MacAppADay is your free source for apps for your mac. Throughout December, each and every day (where possible, we can't be held responsible for developers who go on holiday and then cancel), we’ll give away 5000 copies of a popular mac application. Even if all the apps were only worth $5.00, that’d be $150.00. And some of them are worth a lot more. Oh, and this is not a competition. Everyone gets every single application (up to a maximum of 5000 copies daily). All you have to do is remember to visit the site each day from the 1st December. And there’s a bonus on New Years! We’re not joking.

Next app at Midnight PST 29th

Please help to end poverty, and bring aid to people throughout the world this Christmas, as we continue our event!

Over the next year, TheMacNurse, MacAppADay and WasteAWeekend will be donating money to oxfam. Please help to kick start the campaign by donating today! We’re trying to raise $5000 by the end of November 2007. Just think, if everyone donated $1.00 today, we’d have thousands

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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Please donate to those who need it most this Christmas

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  1. Atom McCree
    Nov 30th 2006

    Why not give out more software to get a larger audience. Macheist did and now they have over 25000 people registered. You have limited yourself to a small audience when you could have been bigger.
    It is really going to hurt your coverage because I live on the only normal people that go to bed around 1:00 are not going to have access to your software except only on the pacific coast. If you wanted some real coverage you should have done it during the day around 10 AM |PST then everyone would be awake and have a fair chance. THIS IS REALLY MACAPPADAY FOR PEOPLE ON THE WEST COAST. NOT COOL.

  2. Atom. We understand your concerns. The purpose of this post is to ask for a donation to Oxfam. Comments could be used by those who donate to say why, or to talk about charities. They could not be used by rants :)

  3. Atom McCree
    Nov 30th 2006

    I was just posting in the recent forum, I am a big fan of helping people.

  4. The Gibbon
    Nov 30th 2006

    I’m in the UK, and the timer is saying the wrong thing…

    It’s currently 11:13 pm (here), and the timer says 10 hours 47 mins. The first app is released at 8:00 here, but the timer says that it will be at 10:00…

    If I change the Time Zone to PST, it counts down to midnight there as it should, It’s just my timezone…

    I hope that made sense…

  5. Rob Roark
    Nov 30th 2006

    Since I’m having trouble finding contact info, I’ll just ask here; I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about MacAppADay in an interview for my tech blog?

  6. Adam Teece
    Nov 30th 2006

    Wow…I really don’t like how this site handles trackbacks…it gives no notification that it is a trackback when it shows up in the comments. It almost looks like I am spamming my blog but I am not.

  7. Me Me Me
    Nov 30th 2006

    Only 8 contributors out of all the people that must be visiting this site? Sad.

  8. Adam Teece
    Nov 30th 2006

    Well they have until November of next year, and they aren’t kidding about easily reaching the goal if each visitor only donates $1.

  9. Me Me Me
    Nov 30th 2006

    Adam, True statement. I’m just saying that if everyone that has stopped by to check the countdown gave a dollar I bet the goal would have been met by now. Unless I have totally overestimated the traffic:)

  10. Me Me Me - Trust me, you haven’t underestimated the traffic

  11. From the website

    Thanks to supporters like you, Oxfam is one of the most effective international aid organizations in the world. With your help, we bring hope to tens of thousands of people in hundreds of communities. We improve farming methods for better harvests, ensure villages have access to clean water, help survivors recover and rebuild after natural disasters, and achieve long-lasting change in so many other ways.

    If you are not already a member of Oxfam America, become one today by making a tax-deductible donation of $35 or more. In return, to help you stay up to date on Oxfam’s activities, we’ll send you Oxfam Exchange magazine.

  12. Mark Fleser
    Dec 4th 2006

    It thinks I’m a duplicate but I’m not, I don’t really want to post my IP address though so email me through the address I’ve posted this with.

  13. So I clicked on download and the download never finished. If I try to download again it says duplicate for my IP :\

    Oh well. I have my code still but I don’t know how to get the app!

  14. Andrew
    Dec 4th 2006

    I got the download, but the code doesn’t seem to be working. Please email me.

  15. Andrew
    Dec 4th 2006

    Also, is there any reason why clicking the download link from the same IP again shouldn’t give you the code you got the first time?

  16. No serial # given upon download as promised

  17. Andrew
    Dec 4th 2006

    Nevermind. I’m terrible with directions. Always have been. Also, Tim, as long as you have the code that the download link gave you, you can get the app from anywhere. search for it on MacUpdate or VersionTracker, for instance, or go straight to the developer’s website.


  18. Brett
    Dec 4th 2006

    Same problem here as regards spotting the ‘code’. The way it’s worded “check the top frame”, when I saw I had been redirected during the download, I immediately clicked “back” to see what was at the top fo the frame of the page I was on when I read it… and completely missed the code.
    Any help? Puh-leeze? Anyone?

  19. Bernd
    Dec 4th 2006

    I don`t find a code for yummy ftp.
    Can anyone email me?

  20. Jarrod
    Dec 4th 2006

    Umm…I downloaded the app this morning, but the code at the top of the page is only a $15 discount for the $25 app. Isn’t it free?

  21. Jarrod
    Dec 4th 2006

    Okay, I see. That’s the late-comer code. But I’m not a late comer! I got up early! I only returned to the site late to try to figure out what the licensing issue was… :( Can anyone help me? I really wanted this app, I’m broke, and I’m legit. I swear.

  22. justG
    Dec 4th 2006

    The download offered by MAAD is the same one available from any download site. It’s the code that has the 5000-user limit on it. This means that if you got up this morning and downloaded Yummy FTP, but didn’t take advantage of the code, someone else who didn’t download it from MAAD but did somehow get the code, could’ve taken advantage of it. So if anyone is running a mirror site, or if anyone figured out that the code is the same for 5000 users, they could’ve called ten of their friends while you were sleeping and said hey go grab this software, here’s a code to get it for free, but hurry up…

    The system isn’t perfect, I don’t think anyone needs a reminder of that. But imagine the logistics involved on MAAD’s behalf and that of the various participating developers in organising this whole thing. So before complaining that this isn’t what you expected, that enough isn’t being done to make things convenient for you (I closed the window! I didn’t see the code! I’m using IE and got a warning and I missed it!), please at least take the time to do what you can to ensure that you get the app of the day (be patient, take your time, read comments posted here, pay attention to what you’re clicking, etc.)

  23. justG
    Dec 4th 2006

    My apologies. My response was supposed to go in the Yummy FTP thread. I clicked on a comment in my RSS reader, ended up here, and posted without realising that this thread’s been completely derailed. To atone for my sins, I shall double my donation. =)

  24. shrededcheese
    Dec 4th 2006

    ugh guys… my reg code fot yummy ftp dont works…. where do i enter it?

  25. Regardin oxfam…

    Why oxfam? I’ve not heard of them before (am I correct in thinking it is a UK-based charity), so I’ve been doing a little web research. They seem to do nice things, but their overhead is higher than other, well known charities. For instance, Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, and Compassion International spend 85-90% of incoming funds on the actual charity. It looks like oxfam is around 75%.

    Also, it has not been easy finding information on oxfam. Most of the information I’m finding via google is on oxfam sites. Do you have any third-party reviews or comparisons with other organizations.

    I’m not necessarily opposed to giving money, but I like to know it’ll be meaningfully used.

    BTW: Thanks for macappaday. I’ve passed on two of the apps, but Yummy FTP has made the month worthwhile. Here’s hopes it only gets better.

  1. November 30th 2006


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