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Translation Service

Translation Service

What is Translation Service?
Translation Service allows you to replace the selected text with a translation in any of several languages—in just one click. It works in any Mac OS X program, so you don’t have to copy and paste text back and forth.

What’s a Service?
A Service is a Mac OS X feature that allows programs to exchange data with one another. Services are available in the Services submenu of the application menu. For example, Translation Service replaces the selected text with a translation.

How do I install Translation Service?

1. Download Translation Service and copy the icon to your Applications folder.
2. Open the Translation Service icon in your Applications folder.
3. Choose “Update Services Menu” from the application menu. Translation Service will be available in programs launched afterwards.

How do I use Translation Service?
Select the text you would like to translate. From the application menu in the current application, choose:

Services ▶ Translate ▶ [language] → [language]

The text will be translated in place. That’s it!

To quickly translate text again in the same direction, choose:

Services ▶ Translate ▶ Again (⇧⌘>)

To quickly translate text again in the opposite direction, choose:

Services ▶ Translate ▶ Back (⇧⌘<)

Note: Sometimes it may be necessary to choose a command from the menu before the keyboard shortcuts will work.

Which languages can be translated?
You can translate text back and forth between the following languages:
English ↔ Deutsch
English ↔ Español
English ↔ Français
English ↔ Italiano
English ↔ Nederlands
English ↔ Português
English ↔ Ελληνικά
English ↔ Ру�?�?кий
English ↔ 한국어
English ↔ 日本語
English ↔ 汉语(简化)
English ↔ 漢語(傳統)

Français ↔ Deutsch
Français ↔ Español
Français ↔ Italiano
Français ↔ Nederlands
Français ↔ Português
Français ↔ Ελληνικά

In the Preferences, you can choose which languages appear in the Translate menu, and assign your own keyboard shortcuts.

Which applications does Translation Service work in?
Services work in applications that were designed for Mac OS X ("Cocoa" applications), such as TextEdit, Mail 1.x, Stickies, OmniWeb, Safari, Keynote, and Xcode.

Services do not work in most applications that were ported from Mac OS 9 ("Carbon" applications), such as Microsoft Office, AppleWorks, or America Online. However, services do work in some updated Carbon applications, most notably BBEdit and the Finder.

Further, the selected text must be editable, since Translation Service replaces the selected text with a translation. For example, you can't translate the text in a web page, an incoming mail message, or a PDF. In these cases, you should copy the text to a compatible program, or use the translation window. To translate an incoming message in Mail, just hit reply and translate the quoted message.

Can I translate text directly using Translation Service?
If you prefer, you can translate text directly in the Translation Service application. Choose File ▶ Translate (⌘T) and the translation window will appear.

Enter your text in the top field, choose languages to translate from and to, and click the Translate button. The translated text will be displayed in the bottom field.

How reliable are the translations?
In general, machine translation should be regarded as an aid, but it is up to you to double-check anything that you translate. KavaSoft is not responsible for the accuracy of the translations.

What does the icon mean?
The icon for Translation Service is 譯, the Traditional Chinese character for "translate."


Oh, and they’ll be no application tommorow, as we switch to a better server

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. thejeff
    Dec 18th 2006


  2. nice

  3. GimliNZ
    Dec 18th 2006


  4. First!

  5. vincent
    Dec 18th 2006

    Ha! Ha!

    I get the first one.

    It is very hard to achieve, especially I am surffing at Taiwan.

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Vincent Chiu

  6. Thanks for all the great software. Don’t need this but thanks anyway

  7. GimliNZ
    Dec 18th 2006

    OK then thirdies!!

    Nice app

  8. vincent
    Dec 18th 2006


    I’m not the first one….

  9. thanks guys. wow. 11:59:58 what a time for firefox to crash..

  10. Jigzilla
    Dec 18th 2006

    my ip is banned and i didn’t get a license key :(
    will someone who dosen’t want this app please send me their license key at thanx!

  11. One minute in and the site’s being hammered? Lord have mercy!

    And oh yea:

    w007! fr1s7 p0s7!

  12. Anonymous
    Dec 18th 2006

    Won’t let me register. And then no app tomorrow. Guess I’ll just wake up Tuesday morning instead.

  13. Does this use the Internet for translations?

  14. Bah, I don’t actually NEED this, so I’ll let it go.

  15. labRat
    Dec 18th 2006

    What, i’ve already been issued a license??!?!?? I just got the program?!?!?!

  16. Andrew
    Dec 18th 2006

    Will we get 2 apps one night to make up for the missing one?

  17. is it me or will hte website not load

  18. Anonymous
    Dec 18th 2006

    I like Andrew’s idea. Technically macappaday would have to be macappadayexceptforone, and that’s a really bad URL.

  19. ummm…so apparently my IP address already got a serial….pretty sure it didn’t because I’m the only mac on this secured network.

  20. It’s saying I already have a license, but I just filled out the form. I also own Shoebox, is there some conflict here? Tips would be appreciated.

  21. Andrew P
    Dec 18th 2006

    Hey, it looks like I’m not the only one with a banned IP…. Is it possible we are the ones who downloaded Shoebox?

  22. I couldn’t get the web site to load. Oh well, Sherlock already translates just fine using the Systran API. Thanks anyway.

  23. @ANDREW.

    what day is missing?

  24. Alexis Holwell
    Dec 18th 2006

    I’m another who has apparantly already obtained a serial for this. Any chance I can get a license key????

  25. yeah i got shoebox too and when I look at my “oder history” it only shows shoebox

  26. tekk-x
    Dec 18th 2006

    Some missunderstanding. My IP is banned but this IP have only I, I pay for the unique IP!

  27. Anonymous
    Dec 18th 2006

    “Oh, and they’ll be no application tommorow, as we switch to a better server” - quoted from last line of last MAAD post, below the link

  28. @ben: if you look at the line right beneath where it download link is…tomorrow night there is no app

  29. Anonymous
    Dec 18th 2006

    Still having the NTL problem, eh? :/

  30. ah. nevermind. i didnt see that. well they said we will be getting a suprise on new years eve. that might work.

  31. website is hammered and says I already have a licence key. what a pain for a free app

  32. “Oh, and they’ll be no application tommorow, as we switch to a better server”

    Are you going to make it up by having an extra app at some point in the future or are we getting one less app from MacAppADay because of this?

  33. i downloaded soebox and it wroked fine guys tonite for me guys. if the page times out or anything when gererating your serial just check your mail box. i accidently clicked on a bookmark while it was loading and it had already been sent to me.

  34. Demolition
    Dec 18th 2006

    Well, I’m in the same boat as a few others who have already left comments. KavaSoft’s server timed out while processing my license key and, when I surfed back to the registration page, it tells me that a license has already been issued for my IP address. However, in the “Order History” area, there’s no record of the transaction going through.

    So, I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently to see if a license arrives at my e-mail address.

  35. What gives? Same problem as the others. Trying to get a serial number and kavasoft replies that my ip is a duplicate??? This is the first time I’ve ever opened this program. But I do have Shoebox (conflict?). An explanation from MAAD or Kavasoft would be appreciated. I still what to say THANK YOU for all these great programs.

  36. Alejandro
    Dec 18th 2006

    Ok! We are going again with this. A lot of people without a license, and I dont have a Mac at this time. I undestand, but I think that we’ve already been with this…
    See ya in two days, hoping to see 2 free apps.
    Great job anyway, guys!

  37. The same thing happened to me. I’ve just e-mailed KavaSoft and informed them of the problem. I included my registration information (along with computer number), so that they’d have no problem locating the record and verifying that I have not been issued a license key for Translation Service. My guess is that, as you have already surmised, the problem is because we requested licenses for Shoebox Express. Let’s hope that this is resolved in short order.

  38. Karl Maria
    Dec 18th 2006

    Same problem with me. Clicked the link, read the instructions, downloaded the dmg, installed the app, ran it, copied the computer number into the form for registration and get told that I cannot register it because a license has already been issued for my ip. I don’t share the ip with anyone. There’s no way they have my email and name.

    What gives?

    Karl Maria

  39. @Jigzilla and others: No one can send you a license key. The license is tied to your computer number, so it’s something that you’d have to obtain on your own from KavaSoft.

  40. Caprica
    Dec 18th 2006

    It’s saying I already have a license, but I just filled out the form. My IP is banned but this IP is unique for my connection. I also own Shoebox; Maybe there’s a problem related to that.

  41. Thanks!
    No problem here.

  42. Followed the instructions, got a time out message while waiting for the license key, refreshed the page, and got the following:

    “Sorry, a license key has already been requested from the IP address…
    You can purchase Translation Service at the KavaSoft Store.“

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  43. Same problem as the others. A license has already been issued for my unique ip.

  44. ziv kitaro
    Dec 18th 2006

    Same problem here, got this message “Sorry, a license key has already been requested from the IP address XX.XXX.XXX.XXX” what gives?

  45. @[email protected]: Did you receive ShoeBox from MAAD?

  46. dolphinbuddy
    Dec 18th 2006

    I got the already issued message too & have never had an IP address issue on here before (& dloaded shoebox from here before)

  47. Looks like if you bought software from them before, you will get the message sorry someone already has purchased with this ip address.

    oh well

  48. cpfusion
    Dec 18th 2006

    I too got shoebox earlier from MAAD and also cannot get a license key because “a license key has already been requested from my IP address” although, I too have only just downloaded and installed from MAAD.

  49. Tom Stone
    Dec 18th 2006

    Looks good - but can’t get it as I am at work and cant access my computer number to get a license key generated. :-(

  50. Karl Maria
    Dec 18th 2006

    @JustG … since many people are having this problem, I suggest that it would be proper for Macappaday to help out in this instance. It’s not like they haven’t helped folks out before. I did contact Kavasoft directly, but I wanted to make sure that there was a register of the time that I had downloaded this software (3:18 AM, eastern time)… and this seems the logical place to do that.

    Thanks for any help from MAAD or Kavasoft.

  51. Demolition
    Dec 18th 2006


    It seems that everybody who downloaded Shoebox is having the same problem. Kavasoft is blocking our Translation Service license requests because our IPs are already on record as having registered Shoebox on Dec. 5.

    With any luck, they’ll see what has happened and mail the license keys to us since they already have our names and e-mail addresses on record from the Shoebox giveaway.

  52. Add another to the can’t get a license, ip already used? I got shoebox, I imagine thats the reason.. sounds like someone forgot to reset the script?

  53. Daniel
    Dec 18th 2006

    This computer-bound thing sucks. Im sitting at a linux box in university :(

  54. bebher
    Dec 18th 2006

    Same problem with the already used ip adress. I’ve got Shoebox from Kavasoft/MacAppADay too.

  55. Thanks to MAAD and the developer. Should be a useful app, this. I had no issues registering this app, downloaded the DMG, installed, launched, got the computer number, filled in the computer number on Kavasoft’s reg page, it gave me a license, added the license to the app, and it registered no problems. I haven’t had any of the errors the others have had, I also own Shoebox (which incidentally I downloaded through MAAD too), I guess I’ve just been lucky.

  56. sabine
    Dec 18th 2006

    thanks as always :) i’m frequently too out of it at 3:15am-ish to remember my manners…

    to those having trouble, it shouldn’t have anything to do with having already registered shoebox. i got shoebox too, and had no trouble with translation tonight - and my luck usually makes murphy’s look good (i set my alarm for 2:58am est every night, am obsessive about checking trash for misplaced mail, and am kind to animals and small children, but still haven’t received serials for any devon apps, for 2 or 3 other maad’s, or for over half the mac heist bundle’s apps). maybe i should become a grinch instead ^^

  57. MacV, I’m guessing your ip is more dynamic than most of ours, then?, I’ve had the same IP for the past year or two, despite it being a dynamic IP.

  58. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    Thanks MAAD and Kava for these goodies! I’m always amazed in the end how I got along without some of them. :)

    But I do have a problem obtaining a license for this one…

    I, too, am a previous Shoebox downloader and license taker, and Kava says I’ve already been given a license for my IP. Since my IP is the same as it was during the Shoebox giveaway, I guess, technically, that would be true. However, I’ve never heard of different applications sharing the same license key.

    I did note that Safari “prefilled out” the Kava page from the Shoebox effort and the “computer number” for both promotions is the same. My name was the same but I put in a different e-mail address. Apparently, the e-mail address doesn’t enter into how the license key is generated on kava’s end. :(

    A hypothetical question would be, what if I had actually purchased these products? Would I not be able to have a license key for TS generated just because Shoebox came first, despite paying for both?

    I’ve sent Kava an e-mail explaining the situation, so time will tell what the answer will be.

  59. I even tried restarting my router no luck. Ip already used and got the smae thing from a second system on the network

  60. Me too. My IP address is blocked because I downloaded shoebox before.
    This is quite a hoop to jump through.
    But thanks for this site anyway.

  61. I posted earlier with the same problem everyone is having in obtaining a license. I masked my ip with an anonymous proxy server and tried again. Same name, email, and computer number. Voila! License received in two seconds along with an email congrats from Kavasoft. Hopefully this will help other out there.

  62. I’ll try from work shortly, taking my license no, it should work from there, no one else likely to have used IP, but still, a pain, even if good intentioned, this would seem to be usefull, too!

  63. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    As did Phil, I changed my IP number, but instead of using a proxy server, I disconnected from my DSL line and used a dial-up line through another ISP. Used the same name and same computer number, but this time I was able to get a license key generated.

    For MAAD/Shoebox recipients, changing your IP address is the key to getting a difference license for Translation Service.

    Have fun.

  64. Me too connected via dial up and boom got the licence. Now if we get another app from Kavasoft guess I’m out of luck

  65. “Sorry, a license key has already been requested from the IP address”

    Stupid authentication scheme.

  66. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    @ Eddie:
    “Now if we get another app from Kavasoft guess I’m out of luck”

    I think your chances of getting a different IP the next time you use your dial-up line are much better than through your broadband ISP. In all the years I’ve used dial-up, I don’t recall ever having the exact same IP number.

    You can increase your chances by using a different phone number the next time you call in. :)

    What irony… in the age of broadband, we sometimes need to resort to dial-up in order to get proper, legal work done. Hmm…

  67. labRat
    Dec 18th 2006

    I logged in through my work’s VPN and got the license. Think the key is to have your IP changed…what a pain in the a**. The program is ok, translation not as good as BabelFish…but who am I to complain, it’s FREE. Thanks MAAD.

    p.s. MAAD or Kavasoft so really do someting about this license problem…

  68. Gareth
    Dec 18th 2006

    :( Won’t let me register. Seems my IP hasn’t changed since the last app from these guys. Sad times.

  69. erichd
    Dec 18th 2006

    What the?

    Now it tells me that a license has already been requested from thie IP. when and by whom?

    I was looking forward to this….

  70. Attempting to get a valid license through my corporate VPN didn’t work for me.

    Oddly, the Kavasoft system pulls the IP address from my router and is using this as the identifying string.

    This is odd because, coincidentally, I’ve had outtages at both the router and cable model levels in the past few days since I registered ShoeBox and certainly do NOT have the same IP address.

    I suspect the IP address is irrelevant to this scheme and Kavasoft is actually seeing the duplication of my machine number as a limiting factor, but incorrectly returning the IP address the issue.

    Shame. This TranslationService seems quite cool. Perhaps I’ll try it out and see if it’s worth purchasing outright.

    Still, this could have been a better-baked authentication process. Thanks to MAaD and the developer. And congratulations to those of you who have successfully taken advantage of this promotion.

  71. Lisa Kirsch
    Dec 18th 2006

    IP problem with me too. Help! =(

  72. too bad when I click get key I am told that I already have one. I do for shoebox. Guess I won’t be trying this out. A shame, this looks like one I would have bought a full license for an upgrade.

  73. Ok, I managed to get it from my work IP, so its definately the IP not machine number.

  74. erichd
    Dec 18th 2006

    Yea, my order history only shows Shoebox.

    where’s my tranlsation service?

  75. sabine
    Dec 18th 2006

    just a thought… have those of you with shoebox who are now unable to get translate tried nuking your cache and then trying with a different browser? might be worth a try.

  76. One more case of “Sorry, a license key has already been requested from the IP address�?. For the record, I did get Shoebox. Sucks.

  77. Nope no joy clearing the cache or using another browser.

  78. Lisa Kirsch
    Dec 18th 2006

    Just e-mailed KavaSoft to explain the problem, and asked them to send me a license for the same info I tried to submit on their site. I hope they are understanding :) Guess I’ll find out later today, must sleep…..

  79. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    Read the previous posts folks… the answer lies in those messages. I just posted the process that worked for me less than twenty minutes ago…

  80. Using an anonymous proxy server worked for me. Thanks very much to those of you who thought of this and suggested it.

  81. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 18th 2006

    Argh. Mac is at home, and I can’t get at the computer number. This looks moderately useful - I guess I can give it a miss if I don’t get it.

  82. I would try changing my ip, but phone is through my ISP and the ip is static for e-911 reasons.

  83. Onishi
    Dec 18th 2006

    w00t! nice app :D
    but English-Japanese translation is not working :(

  84. We shouldn’t have to jump through hoops. It would seem that KavaSoft has a flawed registration system or they just don’t want to sell more than one item per customer.

    I tried a proxy service… no go! I don’t have the luxury (??) of using dial-up. The problem is on their end and I also have e-mailed them.

  85. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    @ Bill:
    “… phone is through my ISP and the ip is static for e-911 reasons.”

    Is there a way you can separate your ‘puter from the home network leaving the rest, including your phone intact, then taking that ‘puter and connecting to dial-up?

  86. @Steve - I still have to go through the modem :( won’t work, I emailed kavasoft and explained what happened. Just have to wait and see what they say. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

  87. Kevin Russell
    Dec 18th 2006

    Same prob as others who got Shoebox and have a static IP address, No go getting the license ….

  88. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    For those of you who cannot use a proxy server or a dial-up line to change your IP, perhaps this will work for you. YMMV.

    Please note, this should NOT be attempted if you or your company has purchased a static IP address.

    This supposes that you have access to your DSL or cable modem’s internal configuration setup. If you can get into that, you may be able to “release” your WAN IP, then “renew” it. I have a ZyXEL modem, and I found these settings under “Main Menu > Maintenance > Diagnostic > Network Layer.”

    It took mine about 30 seconds total, but in the end, I was able to change the IP of my modem.

  89. Demolition
    Dec 18th 2006

    @Steve Adams

    Thanks for the dialup idea. However, it was almost more trouble than it was worth. My machine doesn’t have a built-in modem and I don’t own a USB modem, so I had to drag a Power Mac 7300 (circa 1996) and a Global Village TelePort serial modem out of the basement. Using this dinosaur (and Netscape Navigator 4.08 !!), I was able to get the license from Kavasoft. What a frickin’ pain in the ass. If this kind of registration scheme appears again, I don’t think I’ll bother.

    Having said that, Translation Service is a nifty app, though. I’ll probably just buy it. :-)

  90. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    @ Demolition:
    “… I had to drag a Power Mac 7300 (circa 1996) and a Global Village TelePort serial modem out of the basement. Using this dinosaur (and Netscape Navigator 4.08 !!), I was able to get the license from Kavasoft. …”

    Yeah, but look at it this way. At least your ten year old computer (and modem and software) still works… and is still useful… sort of. Plus, you got to bond with it all over again. Surely, that accounts for something.


  91. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    @ Adisa:
    “… I’ve had outtages at both the router and cable model levels in the past few days since I registered ShoeBox and certainly do NOT have the same IP address.”

    You would think that the power would have reset the IPs, wouldn’t you. But, that’s not necessarily so. Your ISP may have an exceptionally long lease time on your IP, so that in the event of a power outage, your modem would connect back up to its servers using the same IP.

    At least, that’s what I found my ISP does. While I don’t know what the lease time is set for on their end, it probably is something on the magnitude of days instead of hours. In order to get around that, you’ll have to manually tell your modem to “release”, then “renew”. That will cause the ISP’s server to end the lease on the IP address and issue a new one.

  92. their system must be experiencing technical difficulties, I haven’t requested a license from my ip, yet it reports that. I’m glad i’m not the only person facing this unpleasant behavior. Please fix this

  93. YMMV, but I haven’t found a way to coerce the acquisition of a new IP address. Through power outages and even releasing/renewing, I’ve managed to get the same IP address. On other days, I can unplug my modem for a bit, reconnect, and I’ll have a new address. *shrug* It all seems a bit random, really, tho’ it’s likely not.

  94. Has anyone who’s had the duplicate license problem tried using the key they got for Shoebox to register Translation Services? Just curious.

  95. iMac Pr0n
    Dec 18th 2006

    Looks like somebody tried to fix the problem. Now I get “Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266″ from

  96. Maulsel
    Dec 18th 2006

    The download page doesn’t work at all for me. Just comes up with a PHP error

  97. lumineux
    Dec 18th 2006

    I’m getting the Parse error too. :(

  98. Romanadvoratrelundar
    Dec 18th 2006

    Yep, PHP error now. Drat.

  99. stefan
    Dec 18th 2006

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266


    oh well. I dont mind too much. Its not the kind of app that id need to use every blue moon…

  100. server is crashed…

  101. Stuart
    Dec 18th 2006

    Yeah - I’m getting the T_VARIABLE error too… which is a shame, becuase this is one of the first truely useful apps I’ve seen here in a while that hasn’t already been given away by MacHeist.

    The rest of the site works, so it doesn’t seem that their servers have melted… is this an unsubtle way of telling us that the free licenses have run out?

  102. bmwsalltheway
    Dec 18th 2006

    Please Bring It Back Soon!

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266

    I Need To Go Out Of The House!

  103. bmwsalltheway
    Dec 18th 2006

    | 6:47 AM EST

  104. Would like to try this, but may not get a chance. I’m at work, away from my Mac, and the ability to get a license hinges on being at the Mac you’re installing on. :\ Oh well, maybe next time - but thanks all the same!

  105. Error here too: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266

  106. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    @ Bob:
    “Has anyone who’s had the duplicate license problem tried using the key they got for Shoebox to register Translation Services? Just curious.”

    Yep, I tried straight-away after I received the initial “one license per IP” message from Kava’s server. The Translation Service app issued its own error… “only one app per license.”

    Pretty comical in a twisted way, don’t ya think?


  107. crazylly
    Dec 18th 2006


    this is a nice app for me… because I speak only a little English

  108. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266


    The folks @ Kavasoft need to check the code in licenses.php at or before line 266

  109. WildWeasel
    Dec 18th 2006

    Me too:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266

  110. No luck, this is all I got:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kavasoft/public_html/licenses/licenses.php on line 266

  111. Okok!!!
    I just registered!!

    try again guys!:)

  112. Steve Adams
    Dec 18th 2006

    @ justG:
    “… It all seems a bit random, really, tho’ it’s likely not.”

    It might be a combination of an ISP’s lease time, available IP pool size, and how many subscribers the ISP is maintaining from that pool… and timing.

    I could see the possibility where there are no available IPs in the pool and one subscriber releases/renews their modem. Since there is now only one available IP — the one that was just released — it would once again be taken by the subscriber again. In that same scenario, a regional power outage causes a whole bunch of subscribers’ modems to automatically release/renew. Now, there’s a bunch of available IPs and it’s a matter of luck as to who gets which one and in what order when they get their power back.

    In my case, it would appear my DSL provider has a huge pool of available IPs. They’re in our neighborhood a full four years after the cable competition has already been in place, so they don’t have a lot of subscribers at this time. Their IP pool is barely used so those of us using it can seemingly get a different IP at will (though, I wonder just how tolerant the ISP will be if I keep doing this many, many times).

  113. It’s working now! Thanks! see ya in two days………………

  114. cybernezumi
    Dec 18th 2006

    What fantastic luck! I’d purchased this quite a while ago for my laptop, but now that I’ve bought a new iMac I needed a new key — this saved me the expense. Thanks!

  115. cannedbrain
    Dec 18th 2006

    Guys, if you have a problem registering, try to use the same email address you used for registering Shoebox.

  116. Andrew from Kavasoft emailed back telling me to try again, and it worked!
    Thanks Andrew and Happy Holidays!

  117. Thank you MAAD and developers :D

  118. Parfait. Je me suis levé à 8h30, j’ai pris l’application, et elle fonctionne bien.

    Use the app to translate the above. It’s an aid, not a tool… Don’t throw any really idioms at it, or you’ll get nothing but nonsense back. But it is much better than online translations. Will work great for those arduous French compositions :-)

  119. dolphinbuddy
    Dec 18th 2006

    Yeah, they fixed it! Thanks KavaSoft!

  120. As the others have said, all appears well now. Thanks MAAD and Kavasoft!

  121. @ Steve Adams:
    “…that’s not necessarily so. Your ISP may have an exceptionally long lease time on your IP… it probably is something on the magnitude of days instead of hours. In order to get around that, you’ll have to manually tell your modem to “release�?, then “renew�?. That will cause the ISP’s server to end the lease on the IP address and issue a new one. ”

    Yeah, it’s quite possible that the lease duration at my ISP is quite long. I think you’re certainly onto something there.

    During the outtage I did have to force renew the cable modem. I was suffering severe packet loss (71-100% depending on time of day), so every connection needed to be tweaked and tested. While I think your IP lease idea is correct, I still think it’s odd that I’d have the same IP after all the troubleshooting, modem resetting (via the embedded admin interface) and whatever it is the techs do at the ISP.

    Anyway, it’s clear that the problem isn’t at my end. It’s with the licensing scheme.


  122. Alexis Holwell
    Dec 18th 2006

    Back from work now and all the problems have gone away :)
    Thanks KavaSoft !!

  123. Yup, fixed for me too.

    Thanks for the update fellow MAaDicts. :)

  124. lindsey
    Dec 18th 2006

    Nice app… as a languges minor who ends up writing 2 essays a week for classes, I’ll take as much translation help as I can get! :)

  125. Does this program actually have it’s own translation software or is it a front-end to Google or someone else’s service?

  126. iMac Pr0n
    Dec 18th 2006

    Worked for me this time, too. Translation from English to French was slow as molasses, though. The first time it timed out and told me to connect to the internet and try again. Conclusion: it’s a front-end to an on-line translation service.

  127. Philipp
    Dec 18th 2006

    Yeah, it needs the internet so I don’t think it’d be worth paying for, mostly as the Apple Translation widget is quicker and just as accurate (looks like they both use Systran Translation. I know the widget does, it says on the back). But it might still be pretty useful at times, and I’ve got no reason to complain as long as it’s free. Yeah, and never look a gift horse in the mouth (or “A given Gaul does not look one in the muzzle�? when you translate it from German).

    Oh, I just noticed: It’s got Pig Latin as well. So this IS going to come in handy.

  128. Another lame Kavasoft product, dooh!
    Keep on MAaD, you and me both know that better Apps are coming…

  129. spookywarrior
    Dec 18th 2006

    Got the ip error this morning and now it works.. thanks all! great prog

  130. netzhunkee
    Dec 18th 2006

    Thanks! Nice front end to online dictionaries. Sure I’ll find it useful when online and it is free with MAAD, BUT, worthless when translation is needed off-line which is often the case. I’m sure including the dictionaries with the app would increase its cost significantly, but such dependancy on the internet may not be so desirable in the long run.

  131. stefan
    Dec 18th 2006

    “Oh, and they’ll be no application tommorow, as we switch to a better server”

    good good. im travelling tomorrow :)

  132. Wow, fantastic app. Thanks a lot!!!

  133. this may just be a front-end, but I still think it’s better than Sherlock’s translating service. Do we all remember Sherlock? lol.

  134. erichd
    Dec 18th 2006

    Got my license when I tried a few minutes ago….. THANKS for the quick response and correction fo the error!

    GO KavaSoft!

  135. Came home, downloaded, and got my license. Thanks!

  136. My mate downloaded the App for me when i was away, but now i need to register it. What’s the URL I need for that?


  1. December 17th 2006

    Steffan Williams | Blog » Blog Archive » MacAppADay Day 18 - Translation Service

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