MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

App Bonanza!

Well, first, a bit of explanation is in order:

Server setup process

Two parts to our App Bonanza:

Today, 1 great app and a stupidly cheap bundle we ran yesterday most missed. Tomorrow, another great app, and discount codes for some of the best apps from earlier in the event you might have missed

Your free app - Typinator

Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Or do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often introduce errors when retyping standard business text?

Are you looking for an automatic text software that handles such issues for you?


Typinator is an automatic text software that boosts your productivity and eliminates errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics.

Download today

The Bundle

If you like Typinator, you’ll love our bundle offer!

bundle offer

The Macility Productivity Bundle packages together our most popular products to enable you to increase your personal productivity on the Macintosh. The bundle is being offered at a substantial discount off the combined prices of the individual products.

The components of the Productivity Bundle are:
PopChar X – for easily inserting special characters into text
KeyCue – improves the visibility and usability of shortcut keys
Typinator – automates the entry of repetitive text and graphics

Each of these products can be purchased individually. However, if you purchase the Productivity Bundle, you get a total value of US$ 69.97 for only US$ 44.99 – a saving of more than 35%. And as with all Macility products, two years of updates and upgrades is included at no additional cost.

But wait! It’s not $44.99. With our special offer, it’s $19.99! And nope, that’s not a typo! Only today and only for the MacAppADay fans, we are offering the Macility Productivity Bundle at an unbeatable price. For only $ 19.99 (US), you can purchase a license for PopChar X, KeyCue, and Typinator.

The bundle represents a total value of $ 69,97 (regular price when purchasing all three products separately) – a saving of over 70%. Plus it contains free updates and upgrades for all three products for 2 years.

Buy today for $19.99

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. I was hoping “app bonaza” meant 2 or 3 apps to make up for server down time… not a marketing ploy to get my to spend money.

    Oh well.

    Thanks for the free app!

  2. Hmm…the server is VERY slow…and part of the bonanza is not free ! Something’s going wrong with this great december idea….

  3. anomaly
    Dec 21st 2006


  4. da1legend
    Dec 21st 2006


  5. Superdotman
    Dec 21st 2006

    Wait, so there’s no new app today? And can someone explain to me what actually happened in terms of words that aren’t ambiguously provided in the thousands by pictures?

    In any case, I would have missed yesterday’s app if it weren’t pointed out to me in the comments, so thanks. Typinator is one of those apps that made me wish less schoolwork were done in notebooks and on worksheets.

  6. wtf, we already got this yesterday

  7. jamescat
    Dec 21st 2006

    fifthsies!! whoot-whoot!

  8. Giovanni
    Dec 21st 2006

    Doesn’t seem really great to me

  9. Greenldr
    Dec 21st 2006

    Why did I stay up till 2 am when you could have just told me that there was not going to be anything here that I couldn’t have gotten earlier yesterday! Instead you made it sound like there would be MORE than usual, not less… Not good PR…

  10. I wonder why they’re giving out the same app two days in a row… I understand some may have missed it but in that case why not give out two today? It seems like we aren’t getting an app a day after all (unless you count dupes).

  11. memnemon
    Dec 21st 2006

    yep… got this one already ‘yesterday’ - is there something different today ?

  12. I can’t believe you all went from Media Temple TO GoDaddy. That’s generally backwards. Most people leave GoDaddy when they want more reliable service…. guess you may have figured that out in the move.

  13. armandg
    Dec 21st 2006

    kinda disappointed actually…
    Oh well, hoping for a better (offer) tomorrow! =)

  14. cherie nixon
    Dec 21st 2006

    i have already got this but thanks anyway

  15. No free app… ::sigh::

    Well to bed I guess, I hate this PST nonsense.

  16. So now we are missing 2 apps. Don’t they have enough free apps for everyday of december? I guess it doesn’t say anywhere that they are different apps everyday… Well, now I’m not waiting for tomorrow…

  17. Hardly can consider this an “App Bonanza” when we already had the chance to get Typinator.
    Thanks for Typinator but no thanks on the Bundle.

  18. cheapskate
    Dec 21st 2006

    No free app… wtf…

  19. Hahah lots of angry people. I’m sure everyone would be happy if we get 2-3 *new* apps tomorrow :-)

  20. Free App Link
    Dec 21st 2006
  21. shrededcheese
    Dec 21st 2006

    oh no it sucks…

  22. :-(

  23. I can’t believe the comments I see here on a site that has been providing people with free apps. People should be thankful for this and not backstab MAAD when something doesn’t go the way you expected. This is free people, FREE. Show some appreciation for what MAAD has been giving out in the past 21 days an most likely the 9 remaining days of the new year.

  24. Get over yourselves folks. Just say thanks and stop the complaining!! See watch…I’ll show you how:

    Thanks MAAD for the software you’ve been giving away. I downloaded today’s app yesterday and love it (although obviously all will not share that opinion…can’t please everyone!). Look forward to seeing what other stuff you guys put up for grabs!! It’s a cool thing you’re doing!

  25. Giovanni
    Dec 21st 2006

    Will you give us app like salling clicker, double take, and so on?

  26. Ungrateful Bastard
    Dec 21st 2006


    Come on, now. While the idea behind MAAD was pretty good, the execution has been poor. The vast majority of the applications that has been “given away” (a registration for a “full version” that doesn’t allow future upgrades should be considered to have very limit value, in my personal opinion) has been of below-par quality. What should have been limited giveaways of popular quality applications, preferably with life-time upgrades, has turned out to be promotion of applications with a very limited (if any) userbase. Does MAAD even reach 5000 downloads per application lately?

    And now, after several duplicate MacZot application, they’re trying to CHARGE for applications that “easily inserts special characters into text”, “improves the visibility and usability of shortcut keys” and “automates the entry of repetitive text and graphics”.

    Seriously. MAAD doesn’t deserved the hype.

  27. Karl Maria
    Dec 21st 2006

    Thanks MAAD. The Bundle was just the ticket for me. Sure I could have taken the free typinator… but I definitely wanted keycue… and the price was right.

    I missed yesterday’s giveaway, because when I checked in the morning, the site was still down. I had to drive all day, so I couldn’t check the site often to see when it reloaded, so I appreciate your putting the same offer back up, as well as the sweetened bundle deal.

    I guess there are some folks who didn’t appreciate it, but I sure did. And I know you’ll be back tomorrow with more free apps… and I like the idea of coupon offers on some of the apps that came up earlier. Hopefully those who have decided to buy a registered/upgradeable version of the application will be able to take advantage of this!

    Again, thanks… I had suggested Keycue on Monday, in the comments to another offer, and am pleasantly surprised by its appearance here.

  28. Ungrateful Bastard,

    The point of these promotions and free applications is for developers to get their app recognized. These apps usually only provide a demo version, and MAAD worked with these developers to provide people with fully featured versions, some upgradeable, some not. If people appreciate the application and want the upgrades, they should be paying for it. This is similar to MacHiest, while MacHeist may have a better execution, they are basically doing the same thing, promoting new applications and to hopefully, in the end, generate some sales.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you are the kind of person who pirates every application you use and don’t show any appreciation for the developers. In this world, if noone pays for anything, there wouldn’t be all the great applications we see today, both free and commercial products.

    You mentioned some apps are repeats of MacZot, thats fine, you may have gotten it from maczot, but do you think every visitor on this site got that app off MacZot? There may be apps that I’ve seen on MacZot that I MIGHT use, but I wouldn’t pay for it just yet. MAAD gives me the oppertunity to have that perticular app. MAAD gives me the oppertunity to further test a fully functional version of that app, and if i end up liking it and would like upgrades, then I’ll purchase the application.

    MAAD & MacHeist both provide developers public exposure for their applications, and in return, the developers receive appreciation and sales from people who do enjoy the application.

  29. Oh, and MAAD may not deserve the hype, but it certainly does not deserve all that bitching.

  30. thanks for doing your best in making ways to put the site up and running again. I surely missed the excitement of going to your site to see what is the app for the day.

    More power to macappaday and to the sponsors.

  31. Welcome back, MAAD. Good to see you up again. Thanks also to you and Ergonis for Typinator.

  32. Ungrateful Bastard
    Dec 21st 2006


    I totally agree; the point of MAAD is apparently to promote and push more or less unknown applications (in my opinion, usually due to the fact that they are of below-par quality). That’s fine, if it weren’t for the fact that MAAD is going for the user-angle (”MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day, we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application.”). Yada, yada, yada. Yeah, it’s free - if you don’t want to upgrade, but no, it’s generally not popular applications. Let’s just call MAAD what it is - a pure promotional website.

    You are incorrect in assuming that I’m the kind of person who “pirates every application that [I] use”. I have previously purchased — and will continue to purchase applications. Money is not the issue here. However, I originally come from an open source background, having personally contributed time, code and money to projects such as OpenBSD (and many other quality projects) - amazing projects that survives without a price tag.

    Maybe it’s just the Mac scene the pisses me off, and makes me the ungrateful bastard that I am. To start with, I don’t see why minimal, bullshit applications should cost money (though it’s completely up to the author, of course). Just give it away, get appreciation from the community and hopefully some donations. Personally, I just think it’s sad to see people getting excited about receiving a version-limited copy of some random scrappy application that will just collect dust among their other applications on their disk, just because it’s free.

    In the end, you are right. MAAD doesn’t deserve the bitching; the community does.

  33. Hmm. I had not considered this kind of application before.

    As a newer “switcher,” MAAD is getting me to look at all kinds of applications I had not previously been looking for. Not every one is going to be a runaway hit or “gotta have” application, just as Mac users do not fit into the same mold.

    We’re all different, with different needs and interests. Some of the comments seen seem to indicate a lack of that perspective, maturity, and are a bit over the top.

    Staying up late is a choice.

    Thanks, MAAD!

  34. Ungrateful Bastard,

    There may be alot of things out there that “survive without a pricetag.” But as you said, you contributed money, time, and code to projects without a pricetag, yet where do people like you get your money? If you have a job and stable income, then your money comes from your employer. My point being, there is still a cost of development to a certain extent. There may be developers who are students who go to college/university pushing out apps during their free time to help with their tuition.

    “In the end, you are right. MAAD doesn’t deserve the bitching; the community does.”

    That totally doesn’t make sense when its comming from you, because you are the one that is complaining about getting free applications. Not all applications may be of good use to you, but as someone stated about, everyone has different needs, which is why there is such a diverse number of products on the market today, to satisfy consumers different needs from different markets.

    All I want to say is, if you receive a Zune as a christmas gift, but what you wanted is the iPod, would you tell him/her you hate it right in his/her face? no, you don’t. In the case of MAAD, you should be thankful for applications, or just don’t say anything at all.

    A grateful bastard,

  35. Uh. I think it is great you extended the sale deadline and all for those who might have missed the DNS change — but why couldn’t that have been done as well as what would have been today’s application? Waking up is a choice, but when we wake up in the middle of the night at the behest of someone who promises something, only find they couldn’t make good on their offer — twice (three if you count how long the redirect took to get going) in a few days — one starts to lose a little “let’s wake up early and see what’s new” energy. Yes, people are going to ask questions. Just because you’ve been doing a pretty good job so far (though not an excellent job; there has been issues with distribution of varying magnitude all December) doesn’t mean you can trample all over the expectations of those you’ve made promises to. Am I thankful for the stuff I’ve come across here so far? Yes; there are a few applications here and there that I will get some extended use out of. Am I going to bow down to everyone involved and put them on a pedestal where they can do no wrong?

    Uh, no.

  36. While I don’t know if this app will be used a lot (I use the a clipboard app to cut-and-paste boilerplate text) I appreciate the offer. I’m sure that for every person NOT happy with the app o’ the day, there are 2-3 that will gladly take and use it. This isn’t is it?

    Frankly, if anyone couldn’t “see” the server switch having issues, then you’ve obviously never worked in or around the IT field. I have for over 20 years, and I saw this coming. It happens. That’s why you make backups, contingency plans, and what-not. Which I’m sure they did.

    And, I don’t recall MAAD owing any of us ANYTHING. Take your bitching and whining somewhere else.


  37. Romanadvoratrelundar
    Dec 21st 2006

    I see no need for whining, sycophantry, or a flame war. It’s only sense that “app a day” means “two apps either today or tomorrow” to make up for it.

    Oh, and for those who do like Typinator, I recommend also trying out TextExpander which I use (I actually still use my free older version) because it includes a menubar item.

  38. Give MAAD a +1 disappointment.

    I’m not really fond of every app I’ve seen here, but this one really takes the cake. If this app was useful, I’d sure buy it, but this “pack” you speak of seems to be a counter-productivity pack, so to speak. It actually promotes laziness.

    I mean, if you’re going to use a stock message, you’re going to have a text file pre-made for it. I have one, and I’m sure most people do. I even personalize it a bit.

    And for the keys? Easy, if you think a bit. It’s cake to make the é in resumé, or the ñ in niña or even an ∞ when typing equations.

    Bundle isn’t worth a dime to me, guys. Sorry.

  39. Sorry for the double post.

    I just wanted to add that I’m not complaining about “how lame MAAD” has become, or “I was expecting more free stuff” or anything. I mean, think about it guys, MAAD is just giving us free stuff. They don’t own us anything. If anyone owes something, it’s us.

    I suspect that packs will be made available the rest of the time. It’s just that this one isn’t quite my cup of tea.

    Hopefully my message is clearer now.

  40. SoftwareJunkie
    Dec 21st 2006

    >I wouldn’t be surprised if you are the kind of person who pirates every application you
    > use and don’t show any appreciation for the developers.

    Unnecessary cheap shot, uncalled for. He disagrees with you. Doesn’t make him a thief or pirate.

    Most apps are a little over priced and pretty basic. Limits their attractiveness. Appreciate developers but I won’t by software that as little or no value just to “show support”. That’s ridiculous. Somebody wants to sell shareware, they make something people want to buy.

    Don’t agree with UB about the giveaway and hope for donations model. That’s ridiculous too. Invest time developing an app you should get paid for it if you want to. If the app doesn’t sell, too bad.

    This is about MacAppADay doing what they SAID they would do. They made the rules early on. We don’t have to be grateful about them changing them. If they said “a free app every day, some days the same app, and we’ll be offering bundles to buy”, that’s a different story.

  41. Got it yesterday, thanks anyways

  42. iMac Pr0n
    Dec 21st 2006

    Thanks for the free apps, MAAD guys. You rock!

    As for getting up in the middle of the night, I don’t bother. I’ve never seen an app gone by 9am eastern time, when I usually look.

  43. From the top of the main page:
    “Throughout December, each and every day, we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. ”

    Doesn’t say it’ll be a DIFFERENT app - just an app.

    As far as days where there were no app, well sometimes sh*t happens. That’s life. Move on. Either way, it cost you nothing.

  44. Well then, Jim, if you want to be *technical*, that sentence means that if they run the same app two days in a row, they have to give away 10,000 copies.

  45. Anonymous
    Dec 21st 2006

    Oh well, already got it, thanks anyway.

  46. @Av - You’re right!

  47. Sounds to me like some people are trying to kiss MAAD’s ass, for the upcoming WAW. Sorry, but when I read some of you guys who are trying to defend MAAD against people’s ungratefulness, it sounds like you’re gushing like schoolgirls. “OMG, MAAD thanks soooo much for all the apps! You’re soooo awesome, I still love you!” It just doesn’t sound very sincere to me.

    If you want to try and have a comments argument with me (*yawn*), know that I won’t be coming back here every hour. I, um, have a life…

  48. Guy S.
    Dec 21st 2006

    Wow! I love reading the above posts.

    Let me clear up a few misconceptions I think people have about MAAD and MH.

    1: They are both new to this. Now MH had MDA first to get the bugs worked out and a rather large team of behind the scene folk who were able to pull it off yet even they had some bugs to work out.

    2: MAAD on the other hand is basically a new upstart, a first of it’s kind really to give out apps like they have.
    They also had bugs especially in the beginning but I feel as each day passed the good folks at MAAD worked and tweaked MAAD until it became a lot easier to download and license.

    3: The AM start time is because the good folks who run MAAD are based in Europe, besides once in a while things outta be easier for their side of the world, usually the world jumps to please us first.

    4: This Server change, why, I do not know, but as with a move to a new home things can go wrong. It did.
    So they lost a day sorta. Now peeps here feel they are owed an extra app. Maybe MAAD will respond, maybe not but to trounce on them for the Server mishap is downright silly and obnoxious.

    5: Some of you are acting like PC/M$ users. Yes it’s true Mac users are the ‘coolest’ and we are a ‘family’ but we need to stop acting like elitists! And that we are owed something.

    6: There is no reason to give away truly great well known apps for free. Especially the ones you can purchase in stores or just about anyone who owns a Mac are already aware of. Granted MacHeist put out a few famous Apps, but you had to buy the Bundle to obtain them. Otherwise take a gander at the apps they have given away free… one of them was also given out here as well… you will find that the apps there reflect the same type of apps here… in other words both sites have been dutiful in dolling out apps we might have missed or never knew about. Now of course some of you have… You are true Mac diggers but alot of folks are new to Macs or haven’t done enough research to see what’s out there. Thanks to MAAD and MH our eyes have been opened to all the cool ‘Garage Developers’ out there in MacLand.

    I’m done… stepping off my Soapbox. Think what you will, it’s your right, just as it’s my right to post these opinions.

    I could be wrong…LOL. Not.

  49. Jon W.
    Dec 21st 2006

    I still wasn’t able to reach MAAD last night, so I don’t mind a dupe. I’ve gotten everything except Cookie Assassinator (I downloaded it, but didn’t realize until too late that I had to register it).

    I like seeing a discount posted along with the freebie, and (if I’m not mistaken) many of the freebies qualify for upgrade pricing. For example, registered users of DEVONagent 1.x for can upgrade to 2.x for $20, instead of $50. I got Curio Professional for $45 by upgrading from a free download of Curio Basic during their “gambler’s” sale.

    Several of the vendors who have participated in MAAD are also participating in MacSanta. I see Twisted Melon, PTH, KavaSoft, and Stunt, so far.

  50. Can anyone who has installed this answer a Typinator question for me please? I am new to Mac and I need an app like this. I have been trying TextExpander and Typeit4me is next on my list, but it doesn’t look like Typinator can do a couple of the things I use.

    1. Can you set where the cursor is positioned in the expanded text?

    2. Can you insert the clipboard contents in the expanded text?

    3. Do you have to use a common “trigger key” for every expansion or can you use any abbreviation for your expansions?

    Unless it has these functions it’s really not worth installing for me.


  51. I think everyone just needs to suck it up! I mean what you expect applications like MS Office, Toast and BBedit for free? These applications are mainly 1 trick ponies that work well for what they are made for. The developers work hard and deserve to make a living…so what if we don’t get free upgrades for life for something we didn’t pay for to begin with…be happy you got to use it at all…

  52. Brandon
    Dec 21st 2006

    Thanks for the free app!!

    Sorry to hear you moved to GoDaddy - that’s why the move was f’ed up… I’ve known people who have worked at GoDaddy… I’d never pay them a dime to host my web server. Oh well, I hope your experience is positive from here on out - maybe they have improved. Good Luck!

  53. Or you could get textpander, which is free free free! (And better)

  54. marcos
    Dec 21st 2006

    What a bunch of crybabies!

    I’ve been a mac owner since 1991 and a mac user for even longer. Mac Shareware is a tradition, especially quality shareware. It’s a bit different than some yahoo slapping together some piece of shit for windows with VB and then asking for money. When Mac market share collapsed in the mid 90s, shareware not only kept things interesting for us users, but allowed quite a few programmers to continue developing for the Mac.

    So, MAAD is a pretty cool concept, and if the execution of that concept has not been perfect, so what? You want a refund? OK, I’ll give you double your money back. Sheeesh! What a bunch of weenies! If you’re that unhappy, I suggest you take yourselves elsewhere to some other free app site. Or start your own free app site, and show us how to do it right.

    As for Free Open Source Software (F/OSS), one look at Source Forge will tell you that 99% (or more)* of the open source projects out there are failures. Don’t like the shareware model? Then go find the “equivalent” OSS project and contribute! What are you even doing here? Since when does “scratching your own itch” mean complaining about others wanting compensation for their work? Ever hear Linus complain about shareware?

    OK, that concludes my rant.

    *Of course, that 1% (or fraction thereof) is important stuff that powers the net (Linux, Apache, etc) and gives users more choices (firefox, etc.) I’m not bashing OSS, just the morons who expect a free ride from everyone because they can hitchhike on the efforts of OSS developers.

  55. The Erich
    Dec 21st 2006

    I think Kevin and Ungrateful Bastard should meet in person so they can fight! Haha.

  56. WooHoo!!

    The fun continues…..

  57. @tom: Textpander is no longer free — it was renamed to TextExpander and released as shareware. That is the one I am trying now and it has all the features I asked about, but it costs $30. I have not been able to find a download of the old version that used to be free. Typeit4me might be just as good, but it is high too @ $27. That’s why I was asking if this one has the same features. I can try it, but I was hoping someone here who already installed it could tell me.

  58. Thanks MAAD, i know some people got the app yesterday, but i didn’t. But I still don’t understand from the pics what happened. I’m guessing from what it says that… You moved it to godaddy, some people contacted you about the move, and then AH! and then Paul helped you? (If I’m wrong, *sarcasm to save myself humility*; If i’m right, then, “oh.”)

  59. Thanks for the app :) I didn’t get it last time as I couldn’t connect to the site (I was trying every time I was on my machine). This app really is great, something everyone has a use for. I’ll be back for the next one.

  60. labRat
    Dec 21st 2006

    my 2 pennies

    have I been disappointed about the apps lately, a little. but come on people, it’s free, you don’t like it, you don’t have to download it. quit being so spoiled!!!!

  61. I just want to say thanks to those running MAAD for taking the time and making the effort to make it possible. It’s too bad you have to console people that are unhappy with their free stuff, but I’d just like to at least express my thanks. Happy Holidays!

  62. I would like to thank MAAD for doing this free apps thing. Hey, it’s Christmas and the joy is in giving. I must admit that I have been a little disappointed in some of the postings in today’s forum. What an ungrateful lot some of you are. If a developer is giving away free copies of his/her app, why not receive it graciously. If it isn’t for you, then don’t accept it, but leave it for the next person, who may find it is the perfect app for them. Mac users are many and varied, and I’m sure there is an app out there that someone can use. And so what if it is only a ‘limited’ app. At least you have unlimited use of this version, and if you think it is worth keeping it, then you will. What a great marketing idea, giving away free apps. May this start a long and worthy tradition. I for one, say ‘well done, Macappaday! The positive vibes definitely drown the negative ones, who should find the inner Scrooge and banish it!


  63. ‘It’s free!!!’ It’s amazing what that statement will do to perfectly normal people. If you want one, take one and say thanks. If you don’t want one, just keep walking along quietly and let someone else have it. If you wanted one, but missed out, well that’s unfortunate, but not the worst event of the day. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep. So just stay in bed. There is no need to be critical of someone elses work, especially if you don’t want it. You can’t get everything for free. I agree with Jezza 100%. Thanks to all who made the decision to supply their product for NOTHING!!!


  64. Greenldr
    Dec 21st 2006

    I think the problem a lot of people had today is not the fact that the app offered today is of low quality, or are ungrateful for the free app, but the fact that MAAD made the statement yesterday that today would be an “app bonanza”. I know I for one stayed up till 2 am for this reason only, and then was very disappointed that instead of an “app bonanza” it was actually just a continuation of the previous days app… I would just simply have liked a more honest and accurate posting that did not deliberately mislead the reader. I’m not at all ungrateful for the free apps, and I thank the devs very much for providing them, I just think MAAD should be honest with readers who are staying up late just because of statements they make.

  65. I just want to post my thanks to MAAD. I’m a new Mac user and this promotion has really been really helpful in the transition from Windows. As anyone who’s changed platforms can probably attest, it can be costly getting all your software switched over.

    I really hope the people behind this site will do it again next year, but with all the whining that’s been going on in the comments, I would not be surprised if they didn’t want to do something like this ever again. Hopefully my thanks and appreciation will help drown out some of the complainers.

    Merry Christmas, folks.

  66. I’m grateful for the free apps that we get here. I don’t download all of them, just the ones I don’t have.

    I guess people get into a little routine, and BAM something goes wrong… end of the world!

    Maybe we take for granted that it will always work and just go a little crazy when it doesn’t.

    Thanks again for all your effort, it is appreciated.

  67. Yet again, I would like to thank MAAD and developers to give away applications. I get up early every morning to get my new application, and really look forward to finding out what the application is. Thanks, and have a happy holiday.

  68. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 21st 2006

    I think the posts are as much fun as the apps.

    You know, like listening to the comments from the queue in a (free) buffet line …

  69. rampancy
    Dec 21st 2006

    Sheesh. I still don’t understand why there had to be so much pent-up anger over this. It’s not like MAAD is charging you anything like MacHeist did for its bundle!

    Anyway…hints for Friday’s app pls? :)

  70. I’m hoping for ChronoSync (based on myapplestuff post). Would be very useful.

  71. nope…
    MacNurse is the one that would reveal via reviews on that site.

  72. Warren
    Dec 22nd 2006

    Thanks for all the free apps and glad to see you are back online. PhotoPresenter is pretty good - alas it doesn’t work with Aperture, which is a great shame as PhotoPresenter is so fast! Keep up the good work.

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