MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

We’re back

See you at Midnight PST for an app bonanza!

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Yeah, what happened? I thought something was wrong with my connection/MacBook as I couldn’t get the site!

  3. erichd
    Dec 20th 2006

    Wait, bonanza?

    These won’t be time-limited apps, will they?

    I’m coming down with something (flu?) and may be recuperating for the next day or so (sleeping).

  4. Greenldr
    Dec 20th 2006

    Alright! I have a reason to stay up again tonight!

  5. Welcome back! I can’t wait to see the bonanza!

  6. Sanfizzle
    Dec 20th 2006

    So i can assume we will get 2 apps since we didn’t get one last night (and we all waited up! for those of us in the midwest thats 3am for us!!!!) i demand 2 apps.. but i will settle right now for 1 really sweet app! :p

    welcome back! macappaday welcome back.

  7. cherie nixon
    Dec 20th 2006

    welcome back sweet friend of free things

  8. therickster
    Dec 20th 2006

    Welcome back! Whew, I guess i got addicted, and couldn’t go without my new app fix! You guys have made the holiday season EXTRA BRIGHT! I hope you are enjoying your holidaze as much as I’m enjoying the free goodies!

  9. any hints on the bonanza?

  10. phew …

    welcome back !! [hug]

  11. You were missed. Glad you’re back on the ‘net!

  12. tumuchtime
    Dec 20th 2006

    You must have missed the app they gave away. I got re-directed to: for the free app. Nice to see this site back up, I kept checking back too. Looking forward to tonight’s app!

  13. woohoo, I can’t wait. I acually forgot to check last night, so I am very pleased I did not miss anything :)

    I ***will not*** forget again ;)

  14. cherie nixon
    Dec 20th 2006


    i just got errors on the page saying it timed out ahhh- but i was able to still get a license which rocks!!! yeah

    so quoting tomuch time

    You must have missed the app they gave away. I got re-directed to: for the free app.

  15. Unfortunately the redirect didn’t fully work across different providers. I think the DNS took too long to propagate. At work I could get the redirect. At home I could not.

  16. Either way, good to have you back!

  17. Woo hoo! You’re back :D

    Hope everything is ok server wise!

    So, any clues for tomorrow’s app then :P

  18. peterblack2
    Dec 20th 2006

    Thanks for Typinator - looks handy - there are still licenses available to quench any residual addictions. See you in the AM.

  19. Anonymous
    Dec 20th 2006

    Ooooo.. bonanza I like the sound of that :)

    Will have to check this site first thing when I get up.

    Side Note: Hope the move went well it looks like the DNS is taking forever to propagate, this site flickers in and out of existence for me.

  20. Karl Maria
    Dec 20th 2006

    Glad to see the familar blue white and grey site back on its toes. Cheers.

  21. labRat
    Dec 20th 2006

    You must have missed the app they gave away. I got re-directed to: for the free app. Nice to see this site back up, I kept checking back too. Looking forward to tonight’s app!

    hmmm, I was never redirected to this site yesterday, any official word from MAAD that this is indeed real??

  22. Wow, I was totally worried, tracked down the domain owner and fired off an email and then cleared the cache and refreshed and there it was - YEEEHAAAAAA - welcome back!!

  23. Oh, GREAT. Now I’ve got the Bonanza theme song stuck in my head.


  24. palsyboy
    Dec 20th 2006

    What apps were released in the past five days? I remember seeing one that actually gave Cut & Paste capability to Finder, but I was just about to leave for class, and now there’s nothing listed in the archives. I’m very interested in purchasing that application. Can someone help me out? Thanks.

  25. erichd
    Dec 20th 2006


    do you PTHpasteboard?

  26. tumuchtime
    Dec 20th 2006


    I was re-directed and downloaded the free app - Typinator. Got my license several hours ago. So, yes, it was real! :)

  27. I think you might mean MacPilot which does allow you to add that to the finder, and do other customizations to the Mac OS.

  28. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 21st 2006

    well, we’re back. :D
    server is good, and I can verify that an app was released last night via redirect.

  29. peterblack2
    Dec 21st 2006

    I don’t understand what vincent/macman means but i can’t get an app

  30. NobleSongster
    Dec 21st 2006

    I’m glad to see the site is back up. Apparently, this site has been plagued with problems. I have not been able to connect at around 5:30 a.m. on four different occasions. This morning was one of those as Firefox could not find the server but when I got to work and connected it was there. Unfortunately, the offer is not new so I will have to wait until tomorrow morning for a new offer. Thanks for all you are doing in the free software department and dealing with the headaches of running a popular website. Rock on!

  31. Nickeez
    Dec 21st 2006

    Thanks for the apps and links. Great idea.

  32. palsyboy
    Dec 21st 2006

    erichd and Tim: Thanks!

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