22. Happy holidays to you too, MAAD. Enjoy your time off. See you in a few days.

  23. ----][-----
    Dec 23rd 2006

    At this rate, the New Year’s Bonus will be something along the lines of “Buy every app you’ve seen in December for a discount of $xx.xx”

    Not a big deal. But you should have figured out by now that whenever MADD promotes “some big thing tomorrow” it’s a purchasing deal.

    Lots of great stuff… a tad misleading, but I’m not paying for anything… so thanks MADD.

  24. marcos
    Dec 24th 2006

    Again, to the complainers, if you are not satisfied with the free apps for any reason, including days without apps, I’m willing to refund double what you paid.

    For those of you complaining about duplications of apps in the Mac Heist bundle, you should be complaining to MH for making you pay for software that you could get elsewhere for free. =)

    Happy Holiday (of your choice) everyone!

  25. Mikolaj
    Dec 24th 2006

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

    I think the possibility of getting a free app every day is just great… I have just one question: are all the apps full-featured, not time-limited versions? I downloaded Overflow from MAAD - and now a message keeps appearing upon launch that the trial period is over… So it looks like this is no free app, but rather a demo… Anyone had the same problems with Overflow?

    Once again - a happy Christmas to all of you!

  26. Slideshow Bob
    Dec 24th 2006

    Marcos, can you refund my time?

  27. @Mikolaj: The applications gifted by MAAD are full versions of the applications, not time-limited demos. Their restriction is that they cannot be upgraded to the next version without payment. You can use the downloaded version freely, without restriction.

    At the time that Overflow was gifted, you had to request a license from Stunt Software, which was delivered by e-mail. If you did not request this license at that time, then what you’ve got is a demo.

  28. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 24th 2006

    Anybody want to trade their copy of “Mail Steward Lite” (MAAD) and “Direct Mail” (macZOT) for any other app that they offered and that I have and don’t need? I am hoping there is someone out there that can help….

  29. Sandeep
    Dec 24th 2006

    EACH AND EVERYDAY!!!! grrrrrr that’s 4 days in total this month so far without apps. i demand 4 apps!! but i guess if your givin away a “bonus” app on new years i can settle for 3 apps. i demand 3!!!

    ok, ok, i’ve ranted. now to be great full .. thanks macappaday for the wonderful freebies. ill be sure to check back on the 27th. i guess the extra sleep wont hurt, since im getting christmas presents!!

  30. marcos
    Dec 24th 2006

    Slideshow Bob:

    Yes, certainly I can refund your time! And seeing that your time has absolutely no value to me, I’ll give you a triple refund. Check your in box.

    Besides which, it took all of, what, five minutes at the most to determine that you didn’t want or already had a free app? So let’s see . . . that’s 5 minutes at $0/hour . . . . times 3 . . . .

  31. Dr. Maxim
    Dec 24th 2006

    Any organization that characterizes its customer feedback as “screaming” has a very brief shelf life indeed.

    Thank you for your efforts, MacAppADay warm things. But please, dear ladies and gentlemen, learn your business.

  32. Trying to Help
    Dec 24th 2006

    Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if you miss a few days, as I have yet to stay up waiting for any app. However, since you have made definitive statements in the description of the site which aren’t being fuflfilled, you have opened yourself up to liability - regardless of whether the products you’re giving away are valued as free.

    If I were you, I’d post up a Terms & Conditions statement and rewrite the site description. Maybe even consider extending the giveaway a few days into January in order to make up the missed days in December.

    But that’s just me.

  33. I think the key thing that everyone is just blithely ignoring is that the word “free,” is being slung around a little too — freely. So far, what I’ve got out of this experiment is what amounts to old school, nag-less shareware. I’ve yet to get a full, real licence for anything. I’ve even got a demo licence for an old generation of the application that nobody is using or selling anymore; another that has features removed from it. Essentially, I have a bunch of demos without a self-destruct sequence other than the inevitable eventual failure under hardware or software updates to the system.

    I have also seen a lot of “we’re doing this great thing for you, here it is! Buy Now!” Eh, I can do that anywhere. These days I can do nearly all of it with MacSanta. My point is, a lot of people are acting as if we are getting a really great gift, and compared to the modern scene where shareware means a program that blows itself up after twenty hours of use, or adding 5 items to it, it certainly is a good deal — but that is just it, it is a deal, not a gift. Feel free to check that horse’s mouth.

    When I want to upgrade any of these applications, I cannot. I’ll have to buy an entirely new application. It is as if I never owned it. That isn’t free. That’s a demo. In a way, that’s okay. I like demos. I’ve been trying out a lot of software this month that I otherwise would never have tried due to their ordinary demos being prohibitive. Will I be buying (not upgrading) any of them in the future? You bet. In fact I’ve already bought one. Am I making out okay? Sure, do I appreciate MAAD’s involvement in this? Yes.

    But I’m not going to just sit here and ignore the fact that they have intentionally mislead us, multiple times now. In some countries, they could be up for false advertising charges. Do I care that much? No, not really — but for heaven’s sake stop acting as if this is a charity. It is marketting; a form of advertisment that you are buying in to. Treat it as such. Your time is not free.

  34. Spackles94
    Dec 24th 2006

    Yeah, I had the same problem with getting the updated TuneX. I got the same message from the developer’s site. Maybe it hasn’t been released yet or something?

  35. shawmaan
    Dec 24th 2006

    I got up at 3am, saw there was no app, went back to bed. I’m glad to have a few days off. Everyone enjoy the holidays!

  36. onemoretime
    Dec 24th 2006

    AV: get off the crack pipe. “Do I care that much? No, not really…” just enough to write a four paragraph treatise on the different between freeware and shareware. Really, no one gives a hoot what you got out of “this experiment”. Really. You’re not that important. Really. You want to lecture? Get a teaching job where you can talk down to people and actually get paid for it. Your insight isn’t insight. It’s dumbass complaining. We know what we got. And we happen to appreciate it. Go blog your rants elsewhere.

  37. AV:
    I think Your Horse has a hold of your peaNUTs and you are angry about it.
    Merry Christmas, as I am off to cavort with My Horse….
    Time? My five minutes a day? Ooooohhhhh, big money…..

    Thanks MAAD, no matter what. What we have gotten is more than we had:)

  38. onemoretime, nobody gives a hoot whether you gave a hoot (which you did) over whether I give a hoot, so why did you write all of that? You added nothing constructive, in fact the only thing interesting about your post is the drinking games one can play with it: Spot the internal contradictions! Wee. I see seven, but I haven’t given up on eight. Truly impressive for under 100 words!

    Okay, not really.

  39. Lynn, if I go on a downloading spree at MacUpdate, grabbing freeware and shareware, I have more than I had.

    I’m not impressed.

  40. onemoretime
    Dec 24th 2006

    AV, try to wrap your Stephen Hawkings mind around this scenario:
    I purchase an Apple product. They give me “free” support for 90 days. At the end of the 90 day period I can let it expire or purchase more. According to your definition Apples support isn’t really free. I have to pay to get more (your upgrade example). I can’t use it indefinitely. If I buy new hardware I can’t transfer it.
    Contrast that with the last 24 days. I can use any on of the software as long as I want. If I don’t want any of the newer features or bells and whistles I don’t need to do anything. It keeps working. Not even nagware. Now which of those do you think are actually “free”?
    As for the contradictions, I noticed you didn’t list any. Four paragraphs lecturing us on your finite definition of “free” but no room for examples of how I contradict myself? So lucid.

  41. shareware=money
    downloading spree=time, more than downloading one appaday

    Merry Christmas, Scrooge AV

  42. onemoretime, if you seriously think Apple’s 90-day “free” support is free, more power to you. Rational people will quickly understand that it is incorporated into the cost of the hardware; three years is not, thus it costs to get three years of support. When Leopard rolls around and some of these apps break, your “long as you want,” becomes a bit limited when everyone else with a real licence gets an upgrade. And, it is a drinking game, if I listed them all at once, we’d get drunk too fast. Easy on that eggnog, and give a hoot, it’s fun.

    Lynn/on, downloading 32 (er — 27) applications in a month and downloading 27 freeware applications from MacUpdate = time. I don’t see the difference, and seemingly neither do you (unless you are twisting your own logic), so what was your point again? I haven’t said anything about Christmas, so I fail to see how Scrooge is of any relevance either.

    Have a Jolly Kwanzaa, you two.

  43. No point AV. Trying to make you settle down a bit to avoid lesions on your heart. ‘S all good. Merry Kwanzaa and whatnot to you as well. Time heals all wounds, be it spent at MacUpdate or MAAD.

  44. an off topic question: Anyone else noticed “overflow” says: “time left in trial period: 10days”? All I did was re-login into my OSX account.

  45. Mexber
    Dec 24th 2006

    Why keep making a big deal out of this whole debate over wheter the apps are really free or wheter they are full apps v.s. limited versions. Just enter the site see what’s being offered, download if you like it, or just leave and come back later.

    I´m pretty sure that if there was an app someone REALLY needed, chances are this person would already have bought a License for it… otherwise it would be just about a “convenient” app to use once in a while for some specific situation.

    I’m neither a MAAD lover nor a hater. I just think it’s an interesting experiment which offers the possibility to take a look at some stuff I would otherwise not even bother downloading elsewhwere. As I said before: I come, I look and If i DECIDE to do it, I download, which means I agree with the conditions of what I get… If not, I just go elsewhere, be it for free or not.

    Dec 24th 2006

    hey AV as I’ve said on a prior post…

    don’t get all ‘red faced’ about it… giggle it off…
    you did say (elsewhere) that you giggle it off…
    grow up…stop crying… and take it like a man…


  47. lindsey
    Dec 24th 2006

    well i have absolutely no complaints, as i’m just a poor college student who loves my macbook and who has been able to get some new apps i might not have known about otherwise. i haven’t wasted any time (i wake up at 10 am EST; if there are apps left, great! if not, oh well) and i certainly haven’t wasted any money (again, FREE).

    so nothing but thanks!

    have a merry christmas everyone, or a belated happy hanukkah.

  48. Geek-O-Rama:

    You can have my copy of MailStewardLite. Post your email address and I’ll send it to you.


  49. Absolutely, Mexber, that is really all I am saying. Though I would say that the element of discovery is a factor here too. I have found some applications that I did not know existed prior to MAAD, and they have now become applications that I could really use in the future. These are the aforementioned ones where I’ve either already supported the developer, or intend to as soon as my bank account settles down again. :)

    The reason why I brought up the discussion on “free-ness,” is that there is a big gang of people here that get their hackles all raised if you do so much as point out the merest of flaws in the system. Download didn’t work for you because MAAD set it up so that only one person in your IP block can get it? Too bad, better not say a peep, or you’ll have twenty loyal flag waving militia members down your throat for complaining about “gifts.” My point is that there are no gifts here, that free is a misnomer, but we are entirely qualified and should be encouraged to point out flaws in the system. The free or not free debate is entirely pointless if you already understand these issues, as you seem to. It is purely for the benefit of those curiously loyal ones with snapping knees.

    MAAD only stands to profit and improve themselves in the future, based on these suggestions. If they build a reputation for being unreliable, then it reduces the overall effectiveness of their venture. I cannot say whether they have already done that damage or not, but this project has definitely been much less of a boom than some of the other recent projects going around with similar modus operandi. With MH, you had to actually work for the demos, here you just have to wake up early if you are on the wrong side of the globe — yet, where is the press? Something is not working as well as I am sure they wished, and I along with a few others have attempted to let them know why.

    Pity the militia has to turn it into a muckfest.

  50. Ava, what you just claimed to have posted in a prior message is what *I* posted to *you*, yesterday. Thanks for trying, please play again some time when you have something original to input into the discussion. Oh, and trust me, I am giggling. No heart lesions here. Ta!

  51. …..So…..Many….. Commas….. *Shivers*……….

  52. Av, as one person totally outside this discussion, I completely understand what you’re saying.

    We’re all on the same side here.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays all!

  53. m’kay

  54. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 24th 2006


    Wow, thanks! It feels like Christmas! :)
    Here it is: WorkBenchUSA(at)AOL(dot)com

    Ken, really, thanks again!

  55. Merry Christmas…………………………Peace On Earth

  56. @Geek-O-Rama

    On its way.

    Merry Christmas

  57. @mr. x: When Overflow was offered by MAAD, you had to obtain a special license from Stunt Software. If you didn’t do that then, what you have installed now is just the trial, which has expired. Hope that helps.

  58. Geek-O-Rama
    Dec 25th 2006


    ya know, one can feel the real meaning of Christmas with some of the generous folks here… KenM, Chet, and others who went out of their way to send me the apps I missed, that they didn’t need… yup, the real meaning of Christmas is to give without expecting to get… Thanks Ken, Chet and the generous cats at MAAD… stay cool ’cause at the end of the day the complainers prove but one thing… they are truly unhappy with themselves… and they need our prayers more than anything… Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward Men {i know… it is real hard to do sometimes}.


  59. Yawn. Merry. Christmas. Sh*t. Have. To. Go. To. Bed.

  60. Tipsy Mcfragger
    Dec 25th 2006

    Merry Christmas Macappaday, thanks for all your generosity and I hope the next few apps are all good.

  61. Macappaday Marketing Scheme:

    MAAD is a marketing scheme none of the software which some of it has been upgraded (yummyftp)
    Is not allowed to be updated to the next level MAAD Yummy Version: 1.5.2 Latest Yummy Version 1.5.3 Message “Im sorry you cannot use you MAAD version Serial Please Update for $10.00″

    Now I assume this is going to happen with multiple apps via this marketing scheme. I would have expected it via an upgrade like to 1.6 but for 1.5.2 to 1.5.3 and so soon spews of marketing scheme.

    What MAAD is doing is Providing a marketing scheme for the developers & will not be participating in their scheme any more, as well as any of the developers involved!



  62. MAAD. misleading? Yes, they do state “each and every day” and that has not happened. Second they state that it’s “a popular mac application”. Now this is only a matter of interpretation. It does not state they are only going to offer shareware, so it could mean that they would give away copies if commercial software, but doubt they will. Some of the apps given away I have not heard of. Most I already have a free alternative. I have to agree that this is nothing more than a marketing stunt, but hey, you get some software out of it that might be worth buying in the future. The big flaw I find in there setup (other than changing to a slower server) is using your IP to track that you got an item or not. I know it helps cut down on someone getting 30 copies of one app, but if someone on dial up where to download an item and disconnect then dial back up they could get another copy, until they got 30. I know there have been complaint about college students not being able to get an app because another student on the network already got it. I only hit this problem once, as my neighbor and I share a high speed connection and he got in and got an app I would have liked to have gotten. End of my “rant”.
    Holly Golaty!!

  63. @Russ: You weren’t tricked. It’s been known since the beginning that all we get for free is the download from MAAD, not any other version, be it a micro update, a minor one, or a major one. Some developers have gone out of their way to support MAAD users with free bug fixes (TuneX), but not feature updates. If you have found some absolutely debilitating bug in Yummy FTP 1.5.2 (I’m guessing you haven’t), then you might have a valid complaint. If you don’t want to “get involved” with MAAD, cool, there’ll be an extra download for someone else; if you don’t want to “get involved” with the amazing developers who’ve participated in this and other promotions, cool, your loss. Happy day to you.

  64. Mexber
    Dec 25th 2006

    Hi Av,

    I was out partying till not so early today hehehe… Just read your post. I think there’s a few broader issues that have created some noise into this debate, like what can be understood as free, the purpose of such a campaign, and even the purpose of having a discussion forum, among others…

    I still think people are gatting the stuff for free, since they didn´t have to pay for it, even if thay can´t improve it (update it) later… I wonder if instead of software, what was being given were cars… would people expect to get an upgrade to the next model or an oil change for free after a while?

    On the other hand, People in general should agree to disagree… If this Scheme, as it has been called works for MAAD… they will keep on doing it regardless of the good or bad OPINIONS expressed here… as much as they will shut it down if it doesn´t accomplish what THEY (and not US, aka…consumers) were expecting.

    Of course the people at MAAD could benefit from the criticism and suggestions from users of the program… but just as much as we can choos if we download or not a piece of software they offer, thay will chose to take into account or not what is being talked about here…

    Happy hollydays to everyone.

  65. Here’s to MAAD… Making EVERY day feel like Christmas.


  66. I’ve enjoyed the exposure to new apps, but I think a really successful model is more of the discounted prices to upgradeable offers such as the one for Yummy FTP. A locked, non-upgradeable version as a demo is fine, but I’ll agree, that wasn’t part of the hype, I’ll also agree, that no matter what the reason (I’m sure it’s difficult to track registrations for micro updates), it certainly has seemed that several of the offers were updated within days of being given away, which comes across as fishy.

    Ultimately though, I’m glad the smaller independent software developers are getting exposure, and hopefully from that exposure more exciting titles will come along in ‘07.

  67. @justG: no worries licenses will go to users who can use Yummy I prefer panic myself.

    All I’m saying is watch out for the marketing ploy, and it is a ploy and not living up to its hype. an app a day, down time and vacation bla, they just couldn’t find enough developers to wanna play in this scheme!!!

    In the beginning, reading I though wow this might be cool, maybe 2 or 3 moths later the developer offered an upgrade but for yummy to offer one so soon just shows the outright scam they have going here!

    What I recommend is for someone with a cool idea to have offer people who were duped by MAAD and Yummy to offer anyone with a valid Yummy FTP license Transmit at 10.00 off, that would be a hell of a back fire, anyone here pull this off?

  68. Alex Rubin
    Dec 26th 2006

    Anyone know where to get the updated copy of tunex?

  69. lindsey
    Dec 26th 2006

    @russ: i guess i see where you’re coming from with the “marketing ploy”, although i disagree with your choice of words there. giving away free samples (often not of a full-sized product) or coupons for a % off is a promotional technique used by most major companies in all different industries. (examples? grocery store coupons, sampling at stores such as sam’s club, itunes free downloads of the week.) sure, this could be a marketing strategy. most free things are, as i just said. i’m sorry if you didn’t realize it until now that this could be a form of marketing, but just because that’s the case doesn’t mean it’s suddenly a “ploy”. [sorry, that was the marketing major in me getting at you.]

    what i DO majorly disagree with is you calling this an “outright scam”. for the last f’ing time, it’s FREE. i understand you being upset that your version of yummy is now out of date, but you got it for free, so who cares?? as long as they’re doing what they say they’re doing (more or less, i know we’ve been very picky with words here in these comments) then stop nitpicking over one or two programs. do you really expect the developers to freeze their plans for upgrades for a couple of months, just so that a few MAAD users aren’t angry that their version is now out-of-date? that’s not realistic.

  70. Gift Horse: “Hey, get outta my face, or I’m gonna bite your head off.

  71. Calgon
    Dec 26th 2006

    Complaining about free stuff? Buncha ungrateful jerks.

  72. ----][-----
    Dec 26th 2006

    You guys do realize that Yummy is nothing more than a GUI built on top of the existing Mac OSX ftp features, right? Yummy is just as limited as the Mac OS. It’s not a real ftp client. It’s a pretty dressing to Mac OS core features.

  73. Mexber, The concept of “free” is blurry because the word has so many connotations in the English language. Your analogy with the car is flawed. It is my opinion that you get into very muddy waters when you try to compare software with physical assets. You can fix a car that breaks down. These programs are all closed source — if they break there is nothing you can do about it but buy a new one. Cars will not stop working if the government “updates” the asphalt they use. Cars are generally pretty “bug free,” and when a serious bug does arise — you do get a fix in the form of a factory recall. Many of these applications are very new to the scene. They are full of bugs and missing essential features — they are evolving works in progress, and we’ve been give a little slice of that to preview for as long as we like.

    Lindsey is on the right track: What we have here is nothing new. Companies and retailers do this kind of thing all of the time. To buy in to the marketing hype and insist that we are getting real, full blow “free” applications every day is to miss the point that this is just promotional advertising dressed up. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a scam either. It’s just a promotion. It is like getting a little cake from a vendor while you are grocery shopping. The cake is nice, and you didn’t pay for it, but it isn’t the full cake. It is just enough to whet your appetite and grab one of the conveniently stashed boxes next to the sample table.

    Instead, I see people treating it as if MAAD were a group of philanthropists who actually purchased half a million dollars worth of licenses and gave them out. Please. If that were the case, then they truly should be applauded. Instead, the developers have paid for these licenses out of their own pockets by the omission of selling anything. To minimise the cost to their bottom line, they’ve limited the quantity and what the application can upgrade to. In some cases they’ve given out ancient versions, in other cases, crippled versions. Whatever the case, they lost the sale and are the ones paying for it.

    Denial of that by insisting that all of this is “free,” is doing them a disservice. If you really like the programs you sample this month — show the developers. Don’t use these coupons. They’ve taken enough of a hit.

  74. Re: Yummy FTP being a wrapper. I’ve never heard of this before. I always thought OS X’s built in FTP “client” was limited to read only, and it always seemed very slow to me. Unthreaded and not very optimised. yFTP has a lot of interesting features. I especially like the automatic directory synchroniser and droplets. Those right there set it apart from any other FTP client I’ve ever seen. Connecting to a server with Finder doesn’t let me set permissions. I have to fiddle with defaults to even seen .htaccess files. I don’t know — I think you might be mistaken on that score. The FTP client I used prior to Yummy FTP was ncftp.

    Dec 26th 2006

    schiz • o• phreni • a [|ˌskitsəˈfrēnēə; -ˈfrenēə]

    1. a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

    2. (in general use) a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements.

  76. ----][-----
    Dec 26th 2006


    All those features are in the Mac OSX but only available via the terminal. Yummy is really just a wrapper. It’s most apparent when attempting to work with problematic servers. You’ll see identical issues/errors with Yummy as you will using Mac OSX.

    Try Transmit from It’s much better and has the features you mention. It’s not just a wrapper. But, of course, it’s not an upgrade-limited free download. Although I do believe there is a trial period.

  77. Av: OS X has a full on (s)FTP client available via command line. For some dumb reason its the Finder that isn’t allowed to upload, but after all, its the Finder, FTP is not a primary function. There’s a ton of stuff you can do with OS X and the command line FTP client without downloading anything… combined with Automator and Applescript its very powerful.

    yFTP’s directory sync isn’t anything new. Transit, er, Transmit has had it for a long time and I think Yummy has had it all along (though its still younger than Transmit).

    As for Yummy being a wrapper to what is built in, I certainly don’t know. It would be much easier for them to ship with their own FTP client built in since they’d never be able to tell what Apple’s gonna do so it’d be easier to include their own for stability and consistency.

  78. And to all the people bitching about the upgrade options: the fact that a program was updated doesn’t make the copy you have any less effective… I don’t see how any could have honestly expected 100% FREE FULL UPGRADE programs from any of these developers. You’re living in a tree if you did.

  79. Oh well, I guess you meant the 28th; see you tomorrow then.

  80. Oh man, who cares. So its a marketing scheme.But Its a marketing scheme for small mac developers. its not like this is some kind of sinister plan by nike or the gap or (gasp) microsoft. And Its a still a nice one, and it doesn’t do terribly annoying things like making you tell you friends or fill out lots of forms or send wierd emails or commit any time in your life. You just show up and get an app. Yeah you can’t upgrade, but who cares you got a free full featured app. That’s the point. If you like it they want you to get the next version. Its like a demo but a really sweet one that doesn’t annoy you unless you want it to. Could we live without macappaday. sure. Are they doing something nice, despite the fact that it is a marketing scheme? yes. This site could easily not exist and like I said while the developers do wish to increase thier awareness in the mac market and get more customers, they are usually one guy with a website who I’m sure is not raking it, and is definetly not some evil corporate entity. Niehter are the macappaday guys suckering us into anything.

    If there would be one complaint i guess they could tell us the truth behind every decision they make from the get go, but well, is that really important?

    And if you don’t like this scheme, or the free (but horribly! egad! un-updatable!) software then you don’t have to come here or pay any attention. Same goes for mac heist and all these other things.

    man, there are much much much much worse things going on in the world for everyone to be spending thier time hating on macappaday. its got some flaws whatever, get over it, lets move on.

  81. Anonymous
    Dec 27th 2006

    Upgrades: it might make a big difference if the upgrade was to fix bugs. Apparently, according to MacUpdate, that’s what the new YummyFTP was released to do.

  82. How about giving us accurate information. I stayed up an hour later than I needed to just to get todays app (It is now December 27th) and there is nothing here. What a dissapointment.

  83. Anonymous
    Dec 27th 2006

    Wow. Now I can get some more sleep ;)

  84. Mike H
    Dec 27th 2006

    When’s the next app coming out? It’s the 27th… it’s 12:20 AM… shouldn’t there be a new app available here right now? Looks like I got out of bed for nothing. :(

  85. Wow, so much for “We’ll be back on the 27th.” If they weren’t actually going to offer an app “each and every day” then they shouldn’t announce it at the top of the page. And if they weren’t going to restart on the 27th, then it would have been simpler to just put the correct date.

    I’m perfectly happy with the few apps I’ve downloaded. It’s fine that they’re not upgradeable, if I really like them, I’ll probably pay for the new version anyway. But I’m disappointed by MacAppADay’s inability to follow through on the conditions they themselves defined.

  86. Another one grumbling about staying up late to participate in this grab bag, and being a little disappointed that I misunderstood what “the 27th” meant. :\

  87. *yawn*
    Time to go back to bed.
    Hope I don’t wake someone up.

  88. any chance we’re going to get iflash? a broader userbase would greatly improve that program, and it’s awesome.

  89. fitzage
    Dec 27th 2006

    So much for the 27th. I even waited for them to stop overloading their database and everything.

  90. rampancy
    Dec 27th 2006

    …I wonder if the MAAD guys have considered careers in Canadian Federal Politics…

  91. Giovanni
    Dec 27th 2006

    Maybe a problem on the server?

  92. Sleepless
    Dec 27th 2006

    Sleep eluded me, so, I thought, ‘why not visit and save myself the trouble of waking up early.’

    No loss since I could not fall asleep.

    Unfortunately, I still cannot sleep.

  93. this is getting stupid still no app you have had a break now wheres the app

  94. Giovanni
    Dec 27th 2006

    @sleepless Have you ever thought at fight club?

  95. daniel
    Dec 27th 2006

    hopefuly you will offer unlimited downloads on the next apps due to it coming late and people needing slee

  96. Marketing Ploy

  97. Sleepless
    Dec 27th 2006

    Giovanni: Na, I’m too lazy, weak, delusional, and drugged up. Sometimes, though, I do not sleep for days: I miss one night, then the next, and then another. I get benzos but they do not always help. Tonight, I took about a 4mg cocktail of these ’sleeping aids’ and I am still wide awake. Unfortunately, too much is lethal. I wish I lived in Las Vegas: twenty-four hours is right up my alley, though, not by choice.

    Why am I wasting my time writing this? Why am I rudely typing out my discordant thoughts?

  98. Hope these guys are OK. Given normal Mac culture, I don’t think they would have gone through the trouble of an annoucement like that and deliberately be a no-show, unless something happened. It’s not like there is a huge corporation in back of all this. Take care, guys, hope all is well.

  99. so much for returning on the 27th….these guys break another promise to there users..i hope the developers are all pulling out and this idea is over with……..cause they are starting to suck!

    I am sure the bonus app or whatever they are calling the app on the first is REALLY going to suck…..

  100. o, and this makes me NOT want to look at waste a weekend becuase they can’t even keep there promises here…..

  101. yossarian
    Dec 27th 2006

    hm. free apps people don’t show up, people start whining. you aren’t exactly paying them, are you? i’d think only the advertisers/ sponsors on the site would be entitled to bitch about their admittedly dubious track record of irregularity. if you don’t like them, don’t visit the site - you don’t have to.

  102. Bjorn Nitmo
    Dec 27th 2006

    It’s interesting what has been going on in the Mac software world of late. Macheist had a few good deals for end users and made boat-loads of cash for the sleazy promoters and Macappaday, when available, has for the most part been giving out old, non-upgradable (read trial) versions of software nobody really wants. The only legitimate and victimless promotion so far was MacSanta where the deal was quite simple: A no strings attached 20% discount on current versions of fully-upgradable software. They delivered exactly what they promised and as a result I bought seven new pieces of software. I’m happy and the developers are happy. Sounds like a Christmas miracle to me.

    P.S. Giving away non-upgradable licenses to software knowing full well that you’re going to release a new version in a few days is specious and disingenuous. To hell with YummyFTP.

  103. ouranos
    Dec 27th 2006

    Hi, just a few words in order to grant the authors of this website. I could discover software I did’nt know for no money. Thank you very much and I hope you’ll be able to offer others. Have a good holliday. Cordially. (Sorry for my english language …)

  104. Randy Smith
    Dec 27th 2006

    Actually it is the 27th all day today depending were you are then it might be the 28th already. As long as they get an app out today it will still count. If they don’t them come back tomorrow and you will have every right to unload on them.

  105. All right, I know about the FreeBSD version of FTP that comes with the core system (it is not really part of the operating system, any more than curl is). I never cared for the interface, and that is why I used the GNU ncftp instead. Perhaps Transmit has improved in the past few years. The last time I had a look at it, it was slow, did not take full advantage of the server’s features, and had poor user feedback for options (appeared to be stalled while trying to do something). I guess I’ll check it out, though I have been quite happy with yFTP. First GUI client I’ve ever been happy with.

  106. I know its hard to complain about free stuff, and I am totally thankful l for this cool site but the inconsistency is aggravating. You want to keep them coming back, not drive them away.

  107. Dolphbucs
    Dec 27th 2006

    “So, good news and bad news. The bad news is that we are going to extend the period of not offering applications for a couple of days more. The good news is that in addition to the extra partying and sleep that you can now have we are going to end the month with a “end of year bonanza”. We are going to offer a mini bundle of free applications and associated offers by way of wrapping up what has been a great month.”

    I read this as follows:

    1) MAAD was never able to line up all 32 apps they originally intended ( maybe the developers themselves didn’t want to be bothered with running spevcial offers during the holidays )

    2) “couple of days” means to me that we won’t see any more apps until and/or/if Jan 1st

    3) The mini-bundle will be a re-offering of the previous free apps and some discounted offers

    4) The experiment is over

    While I have been a defender of MAAD in previous postings to these comments, and to give them the benefit of the doubt I think at the beginning they really intended what they promised, I have to admit I have become a bit disillusioned by the recent state of affairs. A simple “hey people, we tried but just couldn’t get it to work” or “sorry, but this just doesn’t seem to be working out” would be the proper, IMHO, way to go. Instead, all the current course of action has done is to cause people to become frustrated and, quite possibly, angry with the good developers that have participated in this project. I, for one, will hesitate to purchase anything from the developers who participated in this experiment and maybe it is just this reaction, or feared reaction, that have made the developers shy away from the project. After all, shareware authors have nothing if their reputation is marred…that’s what they depend upon. It is better to just offer a fair deal up front than to try an offer that, however well-intended, might be perceived as disingenuous.

    I don’t know … maybe it’s just me.

  108. To those of you out there who continue to unabashedly & blndly support the actions of this site - and claim that we should just forgive because it’s free, don’t seem to consider that the developers of Macappaday have repeatedly not lived up to their own hype. What is agravating is not the type of apps that are given away in this poorly excecuted promotion, it is the obviously poor planning and implementation of the idea. hopefully, MAAD will learn from their mistakes and do it right the next time. We as the consumer have as much right to forgive as we do to express our displeasure in the way this “event” has gone down. I for one hope that they continue their efforts! If they are serious about their business they will take their hits as well as their accolades and from this, learn how to operate a successful and proffitable business.
    A bit of advice to the MAAD folks: Really, you should take the time to correct the false statements on your web page (ie Have a very Happy Holiday Season, we’ll return with our usual offerings of free applications on December 27th) As well, the banner text is woefully inaccurate in reflecting this “event”.

  109. I hope everyone with MAAD and their family are OK. This is the holiday season too, and all I see is people complaining because they want more FREE stuff.

    If you want to complain, go donate a bunch of money to the bandwidth charges. Otherwise go find free software somewhere else, or PAY for it.

  110. I don’t think bandwidth is the problem, Ian. It looks to me as if developers either backed out, or never signed up for this last week. On the other hand — there is one telling line: “…whilst those of you that say that we haven’t literally offered an application every day are correct, to date we have provided more applications than we had anticipated at this stage.” I love this excuse. Don’t say we are incompetent because we are more competent than we thought we would be, though not as competent as we said we would be!


  111. You know, I was disappointed that the bonanza didn’t continue this morning, but in the big picture, it doesn’t matter. I really doesn’t matter if the apps are nonupgradeable, the fact remains that we have all been given value. I’m sorry for those who didn’t see the value.

    I would like to see more developers give this kind of value to the Mac community. Call it what you will, but you get value and the developer get a good review of their work. I don’t know how many apps that might have been of good value to me were not follow up upon since they had such a limited “demo” period.

    I say “Way to Go!” to MacAppADay and the participating developers.

  112. A Grownup
    Dec 27th 2006

    To the crybabies:

    Go buy something for once in your lives!

  113. A “Grownup,” I think that we are all here scoping out Macintosh applications means we already have Apple computers. Eh. :)

    Here is a link for you: You might want to look up “crybabies.” Then at least you will not look like a complete idiot the next time you open your mouth. Well, and try recommending something we do not already obviously own, too!

  114. Goodbye to the complainers; go share your unhappiness with someone else, and please don’t come back.

    Thanks, Macappaday and partners; the free apps have been great, and my kids are enjoying the $25 macZOT Holiday Games package that I wouldn’t have known about if not for your promotion (OK, I’m playing with the games too…)

    Happy Holidays, and see you when you get back online!


  115. Mohammad Washington
    Dec 27th 2006

    4 hours into the 28th now!

  116. Regarding Yummy being a wrapper to built in functions - A LOT of mac apps are simply GUI wrappers for built in command line functions. Not everyone is UNIX savvy, or care to be. I can manage with terminal if I had to, but prefer GUI. I can not drag and drop files in command line, I can with Yummy. I can not easily click a file on the server, have it open in Smultron or CSS Edit, edit it, and save directly to the server with terminal, again, I can with YFTP, so bashing Yummy all the while defending the give away of non-upgradeable apps seems contradictory, to say the least.

    As far as this promotion, I do see ads all over the place. People are still coming to the site, and chances are they are clicking these ads. Telling people the promotion will return on the 27th does get people coming back to the site, and possibly getting more ad traffic. Call me Scrooge, but it smacks of …, well, it’s been said.

  117. Guy S.
    Dec 27th 2006

    To all of you including AV who have dissed here. Yes there are some flaws. I agree that the once a day, everyday tag should have been tweaked. Yes they had server issues. To speculate until we know the facts though concerning why MAAD didn’t continue over the Holiday weekend or for today when they said it would return on the 27th is futile until they tell us why.

    The big thing to remember here is this: This is new, this does not have the backing of some huge Corp. with deep pockets. Even MacHeist which had a bigger team of experts behind it suffered from problems. It’s how they all learn and hopefully fix on their next adventure. Look at MAAD and MH as Beta’s. How else can they test themselves except to unleash it and see what needs to be fixed or tweaked.

    On MAAD’s part they seemed to work hard to fix the download and license issues. As for saying these all are great apps for the Mac, what would you have them say? Hey folks come here every day to download useless, oldie-n-moldie apps that you don’t need or want from Developers looking to unload them?

    This is a ‘Shareware’ Promotional site as is MH. The true tests for the MAAD peeps is quite simple. WoW should have less problems/bugs, look better and be fun. MAAD also needs if they want to, to explain themselves why they didn’t fix their top Banner and why there is no return to free on the 27th.

    As for MAAD owing us anything… well an explanation perhaps but thats it. We as Mac users are not entitled to anything we don’t pay for. Though again MAAD did make a couple of statements that haven’t come true and they haven’t taken them down as well… that’s really all you can hold them responsible for.

    As for blaming Developers… oy vay! (No I am not Jewish, not there is anything wrong with being Jewish)
    How can you blame them? They like MAAD and MH have gone through a learning process. I am sure from now on downloading and obtaining licenses should not be a factor. Besides even if some DEVS. who have participated in MAAD and/or MH are not to happy the thing to do is question why and work that out because the biggest thing MAAD, MH and WoW have is the power to promote these Developers in a way that is very, very cost effective and at the same time fun/entertaining for us Mac users.

    There is also one more major benefit to these sites: The Forums. I have made many new Friends and Connections. I’ve learn alot. I learned the Diff. between BBCode and HTML. I am not an egghead and these sites have really been useful to me as well as scoring some free Apps and a really nice bundle package at MH.

    I will continue to support peeps like MAAD, MH, WoW and MDA as long as they learn, grow and stay fun and interactive.

    Dec 27th 2006

    ONE STUPID ERROR ERASES THOUSAND OF GOOD INTENTIONS and now you committed 2 stupid errors, no “apps every day” and “no app this 27″. This behavior really sucks…

  119. Given that these folks have provided a fair number of useful apps already (useful at least until 10.5 or even 10.4.9, when compatibility updates start to show up), it would’ve been nice to have seen them live up to their word(s).

    No one can claim to have been harmed by this opportunity having fizzled (unless there’s a developer out there who was promised an opportunity to promote their software), but the larger Mac community, including recent PC switchers who are trying to learn more about the Mac shareware world, will start to see sites like this as too good to be true. Future promotions will have to work a bit harder to convince developers and users that they’re not “another MAAD,” or “another Heist #6.”

  120. A Grownup
    Dec 27th 2006

    Av: I found it!

    cry·ba·by [krahy-bey-bee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, plural -bies, verb, -bied, -by·ing.
    1. a person, esp. a child, who cries readily for very little reason.
    2. a person who complains too much, usually in a whining manner.

    Now tell me what I missed, you ungrateful idiot!

  121. WOW! The drama! The agony! The suspense!

    Now to figure out how to set my Tivo to record this… ;)

  122. Peace on earth, goodwill to all.

  123. sheriff_john_brown
    Dec 27th 2006

    Take what you’re given you ungrateful minorities!

  124. Those defending the site to the point of name calling or worse don’t seem to possibly be educated enough to understand that this site has essentially made itself a business and makes money just off visits via advertising.

    I can’t say for certain but if this happens too often it just might be possible for someone to take this to the courts.

    I know some of you find this ludicrous or even entertaining but the fact remains that the ads are exposed to people coming to the site and what was stated would be here is not here.

    It would be in the promoters best interest to at least provide an update of what is going on. It would also probably be in their best interest to remove the ads when the promotion is no longer active.

  125. Thanks to the MAAD folks for all the cool stuff. It is truly appreciated by some of us.

    And after reading the various comments on this thread and others, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they decided “the hell with it” and just walked away from the whole thing, a few dollars richer and a bit smarter. No-ones going to sue them for not finishing their “promotion”.

  126. Joey Livingston
    Dec 27th 2006

    Thanks, MAAD. If you never continue what you started, you’ve given me several useful apps, without me having to lift a finger. You’re tops in my book.

  127. Han Solo
    Dec 27th 2006

    Well… back to MacZot…. NOTHING beats the excellent quality and fun of MacZot and its support of shareware developers.

  128. Zetothar
    Dec 27th 2006


  129. TRIALS
    Dec 27th 2006

    I think everyone needs to re-read the post they are making comments to… MAAD has given you an update… The headline is still the same but the post has changed… It doesn’t give a date of return but does mention a bundle of free apps. I know some of you say they are free some say they are not I’m not arguing that point… Just before one more person calls someone else an “uneducated mo-ron from Podunk, who can’t tell his mac from a hole in the ground” Please RE-READ the post.

    So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Have a Good Boxing Day, Happiest of New Year’s to you all (Sorry if I missed any one I can’t keep track anymore. Must be the mo-ron in me)

    BTW thanks to a lot of you for the Jerry Springer action, TV reception isn’t the best here in Podunk, but the internet picks up great on this hole in the ground.

  130. I’m MAAD!!!

  131. tygerosx
    Dec 27th 2006

    “… reality is that on some days we have offered unlimited downloads, and unscheduled opportunities to upgrade so whilst those of you that say that we haven’t literally offered an application every day are correct,
    to date we have provided more applications than we had anticipated at this stage.”

    Are they saying they knew from the beginning they would not have enough apps to fulfill the expectations? It does sound like it.
    I definitely appreciate the efforts they made, and all the freebies I otherwise would not have tried, but really. I wonder if the whole server issue was a ploy as well?

  132. Jeremy
    Dec 27th 2006

    I kinda feel bad for the MAAD guys, people are going so hard on them, and i truly think it wouldn’t be quite as bad if macheist wasn’t such a success, but MAAD really fell on their face with this one, and it’s making it that much worse since we’ve seen how well it could be done. I appreciate what they tried to do, though I only grabbed a couple of the downloads as I already had most from macheist or didn’t care about the others, but it definitely helped open me up to a few new developers i hadn’t heard of.

  133. Supporter
    Dec 27th 2006

    “The bad news is that we are going to extend the period of not offering applications for a couple of days more.”

    This is sad news, indeed.

    I hope the MAAD folks take the feedback and roll it into an improved program. This was a great idea but it seems like the planning should be more thorough.

    - Define preferred registration schemes beforehand
    - Test your servers beforehand (Changing hosts mid-stream was a horrible mistake)
    - While it’s nice to be surprised by an app, it could serve the buzz (and the developer) by providing some advanced teaser on the app that’s next up.

    I’m quite fine with getting a slightly crippled version for “free”. It build awareness and also establishes a potential revenue stream for small developers. This is a win-win for all of us and for the more pessimistic among us, with the exception of the potential misuse of contact info, this could be called a “victimless crime”.

    MAAD, please regroup. Re-think the program. Learn from your mistakes. And come back stronger.

  134. I don’t really know why people are complaining.
    Last time I checked, my Applications folder is 17 stronger.
    And I followed MacHeist religiously.
    Thanks for all the great apps.
    Hopefully everything runs smoother next time.
    Thank you.

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