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Next app at Midnight PST 29th

Free App: Alarm Clock Pro :: Recappr Discounts: Will appear tommorow

Alarm Clock Pro is not just an alarm clock — it is a digital companion. Designed to perform various tasks and maximize your daily efficiency, you will always be in the right gear to handle life’s demanding schedule.

If you’re used to waking up to a mind-numbing buzzing alarm every morning or static-plagued radio station, and enjoy it, then Alarm Clock Pro is not for you. Wake up to your favorite internet radio station, MP3, audio disc, movie, random inspirational quote, or even daily task list being read to you. However, we understand that not everyone has their computer in their bedroom! Alarm Clock Pro can be configured to send text messages to your cell phone as well!

All gone

and the Recappr continues in a few hours, before we pack up our bags and leave the office for christmas!

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 23rd 2006

    me first

  2. Got this from MacHeist, so an extra download for somebody. Thanks, MAAD and Koingo, for another cool app.

  3. Andrew
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Yet again, another app I already got from MacHeist. Someone else can have my copy, its a pretty neat app.

  4. tumuchtime
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I got this one at MacHeist too, so another one for someone else to pick up. Thanks MAAD, I appreciate all the free apps.

  5. git it from MH. but thanks anywayd.

  6. Lisa Kirsch
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Thanks for another great app, although I already have this one.

    Btw is it just me or was MAAD’s site much faster and more stable before the recent infamous transfer? =(

  7. Anonymous
    Dec 23rd 2006

    another great app! AC Pro has tons more features than Aurora and the windows and icon are far superior. Thanx MADD! Happy holidays!
    ps anyone else having problems with the MADD website and links loading?

  8. Downloaded it, the DMG failed to open though. I get an error message “not recognised”. I can’t seem to re-download from the same IP. *sigh* oh well.

  9. So many problems with the new site, let’s see:

    All apps I already have from MH or MDA… get creative please?

    SO SLOW it takes 40 minutes to even get the app.

    Plus it was “downloading” the .dmg file as text into the sidebar with all these strange characters instead of recognizing it as a .dmg. I had to look into your source and paste the actual link into an HTML file as a link then right click download as to get it to work right.

    This is starting to seem disappointing when I was so excited at first. Please live up to the great idea you created! Get some unique apps that no one has given away yet and get your server working!

    Thanks, a fan,

  10. wingnut
    Dec 23rd 2006

    no joy for me. just hangs, then my mac went all freaky deaky.

  11. Not able to download… the link opened as text on the sidebar and because of the one-time IP limitation cannot fix it..


  12. In firefox the dmg file showed up as a bunch of text chars in the sidebar - the downloadplus method seems to only work in Safari !!!

  13. jfisher
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Same thing happened to me: download was only about 1/4 of the way through (and going slowing) when suddenly it stopped and tried to mount the dmg.
    “mount failed”
    double clicked in the finder and got the “not recognized” error

  14. Another person getting gibberish after clicking the ‘download’ link. :-(

  15. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 23rd 2006

    @ macv: email me and I can email the app to you.
    @ others: I am not sure why the site would slow down like this.

  16. Superdotman
    Dec 23rd 2006

    It downloaded fairly seamlessly when I tried it with Shiira. Thanks!
    Alas, my initial attempt with Camino was not as seamless, or indeed crashless. Perhaps next time, you could implement some form of “download ticket” system, so that we don’t all try to explode the server at once? Then we could ensure ourselves a spot in line, but download at our leisure!

  17. Alex nailed it, downloader plus only works with Safari (no joy with either Firefox or Opera)

  18. Melissa
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Argh, I was so excited too. I don’t like this gibberish thing. :\

  19. tekk-x
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Alex is right, Safari works, Firefox fails.

    jfisher: I use Speed Download and no problem. Try it for next days, hope, it helps and trial period is long enough. ;-)

  20. Jasper
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I don’t see the DL link for the app. … is it me ..
    Only the bundle link …
    Can someone point me in the right direction….

  21. marcos
    Dec 23rd 2006

    “not just an alarm clock — it is a digital companion”

    So, this is like the OS for a Real Doll? **And** ann alarm clock? Cool!

  22. Jasper
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Whups .. missed the little link on the next page.. .safari is downloading now..

    MERRY X-Mas guys !!!

  23. rogerattack
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I’ve tried downloading both with camino and with safari. safari works, but its telling me it will take over 24 hours to finish…

  24. I strongly suggest you move back to Media Temple. GoDaddy hosting is a pathetic excuse for web hosting. I don’t even know why you guys switched over from Media Temple in the first place!

    PS: The site took 4 minutes to load in Safari, and the app is downloading at a (decreasing) speed of 2.4 KB/s.

  25. Thanks for the app, been considering this for a long time! :)

    U must agree with the other comments, the first time I tried to download I got a bunch of script-looking code in the sidebar, and the download took about 15-20 minutes.

    Regardless, no complaints — thanks

  26. Evilbunny
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Same as others, doesn’t work on Firefox.
    Thanks for the download.

  27. I can’t get it and as I can’t access my Mac right now using Safari isn’t an option. The app looked really cool as well… :( .

  28. wingnut
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Bingo. Download only works in Safari. Thanks for the tip fellow MacAppers.

  29. Over 80% when “Mounting failed” :-(

  30. Evilbunny
    Dec 23rd 2006

    And it’s still downloading at 1.24kbps… but it’s stuck at 2% for over 10minutes… :/

  31. Hey all… I have a real geekish question… does anyone have a complete list (and in the right order) of every app that MAAD gave away? I have missed a few but don’t know which ones? LOL it’s “”OCD”" that’s kicking in… AND ALSO… if anyone has a copy of MailStewart that they are willing to give away in exchange for any past MAAD app I may have that I don’t need… MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL

  32. jamescat
    Dec 23rd 2006

    12.01: TuneX
    12.02: Mail Steward Lite
    12.03: Cookie Assassin
    12.04: Yummy FTP
    12.05: Shoebox
    12.06: Shadow Clipboard
    12.07: DEVONagent
    12.08: Xslimmer
    12.09: mira
    12.10: DEVONnote
    12.11: thrupp
    12.12: Earth Desk
    12.13: Overflow
    12.14: ShadowBurn
    12.15: PTHPasteboard PRO
    12.16: MacPilot
    12.17: Desktop Magic
    12.18: Translation Service
    12.19: missed or not released
    12.20: not released
    12.21: Typinator
    12.22: PhotoPresenter
    12.23: Alarm Clock Pro

  33. Indigo23
    Dec 23rd 2006

    This Downloader Plus thing sucks, first of all, you can’t use Firefox/Opera with it, you are forced to use Safari. Second of all, its soooo slow. I was getting 0.3 KB/sec at one point!!! Please revert back to the old way of doing things and find a faster connection or something. I have no idea why you went to a new server, the old one was much better.

  34. Vincent/macman:

    I’d appreciate that gesture very much. I’ll email you my address just as soon as I find out what your email address is. Thanks.

  35. Finally got it. How to register?

  36. @jamescat… nice to see someone is as neurotic as i am =)

    TOGETHER (even if all we do is fight when we are together)

  37. Vincent/macman>

    Could you just email me the app at macvinoz[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks.

  38. sagemoonspirit
    Dec 23rd 2006

    If you click under “Enter License Code,” it says it is a free application and that it doesn’t need to be registered.

  39. The Owl Whoooo Knows
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Yup, agree with others, won’t download in Firefox, but will download (*really* slowly) in Safari. But previous MAAD giveaways only worked in Firefox and not at all in Safari. Holy conundrum Batman!

    The point being, you have to be be agile and flexible in your use of the Mac to get the free app for the day. “Must have multiple browsers and extreme patience,” should be listed as one of the requirements to participate. Fortunately, I qualify under those parameters. I don’t mind taking a little extra effort to get a great free app like ACP. But still . . .

    *This* is what I meant in a post earlier in the month when I said it seemed to be a new challenge every day to get the free app. I was thoroughly and roundly criticized for saying so, specifically by Vincent/Macman himself, but I think a scan of the comments on many of the the giveaways (or at least those that are still available!) confirms that each new freebie leaves a number of people frustrated. I have never been personally frustrated because I have just come to expect that I might have to try several times, or several methods, or several programs to get the free app–or at the extreme, even contact the developer (stupidfish has been the best and most helpful in this regard), but I definitely think that the casual Mac enthusiast who isn’t as knowledgeable/obsessed with Macs and their software would be frustrated. (I’m not even taking into account the multiple server downtimes and other issues–I can deal with those; I’m very aware of the realities and issues with file serving and web hosting.)

    Listen carefully, I don’t want to be misunderstood and maligned again–I think this is a great giveaway promotion, it has exposed me to lots of really interesting software I might have otherwise ignored and I am *extremely* grateful for the apps I have gotten a chance to try out for free. But does that mean we are not able to provide constructive criticism as to how the promotion was handled? I mean, does free = “shut your piehole and enjoy your free app no matter what it took to get it,” or will the developers participating in MAAD realize that it ultimately cannibalizes the future sales they were hoping to get when they agreed to participate in this month if the MAAD site leaves so many visitors frustrated so often?

    My constructive criticism then, you ask? MAAD, in whatever future form it exists, needs to *absolutely* require developers to deliver their app in only *one* particular way, in one particular browser, with requirements clearly stated in advance. While Vincent/Macman or whoever else might take my criticisms personally, it is ultimately *you* the software developers who have the power here.

  40. @sagemoonspirit - Thank you!

  41. Kajtus
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I’m not on my mac. Didn’t work with firefox, so downloaded it with explorer… Oh well…
    I just hope the dmg file will work on my mac.
    Thanks, for the app. I’ve been looking at it recently.

  42. I came over at about two hours after kick-off and while the page loaded immediately, Alarm Clock Pro took about 45 minutes to download. (I’m not complaining, merely commenting for information.) I just put on my patience hat and waited. Unlike some of the earlier commentators, my disk image mounted fine. A quick test run shows that the app launched okay too.

    Thanks, again, to MAAD and Koingo Software. :)

  43. Umm… Aaa… Ahem… Mmmm…
    {oh well…here it goes…again}

    TOGETHER (even if all we do is fight when we are together)

  44. @The Owl Whoooo Knows

    > But previous MAAD giveaways only worked in Firefox and not at all in Safari.

    Eh? Either the non-Safari operation occurred on one of the three or four days when I wasn’t interested in the offered download - or there was some other symptom causing your problems. All my downloads were pulled using Safari.

  45. Raptor Jesus
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Didn’t work. The file got opened as text in that little sidebar and my browser hanged. Could we get an alternate download link please? :-)

  46. Anonymous
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Another MacHeist duplicate

  47. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Added it to my collection, like a good little squirrel. Don’t think I’ll ever use this kind of app though. I loved the description on the website though: “enhances the quality and serenity of your daily life!”

  48. Mike H
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Add me to the list of people who’s download didn’t work in Firefox but it worked perfectly when I tried again in Safari. I got the initial “You’re download will begin in 15 seconds” message, then after 15 seconds it was replaced with a whole bunch of garbage characters and seems to have frozen FF. It’s been a few minutes, and my FF window is still sitting there with a spinning beach ball cursor whenever I move my mouse over it. Look like I’ll have to do a Force Quit on it.

    The weird thing is that it worked every other day in Firefox, including yesterday.

  49. Absolutely agree with that Owl Who Knows up there. It is up to the person receiving the critique to decide whether or not they are adult enough to take advice or cry about it. All of these ancillary brown nosers that fester and flourish like some great mold around any post that isn’t droolingly on its knees in from of MAAD, is completely unnecessary.Somebody mentioned something about WasteAWeekend and most of these people are just schmoozing for some project going on there or something — who knows — but that is the only valid explanation I can see for the rank quantity of hands-over-ears types I see here.

    The site has problems. Face it. They have not stuck to their word of an app a day (greasing about how the same app every day is still an app every day is — well greasy). Am I ungrateful? No. Do I think MAAD is nothing but charity? Of course not — it is just another slick viral, and anyone that thinks otherwise, well you probably get all teary when you see Exxon commercials about saving the environment. So when the marketing is floundering, I’m going to point it out. None of these whimpering “but think about their *feelings*” types are going to stop me.

    So — yes. Nice application today. I didn’t do the Heists, so this is of use to me. I had to switch browsers because you forgot to set the MIME types or something though. Might want to look in to that.

    Dec 23rd 2006

    “”Am I ungrateful? No.”"

    “”It is up to the person receiving the critique to decide whether or not they are adult enough to take advice or cry about it. All of these ancillary brown nosers…”" blah blah blah
    grow up kid… take it like a man


  51. Yessir!

  52. It’s okay Ava, you don’t have to get all red in the face, you are just the type that makes me giggle, here. The comment was for the MAAD folks, not you.

  53. William
    Dec 23rd 2006

    yo, don’t look now, but check out the ad at the bottom of the page. what are the chances!

  54. William
    Dec 23rd 2006

    oh well, too late. anybody see it?

  55. Merry Christmas. Peace on earth and goodwill to all!

  56. I missed out on the MH for this app. Thanks MAAD!!!

  57. Steve Adams
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Thanks MAAD. 7:40 AM EST and downloaded with no problem using Safari and iGetter. Haven’t actually opened the .dmg yet, but download speed was a scant 18 seconds at 567.25 KB/s for 9.98 MB file size. Hope that info is helpful for your site troubleshooting.

    Take care all.

  58. Dude, when you are going to change something, AND not let people try again, you need to do a little QA. Not everybody uses Safari, I personally hate Safari. If it was required, you should have said so, but then you would have to have done some QA to know that.

  59. Thanx MAAD. I love waking up in the morning to a MacBook.
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!!!

  60. Thanks for hanging my Firefox!!!

    Nah, not a big deal. Thanks for all the apps. Some better testing in the future would be nice though. Non-geek types (are there any here?) would be completely put off by this though, and would probably incorrectly blame the Mac for some of these issues — not good.

  61. Whatever that downloader is, its a bad idea… and if the DMG loaded in sidebar (it did for me in Firefox) that says to me that the server might not know how to deliver a DMG file and reverted to plain text. Safari might have intelligently been able to pick it up and accommodate it.

    ACP is a cool app - Thanks a ton!

  62. man this site sux, does anything work on here?

  63. This version of ACP is newer than the one from MH. Woohoo version 7.9.7

  64. Anonymous
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I got the file in OmniWeb with no problems. The download was slow, but I got it.

  65. Anonymous
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Vincent/Macman? Will there be apps throughout christmas?? b/c it says they are going on vacation…

  66. Micrll
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Hmmmm…I crashed firefox (or for me BonEcho) three times before I switched to safari, oh well. It downloaded fast for me so no worries, but this should be looked at. Thanks for the app apparently its newer than the mac heist version.

  67. anomaly
    Dec 23rd 2006

    Stop with the new ideas on how to help make downloading faster, with out testing them first!. After having to forcequit firefox as it was trying to download the dmg. in the page. Luckly Safari works and I was able to download it in 30sec. So thanks maad.

  68. This app wasn’t too reliable for me when i got it from MH. Luckily my back up alarm worked both times that ACP didn’t. :S

  69. Yep, Firefox hangs big time!

    Shiira with Speed Download worked great :)

  70. veronica
    Dec 23rd 2006

    I missed this one…

    I am having trouble with the server every single night… It won’t load the site and it’s keeping me from downloading it :(

    Oh well… hopefully I’ll have better luck later

  71. I downloaded ACP and when I launch it, it says my trial has expired. How do you get the license code? Thanks.

  72. I have this chronic habit of missing the best ones. :(

  73. It would be nice if I could download it but it’s just causing my browser to hang there and eventually crash! I’ve tried so many times it’s a joke!

  74. PO’ed (yeah whatever) - if you hate Safari so much maybe you should just go back to your crappy beige Windoze box. Quit complaining.

  75. And FWIW Firefox is a complete joke on the Mac I’m not surprised it doesn’t work.

  76. andi*h
    Dec 24th 2006

    oh…sh*t, i’ve missed it :-(
    is there maybe one with two copies?? :-)

    thanks in advance!

  77. ee

  78. Heywood Jabuzzoff
    Dec 27th 2006

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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