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MacHeist - A Whole Bundle of Apps - $49

Well, we were given the opportunity to blog about the MacHeist deal, and we jumped at the opportunity. MacHeist has been running ‘games’ for free applications over the last few weeks, and now there’s a great bundle to end the event. The bundle is great value, with a similar percentage discount, maybe even a larger percentage discount, than the MacZot deals. There’s one difference. They’ve announced the apps.

The bundle, priced at $49, includes between 8 and 10 applications, depending on the amount of money donated to charity (more on that later), but for now, let’s take a look at the apps, and our team, along with contributors from MyAppleStuff, will tell you what we think.

Delicious Library


Delicious Library is an amazing application, and one of the most critically acclaimed apps for the mac. The ‘inventor’ of the Delicious Generation of applications, Delicious Library is designed for those with a sizable collection of DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and of course books, Delicious Library is an amazing way to collect all your items into one place, and search them.

One of the coolest things about library is the Amazon integration, basically, you can scan your items in with an iSight, and it’ll go out and grab the artwork for you, no Googling for images here! Then, lend out and rent your stuff to friends and family. And it doesn’t end in the app! An included dashboard widget, iPod syncing, voice searching and much more.

And, Delicious Library gives money to charities throughout the world when you buy new stuff for your library from Amazon through the app!

As we said, the app has received much acclaim:





So, can’t wait for Jon Stewart’s America to come in the post - not to read it, but scan it, Delicious Library gets addictive! (And the reading’ll be pretty awesome too)

From Chris at MyAppleStuff:

“This is a Catch 22 product - if it appeals to you, you probably don’t need it, if it doesn’t appeal to you then you probably do. The product shows off the Mac really well, especially the synchronization with the iPod, and has the ease of usability you expect from a product designed for the Mac”

Original Review



FotoMagico is the pinnacle of slideshow creation from the superb Boinx Software. Integrated with both Aperture and iPhoto, FotoMagico is all about letting you share your photos with the world. While remaining super intuitive, FotoMagico creates some of the best slideshows in the world. Plus, your super-impressed clients can take it home and remember your presentation for ever!

Supercharged iMovie for photos - and it costs $31 more to buy the app alone than the whole MacHeist bundle. Now, logically, what makes more sense?

See a demo movie.



The king of all customization applications. Not particularly something that interests me, but one of the most requested apps down in the comments, so I know you guys will be happy. ShapeShifter lets you skin your whole OS with some amazing themes courtesy of great developer communities, like MacThemes and the soon to be relaunched ResExcellence (now owned by Phill Ryu - wonder how much it cost?)

From the MacHeist site:

“You’ll find ShapeShifter themes for every personal taste imaginable. Looking for something cool and a little bit crazy? Try David Lanham’s Somatic or Amora. Is Aqua too “cute” for you? Try the super sleek SIRO by designer DSKY, or the the darker Cold by Improv, Pastence. And for those of you missing OS 9, there’s even an updated Platinum look by Max Rudberg called Rhapsodized.”

DevonThink Personal


Enjoyed our free copy of DevonNote? This is the next stage. What happens when you take one database for all your important information, a completely unrelated icon and massive amounts of flexibility.


But DEVONthink is not only a simple database, it’s a flexible work environment with powerful management features. It provides you with all the tools you need for effectively working with your documents. Use the integrated RTF editor to write new documents, or open them in a third party application.

Oh, yep, and it looks cool



A true member of the Delicious Generation, Disco hit the Mac community recently. It takes an established need and enhances it in ways that wouldn’t be obvious to us mere users.

Two specific features stand out; Spandex which divides any number of files across multiple discs when the files won’t fit on one single disc, and Discography which instantly searches a disc database on: Name, Disc Name, and Path.

From Chris at MyAppleStuff:

An awful lot of this stuff goes straight over my head, and I have to be honest and say that on a regular basis I will probably only use about 25% of the applications functionality - but wow, what a great 25% that will be. For the serious guys I have little doubt that this will very quickly become an indispensable part of their set ups, for the rest of us i would say “handle with care”, it could well be more than you need.

Original Review



Wow. That was all I could think when this popped up. “That I wasn’t expecting to see in the bundle. Very impressed”. Was what I said to Phill when it popped up on the site. Fitting Rapidweaver into 2 paragraphs is like telling everyone all the features of Apple computers in 20 seconds flat. And you just can’t do that. But I’ll do my best.

Rapidweaver lets you make amazing websites quickly and easily, with over 20 themes, dozens of plugins and much more. And, it really is ‘drag and drop easy’, and even includes things like flash templates, and the like.

Oh, I can’t do this in one paragraph, visit here, that’d work.

iClip 4


Or, ‘how long has this thing been in development for’. You know a developer really cares about an app when they spend so many months working on it. iClip 4 is one of those apps. With a brand new user interface, and amazing development team. I’d recommend trying out the free dashboard widget by the same name to get an idea for this amazing apps functionality, and how it can improve your ‘cut and paste’

The plugin is found here

Games! Woot!


The MacHeist website explains this best, so here’s an abridged version. Basically, you can choose any one of these games as part of the bundle:

Pangea Arcade is a collection of 3 great games. In Nucleus, you pilot a spaceship around an asteroid field, staying alive for as long as you can. Warheads has you defending a base against incoming missiles, shooting them down before they destroy your buildings. And in Firefall, you must destroy a rapidly descending alien creature with gameplay similar to the arcade classic, “Centipede”. Pangea Arcade is a completely modernized take on several arcade classics, loaded with visual eye candy.

Enigmo 2 is a 3D puzzle game where you construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma, and water to toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, and eventually get them to their final destination. Enigmo 2 takes this concept to a whole new dimension with much more complex environments and all-new devices.

Nanosaur 2 is a continuation of the original Nanosaur storyline. But this time, you get to fly a pteradactyl loaded with hi-tech weaponry. Nanosaur 2 features an extensive single player “Adventure Mode”, where players fly through the map collecting and saving dinosaur eggs of each species, meanwhile avoiding hostile indigenous life. In addition, Nanosaur 2 includes six two-player levels, including racing, capture-the-flag, and battle.

I’ll add here that it’s 3D, and Apple liked it so much, they included it with every iMac G5

In Bugdom 2, while on his way to visit his family on the far side of the Bugdom, a Bully Bee swoops down and steals Skip’s knapsack. Your job as Skip is to track down the Bully Bee and get your knapsack back. The chase runs through a variety of levels, including a picnic under attack by ants, drainage pipes that Skip must surf through, a gigantic human house, and more.

The following apps are ‘bonus apps’, which will be distributed when $50k and $100k is raised for charity respectively.



One of few mac RSS readers that truly feel ‘mac’, Newsfire is one of the most exciting RSS readers out there, from the logo up, you know the whole app has been designed with real class and distinction, to provide an experience above the rest.

And, it’s got great features like integrated search, podcast playback, smart feeds, and even blog posting via Marsedit or ecto.



Text Mate isn’t an application for the novice, or even generally competent Mac user. I think that not only do you need to be a seriously skilled Mac user, but you also need to have a real need for the application. That said, the app really is great for the coder in you!

“Whether you are a programmer or a designer, the production of code and markup is hard work. Without an editor dedicated to the task, it is also often cumbersome, overwhelming, and repetitive. Especially when you are dealing with a lot of files at once — like most projects do. TextMate puts you back in control, reduces the mental overhead, and turns manual work into something the computer does.”

From Chris at MyAppleStuff:

It was also the most “fun”, if you can call staying up into the early hours of the morning fascinated by the challenge of trying to use the application. I must stress that this isn’t anything to do with the application, it is my lack of development skills!

Original Review


25% of all bundle sales go to charity, and Phill has warned me the price may go up, so get in fast!

Buy for $49 today

Disclaimer: I know Phill Ryu, and he is a friend.

Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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35 total comments, leave your comment or trackback.
  1. I’m on the fence about buying the bundle. Probably will, even if I don’t need most of the apps.

  2. J Lane
    Dec 11th 2006

    It’s a great deal, I was instantly sold.

    I’m a little uneasy about the whole “we need to raise $x before we release these two apps”. I think they may have set the sales goals a little too high. They’ll likely make the number for NewsFire, I’m not convinced for Textmate (but I hope I’m proven wrong!)

  3. AMAZING deal… but I’m not willing to cash the 40… I’d be willing to buy it if they gave a discount version with less apps, tho.

  4. Lisa Kirsch
    Dec 11th 2006

    I bought it this morning with my credit card (since they were having problems with PayPal orders). The only app I already owned was Disco, and I chose Enigmo 2 for my game. Talk about one heck of an awesome deal… I don’t know how much I’ll be using FotoMagico, DEVONthink, or iClip, but I will definitely be using the rest.

    Now let’s spread the word and get $100,000 raised for charity! =) As of 3:54pm PST, we’ve raised $13,555 with 1,389 bundles sold.

  5. Alex Rubin
    Dec 11th 2006

    This is definately the best deal on the web…also, phill has made hints that the price will go up, so buy now!

  6. I bought it. RapidWeaver alone makes it worth it. I already had a licens for Disco and iClip so I gave iClip to a friend who I’ve already given a copy of Disco since earlier.

    Hehe I’m an app-collector…

  7. man. it would be an awesome deal if I wanted all of those apps or at least a few. But all I really want there is delicious lib. and I guess that means we won’t be getting it here. darn. How about dvdpedia or bookpedia from here then instead?! Please….

  8. Anyone wanna split 3 apps… Buy 3 bundles and it is 98.00 and also we get the discounts..

    Split through 3 people that is 33-10=23 Best deal per person ;-)

  9. erichd
    Dec 11th 2006

    DOn’t forget that if you completed any of the heists, you get some discount (up to $10).

    I was sold on this on Rapid Weaver, and having, now, almost the complete Devon “office” suite is truly spectacular….. when you’r eusing DEVONagent, notice how simple it is to export your results to DEVON think! Already, that’s half price…..

    I also never thought I’d use Shapreshifter, but eh forums over on contain so many great desktops I couldn’t resist…. give it a whirl , and you’ll be addicted.

    I wonder what happened to our friend Joe from the initial start of this site? It’s great to know the Devs are thinking about all these sites when they make decisions about discounts!

    Possibly the best Holiday season for Mac-lovers ever!

  10. Chris Webb
    Dec 11th 2006

    I bought the bundle, but I am not going to use the licensed versions until Christmas. Hopefully I can make it until then.

    I didn’t have any of the apps, except Disco, and chose Enigmo 2 as my game. I hope we make the 100,000 because I really want the locked apps :) .

  11. David Novosel
    Dec 11th 2006

    Between Delicious Library, and ShapeShifter this bundle is worth it. I picked up Enigmo 2 as the game, and it’s pretty solid. I’d definitely suggest picking it for anyone who can’t decide.

    I’m seriously hoping it gets up to 100,000, as I really want TextMate.

    And, and this site is killing me, staying up until 3am every morning to get my app. But god damn I love it. Thanks a lot guys.

  12. I didn’t have any of the apps either, so the bundle was a great deal for me. TextMate really is the one that makes it worth my while, though, so I’m also hoping we hit that 100K mark. I did my part by purchasing 3 bundles, and might purchase a 4th later this week.

    @Pete: The multi-bundle discount is intended for individuals purchasing multiple bundles, not for group buys. It has been requested by the folks behind MacHeist that such requests [to group buy] not be made. (Check the forums for the (locked) thread regarding this.)

    As for publicity, I say we keep mum about it right now and go nuts with the publicity later in the week when the price is higher. Then we can get more people purchasing at a higher price, thereby increasing the likelihood that the financial goal(s) will be met, thereby increasing the likelihood that we’ll get TextMate (and *grumble* NewsFire). How deliciously devious.

    /me slowly curls lips into evil Grinchy grin.

  13. Although I owned Shapeshifter and Disco already, the inclusion of Delicious Library and Rapidweaver was definitely worth it. I’ve been using an unlicensed version of Newsfire for a month now and hope that gets unlocked. If Textmate gets unlocked, let’s just say I’ll be ecstatic all through the holidays even if my Aunt gives me some lame sweater for Christmas :D

    @justG: I like your plan, I should put up a plug on my blog later this week (or when the price goes up) to help sales in hopes of unlocking Textmate.

  14. If anyone wants to buy this, I have a $10 discount for completing ALL of the Heists. I would be willing to make some sort of deal about that. If you’re interested email me at:

    survivor NO SPAM at NO SPAM hush DOT com

  15. David Novosel
    Dec 11th 2006

    Okay, do you think it’s a problem that I’ve been checking the MacHeist page like every five minutes? It’s up past $17,200 now.

    I swear I’ll probably end up buying TextMate at this point if it doesn’t hit the mark, the program is amazing.


  16. This looks like a really good deal to me. I have been waiting for Delicious Library here. I am still fairly new to the mac and haven’t heard of these other programs but think that some may be useful.

    Does anyone know if they will be updateable????

  17. LGBTech
    Dec 11th 2006

    The apps will be updateable unless otherwise noted. Purchasing the apps through the bundle is the same as purchasing them directly from the developer. So if the developer offers free updates you will be untitled to them.

    I bought in for Delicious Library, Rapid Weaver, Disco and iClip (had a free non-updateable version so I’m happy to move to a standard update path on this). I hadn’t considered DevonThink before this but I am now excited about trying it out and I’m really keeping my fingers crossed on hitting the $100K goal because TextMate looks awesome. The other stuff looks interesting and I’m sure I’ll have fun playing with it all. :-)

  18. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 11th 2006

    Did anyone else have a problem downloading iclip4? I just kept getting the bundle receipt page when I hit download.

  19. I own Shapeshifter and Rapidweaver.. have for years.
    The rest of the apps just aren’t worth $50.

  20. I was all ready to try and buy the bundle and see if I could be one of the lucky first 10…but the only apps i’d really use are Delicious Library and TextMate and TextMate isn’t a for sure yet. But we’ll see how things go.

    but back to MAAD….what’s in store for us tonight?

  21. @ Sanjay Mehta

    I am having the same problem with iclip4. I am hopeing that their is a new download link when I get my registration information.

  22. rampancy
    Dec 11th 2006

    iClip 4 isn’t out yet - if you go to they’ll say that it’s still “Coming Soon”. John said that he’s going to be announcing a beta of iClip 4 in or around MacWorld next year - your serial number is good not only for the final version of iClip 4, but also for the iClip 4 betas and for iClip 3.7 (the current version).

  23. Vincent/Macman
    Dec 11th 2006

    why don’t you use shadow clipboard? we gave it away for free.
    I am bored, and tired. I am going to bed early tonight and will wake in a few hours to download tonight’s app. :D

  24. @Vincent
    Any clues you feel like letting slip out before you take a nap?

  25. tekk-x
    Dec 12th 2006

    I would like to buy the bundle but I’m not sure if these apps won’t be also here for free? :-) What about the special one on January 1st? I thought, it would be RapidWeaver… :-) )

  26. Joe Rivera
    Dec 12th 2006

    Really, even if you only use one or two of these apps, it’s a great deal because you’re supporting indie developers and, more importantly, raising some money for charity. Why not buy for that reason alone?

  27. Yeah I don’t need any of the apps except Disco. The rules change about software I don’t need when real money is involved. I will admit that I’ll gladly take free software that I don’t need. I may need it later and not realize its uses right now. But I am not a total blood sucker, I will purchase Disco and Appzapper because of Macheist, in which otherwise I wouldn’t have. So I have lent my support to devs, but I won’t buy the bundle.

  28. MDMacMaven
    Dec 12th 2006

    Bought the bundle. LOVE IT! Also felt good to help developers and charity.

  29. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 13th 2006

    Bought the bundle too. Got four keys immediately. Still waiting for the rest. And of course for the bonus apps to open up as well.

    Disco is …. interesting. I’ve not used Toast, but people who have, can you tell me if Disco really replaces it or not? I come from the Windows world, and I’m told that Toast is the Mac replacement for (say) Nero.

  30. Sanjay, nothing I’ve found yet replaces Nero. Disco, as you said, is interesting. However, as someone else stated somewhere, Disco is more an expensive Burn (free, I think) than it is an inexpensive Toast. Toast remains far more robust and user-friendly (but at more than 4x the price of Disco, it’d better be). I haven’t tried Disco’s discography feature yet, and that’s kinda neat. I actually haven’t even burned a disc with it yet; I keep launching it, clicking around a bit, quitting and using Toast to do what I need to get done.

  31. Stefan
    Dec 13th 2006

    A really good deal!!! Unfortunately I already own most of the apps that I would use. Pitty..

  32. Bought the bundle as I can see myself getting some good use out of a few of the apps (Disco and DevonThink look great). It’s a shame I don’t have my MacBook yet (waiting for Leopard to come out before I buy) so I can’t play with any of them :(

    But it’s good to know that I’m stuck with Windows for only a few more months…

  33. Sanjay Mehta
    Dec 13th 2006

    Still waiting for Shapeshifter and RapidWeaver licenses. Looks like Newsfire is going get unlocked, the count is above $46k already.

    Not so sure about Textmate - oh, well, I use vi almost exclusively.

  34. Thaleia
    Dec 14th 2006

    I bought the bundle too.. now hoping they’ll make it for Textmate!

  1. December 11th 2006

    Takumi’s Blog » Blog Archive » MacHeist Bundle, macZOT, and Charity

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